3 Fantastic Virtual Event Model for Business Marketing | HexaFair

3 Fantastic Virtual Event Model for Business Marketing | HexaFair

Communication is crucial for any event. The ability to carry information across space and time is its popular advantage. And one aspect that best describes its capacity to scale is “Innovation”. Undoubtedly, we are going to miss live events for a while. But to make the experience better and open to a global audience, virtual events have been introduced. The rise of virtual events has made the business promotion quest easy and faster. Popular industries like auto, travel, hospitality, technology, trade etc., are adopting the virtual event model for their business promotions. And when there is no help or hosting source from inside, enterprises are confident to approach the virtual events service providers to upscale their markets. Virtual events service providers are helping businesses realize the importance of virtual events in these pandemic times. As they are experts in the space, they can plan and execute the best virtual event model for any business. 

Businesses must always have a plan on the roll. In this article today, Innovation is Future: 3 Fantastic Event Models for Business Marketing, we will learn about live events, virtual events, hybrid events models and some quick FAQs 

3 Fantastic Event Models for Business Marketing 

1. In-person Events

Always popular. Event planners still believe that live events can create magic with few modifications. The terms have changed now, and it calls for the most careful approach keeping in mind everyone’s safety. Executing the following guidelines can make your audience feel safer at the event.

  • Arrange for hand sanitisers and masks at the entrance of the event. That helps the audience to enter the space in complete cover.
  • Reduce the number of touch screens. It will prevent virus transmission & the common contact effect.
  • Install temperature screening and virus test kits at the entrance as a precautionary measure.
  • Limit the audience count to ensure safety and a hassle-free event experience.

Event planners are aware of the rising demand and popularity of business communication, meetings, networking and collaboration. They are putting together every research and idea to make the live event experience most beneficial& safer for audiences.

2. Virtual Events

As in-person events cannot happen for a while, virtual events service is here to bring the right balance between brands and business growth. They have been here for a long time. But businesses have never embraced them as they considered traditional live events to be more exciting and happening. And with no options left now, adopting a virtual event model is the best solution. With a virtual events service, you can host webinars, job fairs, trade expos, conferences and many more. The platforms are complete with infrastructure, teams and data protection models that ensure smooth execution of the event. You might have a ton of questions running on your mind. But rest assured, a trusted virtual events service provider has got everything covered.

So, if you are looking for a trusted virtual events service provider for your exhibition or trade fair, HexaFair can help you build the most exquisite virtual events platform model for your business. Book your demo today! 

3. Hybrid Events

A blend of in-person and virtual concepts, the hybrid events model answers every challenge businesses and virtual events audiences are facing today. The crisis is imminent, and so a solution is essential for building better business relations with ease and confidence. The risk factor stays low with hybrid events. Enterprises can choose to what extent they can go live and virtual. People often go for this 25% live and 75% virtual model. As virtual events can allow numerous connections across the globe simultaneously, the networking capacity is more in the virtual event model. Physical events are restricted now. And so, hybrid events are proven as the most effective and on-demand models today.

Despite all the hype, event planners, exhibitors and sponsors might still have some burning questions like

  • Will there be live streams, integrations and customizations?
  • How can you support building the best hybrid expo marketing funnel?

A heap of responsibilities and questions come up while planning a hybrid expo. The effort is immense as it is a mix of both realms.

The timing, concepts, integrations, speakers and many more require capable roles, support and management. So, if you want to host a hybrid expo, make sure you have an able hybrid events platform at your service. 

Like clients, virtual events or hybrid expo planners also have some questions like what you want to take back from the event. Here are a few question samples for knowledge. 

● For In-person Events

  1. How much space do you need to host the event?
  2. What is the estimated ROI for your event?
  3. How will you measure your event’s success? Is it through lead generation, ROI or branding?
  4. What safety measures are you going to incorporate at the event?
  5. What kind of features, integrations, customizations and marketing strategies are needed?

● For Virtual Event Model Service

  1. What are your virtual event’s goals?
  2. Do you have any sponsors to help you with the event?
  3. What is the budget allotted for the virtual events service?
  4. Are you planning for any pre-event or post-event marketing?
  5. What aspects of the event do you believe can bring you huge success?

● For a Hybrid Expo

  1. How much percentage of physical attendance and virtual participation are you expecting?
  2. Did you face any challenges with any virtual events service platform previously?
  3. What are the marketing goals and strategies for your hybrid expo? And, how are you going to execute them?

Event evolution is happening, and so abiding by the new normal makes more sense. Keep your set of questions ready while approaching a virtual event model service provider or a hybrid expo planner. Likewise, they will also have their part of inquiries to offer you the best service ever. So, stay confident, take the ride and embrace the new evolution.

HexaFair is a virtual events service platform that offers mixed solutions like webinars, trade shows, job fairs, conferences, exhibitions, expos, hybrid events and many more. 

Embrace the evolution of these 3 event models with Hexafair. Request a demo now!