Success Story – Ateneo

Success Story – Ateneo

Virtual Career Fair Success Story – LS Career Fair 2021 – organised by the Loyola Schools Office of Placement & Career Services (LSOPCS)

Virtual events are helping businesses expand their horizons and gain new clientele. Not just for online events & expos, virtual meeting spaces have also become the best medium for hosting online webinars & live sessions.

Universities are also adopting the best online job fair software for their campus recruitment processes. Corporates are invited to participate in events organised by universities, as part of their campus recruitment programme.

The Loyola Schools Office of Placement and Career Services (LSOPCS) of the Ateneo De Manila University, organised an online Job Fair, hosted by HexaFair on 15,16 April 2021.

With an online job fair platform, you can save big on travel & venue costs. The time required for setting up a virtual booth with customized features is also very less, and for an online job fair, the booth can be set up in about just an hour. By embracing virtual job fair software for your hiring, you can discover new hiring strategies, and save your hiring managers from long-standing, organizational and management hassles.

Eyeing the benefits, LSOPCS planned for a Virtual job Fair and finalised the able platform HexaFair to host their virtual event, which saw huge success, in terms of exhibitor/employer participation and attendee turnout.

All the Advantages of the online event was realised by the organiser, throwing the below benefits to the recruiters or employers, they have i) Unique Hiring, ii) Low cost of participation for the exhibitors, as organising cost is less compared to an in-person event, iii) Efficiency, iv) Control of the event, v) Broader Reach globally, vi) Communicate virtually, vii) Choose your time

So, the HexaFair platform gave a great scope & ability to connect, pre-screen, evaluate, and establish connections virtually. Further, the designs and features of the platform amplified their business presence and act as a great tool for their branding.

Now let us see in detail how LSOPCS accomplished the task of a great successful online event as an event organiser.

Organising of LS Career Fair 2021

  • Step one, LSOPCS, started from identifying or partnering with the right vendor, HexaFair; then, continued to plan the perfect time frame to host their event.
  • The platform or booth design is a key element in every job fair, so they designed the platform accordingly to appeal to both exhibitors and attendees, choosing appropriate booth models for the exhibitors, from the available file of booth models with the host HexaFair.
  • Markets globally are embracing platforms that offer immersive brand experiences through engaging videos, intended brand messaging, and friendly communications to connect with candidates, so HexaFair being a 3D platform exactly served the purpose.
  • The online fair was designed keeping their applicant’s persona in mind.
  • Beyond logo promotion, exhibitors need to add rich content to events like employee testimonial videos, reviews, social media links etc. for enhanced branding, which their exhibitors duly did.
  • After planning your virtual job fair, the next step is to promote it. So they made sure that their event was presented live on their website, and they had an exclusive event website for the purpose of educating their alumni students and taking their registrations
  • Once their attendees have registered, they sent reminder emails with proper details to increase the chances of candidate’s attendance on the day of the virtual job fair.

Live Events days of the LS Career Fair 2021 – The virtual job fair

Once they have built an amazing platform hosted by HexaFair & invited job seekers to attend, the next step is to go live and connect with their audience. So, here is a list of best practices executed by them after having everything planned & aligned for their online career fair.

Employers Angle

  • Staffing: The organiser educated the exhibitors to Staff their booth adequately. You will need one recruiter onboarded for every 10 candidates that show up at your booth.  Most of the stands had three staff to attend to the attendees.
  • Ratings: Rating a candidate helped them to decide on what to do next with them. Whether to schedule them for the next round or pipeline them for another position or put them on hold or reject them.
  • Follow up: After giving a proper rating to their candidate, they leveraged the follow-up features that are common in online job fair platforms.

Students Angle

The real test in the virtual job fair journey arises for students as the fair begins. Students took their fair share of time to equip themselves well before joining the online career fair.

  • Technical Compatibility & Network Speed: Students remained at optimal network speed retaining their network connectivity while attending the event.
  • Do Your Research: Students did their thorough research on the employer and the job opening advertised by them and the demands of the job role advertised.
  • Apply Online: They used the virtual job fairs as a platform to showcase themselves as the right potential.
  • Choose a Specific Sector: Their research helped them to choose their sector and job of their interest.
  • Connect and Follow-up: The part of stepping up their connection with the employer, they made they’re follow up accordingly.

Measuring the Success

LS Career Fair 2021 – The virtual job Fair ensured the greatest return on your investment and offers a fantastic employer and candidate experience with massive participation of 58 companies as employers/ exhibitors and an attendee turnout of 1123 students out of 2000 registrants across the two days of the event.


Global businesses today are in search of special expertise for their unique opportunities. Alternatively, well-qualified talents are also in search of promising events to get hired. In that regard, LS Career Fair 2021 was a befitting event.

In short benefits of a Virtual Job Fair experience by LSOPCS out of this event are as follows:

  • Beyond Boundaries:
  • Money & Time Saving:
  • Greater Participation:
  • Enticing Experience:
  • Measurable Returns:
  • Virtual Data Centres:
  • Customized Kiosks:
  • Digital Handouts:
  • Chatbots & Technical Support:
  • Live Job Portals:
  • Online Reminders:
  • Be Interactive:
  • Keep the Fairs Going:
  • Performance Metrics:
  • Follow-up: Post-event communication with the job seekers