Virtual Conference Engagement Ideas for Social Media

Virtual Conference Engagement Ideas for Social Media

With a growing trend towards remote working & social distancing, building new relationships and expanding professional networks has become a challenge. People are open to putting in their best effort to networking and are in search of the best means to stay connected. Well, HexaFair virtual conference platform brings you not just one, but a myriad of opportunities for virtual conference engagement ideas. Read On! 

What is Virtual Conference? 

Events allow people to collaborate, make new friends and get in touch with some well-known buddies. Unfortunately, as things are going different, physical events are not at all a feasible solution now. But that doesn’t mean that things are over. A virtual conference is here to fill the gap and address every pressing issue related to online events. Most virtual summits are free. But, depending on the special features and extra add-ons, the charges may apply. Special lounge rooms are limited spaces for valuable customers. Getting access to such spaces comes with a price and lots of benefits. 

Gather the right information for Virtual Conference

If you want to find the right information regarding a virtual conference platform, or a specific organization or work, find the employees online, connect with them and ask the right questions. It becomes more like a conversation rather than a corporate interview. And, it is also considered the most effective means of communication for virtual conference engagement ideas.

Virtual Conference Engagement Ideas

When talking about virtual networking, the first thing that comes to mind is social media platforms. Anyone can take the best advantage out of the means to grow their personal and professional networks. Here is the list of a few social media platforms that are considered best for professional networking. 

● LinkedIn

A professional networking platform that enables global connectivity between founders, business leaders, employers, employees and students. If you have already built your own professional network here, then it is time to 

  • Analyse your connections thoroughly, identify your most revered ones whom you haven’t spoken with for a while. Reach them, wish them a virtual hello, ask how they are doing. That would be a good start to turn on the conversation. 
  • Search for people with relevant experience. LinkedIn is the world’s best professional network where you can find numerous people of similar roles. You can also find people who live and work near you. Adding a personal note to your connection request is the best way to initiate a conversation. 
  • Follow people & organizations that you admire, their posts will automatically display in your feed. Reach out to them and ask for any new openings happening recently. 
  • Publish your own posts. If you have a personal blog, share your posts over LinkedIn to make your circle know about your passion & work. If you are active and out there, it will help your connections to know what you are up to lately. 

● Twitter

There is a lot more on Twitter than just simply tweeting. It is a great platform to post your content and build new networks. Hashtags give you ample flexibility to display your content in relevant spaces. 

  • Tweet your work often. You might have your own work updates or relevant interests about trends, make sure you share your work regularly using relevant hashtags so the right people can see them. 
  • Hashtags are important. Follow the hashtags that are relevant and important for you. By doing so, you will learn about people who are on the same page & you can start to engage. 
  • Retweet posts & share comments. Retweeting a post-show that you are interested in the subject is a simple way to break the ice and create a new connection. 

● Facebook

Most people use Facebook as a personal social space for sharing posts and updates. Although it is a personal networking space, people still have ample scope for business promotions and networking. 

  • Never undervalue personal connections. If you haven’t seen your school buddy anywhere and you are still memorizing about them. Then get onto Facebook and search, you will find your friend. Just connect with your best old buddies and see where your connection leads to. 
  • Go live. Dive into your creative skills, post a live video and show the world what you are best at. It’s a great way to engage with Facebook users. Run a promotion to alert them about your video. 


People are mostly interested in hosting a virtual conference platform networking now than ever before. It is a great opportunity to network online while maintaining all the healthy protocols. Now dreaming high and achieving your goals is even faster with the HexaFair virtual conference platform. This is a time to connect, build strong networks and keep your career on the move. So, students and organizers, get ready to learn about virtual conference engagement ideas or begin your virtual conference platform journey with HexaFair. 

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