Digital Events & Digital Fairs Planning: Top 32 Trends to Follow

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Digital Events & Digital Fairs Planning: Top 32 Trends to Follow

Hosting the digital summit & virtual fairs has become an inspirational event for virtual reality aspirers and deep technology enthusiasts. What the 3D virtual events platform offers today is beyond intelligence, and every industry leader, including entrepreneurs, are aware of this fact. Modern VR/AR/MR technologies are recreating traditional live spaces to deeply innovative digital exhibitions. Every element and concept of the event are unique and designed to make the event relatable to a diverse set of global audiences.

There is so much to learn, explore and adopt when it comes to the digital summit. The 3D digital exhibitions & events are fun, intelligent, creative, secure and intensely technical. A great deal of time, effort and investment go into the planning of the digital summit. The best 3D virtual events platform will have all the experts and technology to help you create the best-in-class experiences for your diverse clientele. In this article today, Digital Events & Digital Fairs Planning: Top 32 Trends to Follow, let us look into some fantastic ideas for hosting digital trade fairs.

 3D Virtual Events Platform: Things to do Before the Digital Events

Table of Contents

1. Inspirit your audience before the digital events begins

A week before the big day is the best time to create hype about your event (the digital summit) in the marketplace & audience minds. A powerful marketing strategy is crucial to make your digital trade fairs a grand success. Here are few best tips to keep your audience inspired before, during and after the digital summit.

  1. Host a pre-event fireside chat on your 3D virtual events platform.
  2. Arrange clubhouse meeting sessions.
  3. Run LinkedIn live streams.
  4. Host webinars, conferences, Q&As etc.

 2. Publicize your virtual events through effective teaser campaigns

Teaser concepts hold an element of surprise and are one of the best engagement strategies for creating excitement around digital exhibitions. You can introduce your product/service, announce your new store launch, introduce the speaker panel to your audience and do much more with teaser campaigns.

3. Prioritizing meeting schedules for added hype

Pre-event teasers are profoundly advantageous events for sponsors and exhibitors. They act as powerful shots for prioritizing meeting schedules, gathering attendee data, and finally, sharing crucial lead information with exhibitors. Industry leaders can expand their networking capacity and fill up their calendars with digital exhibitions and lead meetings.

4. Design creative, stand-out digital exhibitions

The 3D virtual events platform is a source complete with customizations, integrations, support, visually appealing designs, mini booths, advanced technologies and much more. Digital trade fairs are a unique opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to promote their products, services, brands, job boards, arts etc. Features like video uploading, live streaming, HD visuals, engaging content, and virtual MCs help you create the best stand-out events for your audience and boost your presence in the global markets.

 5. Using advanced filters for identifying leads

Technology saves time and outfits creative assets for designing stand-out events and building faster, well-qualified connections. Using advanced filters like (job position, division, skills etc.) helps exhibitors to identify & scoop out potential leads & reach their targets faster.

 6. Design personalized kits for enhanced ROI

Customization’s and visibility are crucial aspects of an exhibition part. Maintaining booth visibility with added customization’s like videos, logos, links, demos etc., is considered profitable for sponsors & organizers. The digital summit platform allows numerous customization’s with hands-on operations based on the sponsors deal. A completely immersive, virtual reality world is waiting for the audience to engage & indulge.

7. Pre-event coaching to explain the 3D virtual events platform highlights

New exhibitors hosting digital exhibitions will have plenty of questions about virtual booths visibility, technicalities, functionalities and features. All they would ever aspire is business expansion, elevated brand presence, ROI and leads. Pre-event coaching is a solution that clarifies many questions exhibitors have and also shares niche information related to available tools, features, discounts, vouchers, free trials and other incentives.

8. Pre-event networking – A golden chance

Analytics state that over a quarter of attendees spend quality time browsing about exhibitors. And so, 95% of well-qualified leads are gained in the pre-event phase. It is a golden opportunity for exhibitors to benefit from the interest generated in the audience’s minds pre-event. Exhibitors must build effective strategies and plan engaging activities to encourage the audience to participate and learn more about the event.

