Virtual Events Engagement Ideas: 7 Best Practices To Consider

Virtual Events Engagement Ideas: 7 Best Practices To Consider

From the spread of infinite open possibilities, identifying the perfect virtual events engagement ideas can be a mysterious feat. 

Engagement is one best aspect that is remarkably sensible as well as essential for hosting digital events. Following the trends and latest strategies, businesses can learn & execute effective designs for creating extensive, creative and immersive audience engagement. 

So, how to create profoundly engaging digital events for your business?

The best virtual event platforms are complete with unique tools, features, strategies and virtual event best practices to provide all the exclusive engagement that a business needs. 

On the best digital event platforms, every element of the event can be custom-created to furnish unique, surprising activities. Embedding 3d interactive aspects into digital events makes the experience most immersive and incredible.

Every event experience demands a unique approach. And the best digital event platforms can fulfil all the business goals and support diverse event hostings ranging from virtual art galleries, job fairs, roundtables to conferences and more.

So, here we share the top 7 virtual events engagement ideas for your knowledge and engagement. 

7 Best Practices To Consider  Virtual Events Engagement

1. Organizing Surveys: Real-time & Pre-event

Capturing live polling data at events is a powerful way to understand your audience. It has become easier than ever to set up polls or organize surveys on a digital events platform.

With surveys, you can ensure that you are giving your audience what they want from your event — If your audience is somehow dissatisfied with your event, you can tailor the experience based on their feedback.

Also, there is always a right and a wrong way to go about gathering data. It is essential to capture the most out of polls and surveys because you don’t want your efforts to go to waste.

2. How to Choose the Right Entertainment for Your Event?

Creating entertainment for virtual events can be fun and engaging. But it’s not just about picking a comedian who ticks all the right boxes or a musician that fits your theme.

It’s also about ensuring you make the right impression on your audience — and these tips will help you do just that.

Hiring a virtual MC for engagement can help you to achieve the goals faster.

Event goals also play a crucial role in virtual planning entertainment activities. Hiring sketch artists and magicians are considered some best entertainment activities in the virtual realm. 

3. Virtual Swag bags to Promote your Business

When it comes to successful business promotions, there are many different strategies you can use.

From email marketing to social media campaigns to more traditional forms of advertising, there’s no shortage of options.

However, another strategy that is growing in popularity is virtual swag bags. Virtual swag bags are promotional items that you give away to people either for free or in exchange for something else they may have done.

Imagine gifting your audiences a bag full of goodies and surprising them by sending it to their homes.

4. Using Gamification as Virtual Events Best Practices

Attracting and engaging digital events attendees is the main challenge for virtual events sponsors & exhibitors. And one of the best ways to keep them engaged right from the get-go is by using gamification techniques. 

 Read virtual event engagement ideas and brand attention here for more guidance. 

With gamification, businesses can encourage participation and engagement at their virtual conference or event and thereby improve their booth traffic. 

They can also use it to incentivize attendees to meet new people, solve challenges and collaborate. Here are a few tips for using gamification to promote engagement at your virtual events.

  • Organise games with polling.
  • Plan a win-big surprise in-between the event.
  • Plan for background contests.

Further, exhibitors can also take support from the best digital event platforms for new ideas in organizing engaging activities in digital events.

5. Create a Winning Social Media Contest Strategy to Boost Engagement and Drive Sales

Contests are simple and easy to run. And they offer you the opportunity to build a strong relationship with your followers and customers.

Creating a winning social media content strategy is one of the best ways to boost engagement, drive sales, and gain loyal followers.

Using appropriate event hashtags while publishing your content on social platforms is considered to be virtual events marketing.

People love winning gifts & vouchers. So, organizing contests on social channels improve audience participation, engagement and experience.

6. How to Conduct a Tasting Session: The Art of Wine and Food Pairing

Tasting sessions are a great way to get your brand recognized and build interest in your business. Running a successful tasting session, however, can be tricky — especially if this is the first time, you’re hosting one.

So, here are some fantastic virtual events best practices to host your first tasting sessions.

  • Wine
  • Beer
  • Chocolate, and
  • Fine dining

The sky is the limit for hosting tasting sessions. You can hire experts exclusively for this part of the event.

But, as discussed, the tricky part is, delivering the items to audiences. And, that demands a lot of planning. Gathering client’s address details, arranging the shipping, packing materials, finalising the list of participants who would receive the taste kits, etc. The best digital event platforms can give you all the plans and support to host, manage and execute the perfect digital events for your clients & audiences.

7. Organizing Theme-Based Events for Creating Excitement About the Brand

Themed events are a great way to capture the attention of potential customers and lead them down a conversion path.

However, many start-ups fail to execute these events well, leaving their target audience unimpressed.

Running a themed event can bring in some serious revenue. By picking the perfect theme, you can maximize ticket sales and make people come back for more.

These tips will get your creative juices flowing and make sure your next digital events are a big success!

  • Christmas party theme
  • Feary Halloween theme
  • Go green theme

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