Hybrid Events: 9 Best Practices for Leading Handbook

Hybrid Events: 9 Best Practices for Leading Handbook

For 2021 and ahead, hybrid events are considered the best trends, meeting & hosting solutions for business conferences and trade fairs. Understanding the benefits and safety involved in hybrid events; Industries, for the first time, are inspired to lead the hybrid meeting solutions model in their businesses, branding & marketing strategies. And, the best part of a hybrid events best practices model is – that it perfectly blends the most popular live events with the emerging trends – virtual events. 

Most importantly, global companies today are looking forward to hosting hybrid events in (25% in-person & 75% virtual events) models. 

So, let us look at the hybrid events best practices and benefits of adopting hybrid events software. 

Adopting Hybrid Events Software 

  • Extended global reach: There is no restriction to attendance in virtual events. Audiences in large numbers sitting from anywhere across the globe can participate virtually through the hybrid events software. 
  • Add-on benefit: People who cannot participate in person can attend virtually from the comfort of their homes. They just have to log in from their devices and enjoy the experience of participating in real-time. 
  • Most economical: Hosting hybrid events is easy and inexpensive. The best hybrid events software delivers unique, 360-degree, immersive virtual experiences while maintaining friendly in-person elements. 

As the hybrid event formats are flexible, businesses can plan for rich experiences with an exclusive allure. The type of event (to host) vastly depends on event goals and expected results. Read why hybrid events are best here and picture out your next event. 

Our HexaFair crew has gathered a selective list of everyday hybrid events formats and provided it below. Get a glimpse of our hybrid meeting solutions for your next event.

9 Consider Hybrid Events for Best Practices 

1.  Enjoy a True Hybrid Events Experience 

The hybrid event is an innovative 3D space where people can attend both live and virtual events simultaneously. Event experiences like keynote speaker sessions stand compatible for both audiences. 

However, specific feature elements can still be added anywhere in both event models as per interest. 

2. The Private Set Experience 

We all know that hybrid meeting solutions are the best conference practices. 

But what about speaker experiences? 

In a hybrid event, the speaker can engage with participants (both live and virtual events) in a most intimate environment. Even a limited batch of an audience is enough for speakers to deliver highly engaging & dynamic hybrid events experiences. 

3. The Watch 

Event sessions & speaker presentations can be added live or pre-recorded. A hybrid event watch party allows people to watch a live or recorded stream privately or as groups. At a watch party, you can introduce a diverse speaker class to 

  • Monitor hybrid events closely, 
  • Resolve conflicts instantly and 
  • Plan schedules for business meetings etc. 

4. Breakout sessions 

Want to host watch parties on a larger scale? Then Hub-and-Spoke can be a perfect solution. A hub is a place where the event takes place. And spokes are multiple watch parties that serve as mini-events with custom content and networking opportunities. 

Learn more about the hybrid events organised on 7 Fantastic Hybrid Events Ideas to Design & Explore 

5. Virtual Private Set 

Hybrid events software is a 3D technology that can perfectly blend in-person event elements into virtual spaces. The Virtual Private Set format enables the realistic (unedited) presentation of pre-recorded live elements to virtual audiences. 

6. The In-Person Reception 

Content plays a crucial role – the hybrid events best practices to consider. 

For hybrid meeting solutions, the networking happens in person but, the content is presented in a virtual model. 

7. Post-event On-Demand Experience 

On hybrid events software, the virtual delegates are allowed to view the sessions & content on-demand. 

8. Trending Hybrid Meeting Solutions: 

In live events, audiences are often encouraged to record the event as pictures and videos and share it across social channels. That is one way of carrying out promotional activities at zero costs. Further, the virtual audience will learn about the event highlights & key content from their feeds and even subscribe for the latest information. 

9. Just-in-Need 

This event is supposed to happen in person. But, if the need arises to shift to virtual events, logistics must be set in place for the transition to happen either partially or fully. At HexaFair, we do not recommend this model as the virtual experience is recognized as an afterthought. 

That’s it! You can now get the idea of hybrid events’ best practices. What’s next? Explore our hybrid meeting solutions today! 

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