9. Taking advantage of pre-event surveys

Sponsors must be encouraged to interact and conduct pre-event surveys with audiences to discover better networking opportunities and enhance lead generation. Giving VIP clients the first priority to book appointments & gain access to crucial data also benefits exhibitors in numerous ways.

3D Virtual Events Platform: Things to do During the Digital Exhibitions

10. Engage your audience with a digital catalogue

 A creative and engaging digital catalogue can be an outstanding asset for a 3D virtual events platform. A virtual booth complete with features, tools, content, resources, vouchers, documents etc., is essential to make the digital exhibitions stand out. Further, the addition of filters eases & intensifies the event experience. In many ways, digital catalogues can attract, engage and influence the audience for better business & networking opportunities.

11. Embed live or recorded demos for additional sales

Presenting live content of existing and upcoming new product launches as feature stories is a great way to capture audience attention. The digital summit is a fabulous way to gather diverse audiences on one platform. Hiring virtual MCs and making them interact with your audience as they approach your booth helps the audience in many ways. Further, you can make the event more immersive and engaging by uploading recorded videos for purview.

12. Insert responsive presentations with added links for enhanced sales and revenue

Links are the best means to earn profits from digital exhibitions. Essential CTAs, when, placed well encourage audiences to learn more about the product and make the purchase. Links are the best shot to convert attendees into instant, potential direct sales.

13. Introducing virtual swag bags for enhanced brand awareness

Sponsored virtual swag bags are popular event elements designed to gain audience attention post-registration. They can be shared as coupons or door delivered before the event begins. It creates great interest & excitement within the audience. Virtual swag bags can be branded gifts like journals, t-shirts, bags etc.

14. Exclusive networking sessions for better interaction

The main agenda behind hosting the digital summit is audience interaction and engagement. When your audience goes live, there must be enough space to network and participation in event competitions. You can also share tips on how to meet new people at the digital trade fairs. You can make the event interaction exclusive by dedicating quality hours of event time for networking practices. The count of interactions on the venue decides which networking aspects worked well and which did not.

 15. Incentivize networking with contests & rewards

Giveaways, prizes and contests make the digital summit more interesting. Speakers must host surprising competitions and rewards in-between the event to encourage more participation and networking. Diverting the audience to participate in the post-event survey leaves you with feedback about everything your audience liked at the event.

 16. AI-driven planning saves time

Digital exhibitions are spaces complete with inevitable encounters. Powered with AI technology, these meetings can be recreated as moments of meaningful significance. Intelligent AI programs evaluate the host and guest’s demographic and behavioural data and pair up the people that share common interests. Events happen for a few hours. Planning events with AI-powered technology saves a lot of time and makes the event much easier, faster and better.

 17. Group chats lead to targeted meetings

Live group chats revolve around specific topics.People share their reviews, ask questions, discuss events and network with people that share similar interests. Group chats are an excellent means to begin networking and building strong connections between people.

 18. Virtual round tables for real and interactive virtual events & fairs networking experiences

Virtual round tables are video or audio-only conference spaces with a restricted participant capacity. Unlike talking in the digital summit, this is a more personalized space where experts often do deep discussions, share experiences, build new networks and even make new clients. The audience is allowed to connect in a unique, face-to-face environment. Both the exhibitors and audience are the beneficiaries of this authentic virtual roundtable experience.

 19. Host digital exhibitions 24*7*365 for better networking and lead generation

Sustaining leads and cultivating long-term connections is one of the best advantages of hosting digital exhibitions 24*7*365 on a 3D virtual events platform. Bite-sized audio, video and funny quotes gathered from live events, can be repurposed for advertising and marketing solutions in the digital summit. Making the content available on-demand helps in the business growth even after the event is over.

 20. Planning hybrid events for enhanced reach and ROI

Hybrid events 2021 are considered the best solutions as they support limited live meetings and unlimited virtual meetings. Exhibitors are foreseeing enhanced revenue opportunities and broader reach with virtual hybrid events. Industry leaders are envisioning a bright future as the hybrid virtual events bring the best of both realms together. The benefits are immense, and the reach is global. What more do businesses need when hybrid events are offering a larger-than-life experience at an affordable price?

21. Live-stream videos for product exhibitions

Optimized live stream videos are fun to create and they generate extensive brand engagement. As the digital exhibitions go live to a broader audience, the video reach also goes high, thereby enhancing the brand visibility.

22. Display special offers for attendees

Special shows encourage the audience to visit and engage on a 3D virtual events platform. The few advantages of hosting special shows on digital exhibitions are businesses can launch their latest innovations, and organizers can creatively showcase their products or services.

23. Introduce special discounts for attendance & purchases

Special discount coupons can be given to the audience before, during and even after the event. This activity improves sales, helps build new connections and also extends audience participation time at the event.

24. Sponsored sessions for improved business

Statistics state that over 60% of leads come directly from the sponsored sessions. Hosting targeted sessions with sponsors & exhibitors produces a profound impact on the audience & elevates the performance. Be it virtual round  tables, live streams or on-demand videos, sessions can be custom-tailored to meet every demand & interest.

25. Hosting Q&As for effective networking

Q&A sessions always help to learn the facts, which part of the event was at its best and which elements need improvement. As you present your products/services in a live environment, Q&As help in gathering the live feedback directly from the voice of your attendees and fellow organizers.

 26. Displaying videos with links for high engagement

HD videos embedded with deep links can be presented at the end of the event. It helps the audience to get some good information about the event and also some crucial contact information for after follow up. If an attendee is interested in the brand or session, they will raise questions or book a demo through the link.

 27. Sponsored emails with links for making the event more special

Email marketing is a conventional approach to build sponsor relationships and audience networking. Emails can be personalized to send targeted messages to a special list of attendees. With sponsored emails, exhibitors can engage the audiences as well as drive traffic to their event.

 28. Utilizing live chats feature for better, instant interactions

Digital exhibitions feature a live chat option to answer audience queries and draw enormous attention to the event. It gives opportunity and space for speakers and presenters to speak directly with their audience. However, it is essential to monitor and evaluate the discussions happening on the live chat. Research states that nearly 65% of generic sales messages went unaccepted in digital exhibitions. So, exhibitors must train their speakers to be creative in their approach while making connections with the audience.

29. Organizing sponsored happy hours to maintain the fun element in digital trade fairs

Sponsored happy hours are special events that facilitate easy engagement and are considered popular in recreating impromptu networking experiences. AI-driven event apps are considered to deliver next-level event experiences through intelligent data pairing & sharing.

3D Virtual Events Platform: After the Digital Summit

30. Personalized follow-up with leads

By now, exhibitors will have all the data and reports about the audience, their interests and what caused their engagement at the venue. Based on the data, exhibitors can do the lead follow-up for post-event interactions and purchase discussions.

31. Sending follow-up goodies as reminders

Making connections is easy but maintaining connections requires effort. One of the best ways to nurturing lead contacts is personalized gifting. It shows deep respect towards the attendees and shows that you value their presence. This small act of gesture makes a big difference to your event and relationship building.

32. Connect & grow your audience base socially

Post-event interactions and follow-up are equally important as pre-event strategies are for building connections. Social media is a place where, there lies a scope for infinite connectivity and vast brand building. A good social presence can earn you well-qualified leads faster than the events do.


Throughout our experience in hosting digital exhibitions& virtual events, we have collected massive knowledge and data. And so, today, we share the digital events & fairs best ideas, tips and practices through this article. As events are drifting to virtual reality, event planners, exhibitors and sponsors must understand the advantages of going virtual (digital trade fairs).

HexaFair is a 3D virtual events platform that has been hosting digital exhibitions since times unknown. Coming from a place of experience, we can create, present and run strategies effectively for improved audience reach, enhanced networking, and building communities for client satisfaction.

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