Hybrid Event Tips & Guidelines to Learn

Hybrid Event Tips & Guidelines to Learn

Hybrid events, the fusion of both real and virtual elements, have been a take-off trend for many years. The recent situation has called for an instantly viable business solution to meet, collaborate and promote their brands online & the answer that came up is Hybrid Events. Hybrid events are confirmed as the best alternatives to hosting events in lockdown. As we are slowly drifting back to normalcy, we can learn about the most important benefits of hybrid events planning, hybrid event tips and how to gather and engage a humongous capacity of audiences online. Most of the exhibitors & event planners today want to host a hybrid event, but, how ready are they is the real question? 

To help gain a better understanding of your hybrid events planning, here are a few tips & guidelines to learn.

Hybrid Event Tips for Tour Next event

Hybrid events require managing multiple audiences simultaneously and so to make them successful, you need some careful attention. Framing your virtual event goals, programming every session methodically, securing attendee data, creating the right engagement, & ensuring a rich experience for all the physical &virtual attendees are some of the tips to be considered.

Meeting the expectations of your attendees & sponsors is highly crucial. To achieve that, here is some more helpful hybrid events.

● Define your Goals & KPIs

Before diving into hybrid events planning, event planners must note down their expectations from hybrid events and how they will measure success or failure?

Prepare your answers for the following

  1. Why are you holding this hybrid event?
  2. What are your goals?
  3. Do you have experience in delivering knowledge through a hybrid conference?
  4. Does your event support cutting-edge technologies?
  5. What is your expected outcome – Increased brand awareness or making a huge profit?
  6. How will your hybrid events service providers, support these goals?

Once you have all the answers, check for the best hybrid events platform online, design engaging content, and create the event agenda.

Unlike physical events, hybrid events need a plan of action and direction. Today audiences are following the trends and are using the latest gadgets. If your event is aimless, creating interest and engagement for your attendees can become a big challenge.

● Evaluate Spaces for Data Security

While hybrid events planning, you need nothing but the best hybrid events platform that is highly secure, as huge data transfers can happen online. The set-up process needs to be simple and the tools & features, to be the latest. You need a space that allows your hybrid events planning to scale up simultaneously keeping your attendees safe.

The best way is to tie up with the best hybrid events platform service provider that presents you with all the essential elements & facilities to keep your event data & insights secure. Further, the real benefits of hosting hybrid events are they ensure 100% safety and create better engagement. Experienced speakers and technical experts ensure the event runs smoothly throughout the time.

As the events are 100% secure, all you need to evaluate is, does the best hybrid events platform supports your technical demands? You will need creative booth spaces, innovative features, great network bandwidth, proper audio-video equipment and many more to make your event a grand success.

●Hybrid Event Tips: Choosing the Best Event Technology

While choosing the hybrid event technology, ensure you have all the essential elements in place, like audio-video technology, network, technical compatibility, microphone setup, integrations etc. With the best event technology, you can integrate all essential elements with ease.

The best hybrid events platform like HexaFair enables sponsors and event planners to seamlessly handle all ticketing and registration processes while facilitating participation, engagement and networking across online virtual sessions.

Choose the best hybrid events platform that

  • Provides 24/7 real support.
  • Enables real-time registration and offers sales data.
  • Can integrate with social media platforms.
  • Allows live video streaming.
  • Enables chat (video and text).
  • Allows networking sessions.

●Hybrid Event Tips: Engagement & Networking

In hybrid events, people networking and engagement can become a bit complex if you don’t know how to handle them. To maintain engagement in events, you must plan & adopt effective strategies and content. Adding popular elements like gamification creates enthusiasm and a shared sense of competition between the attendees. Further, social media platforms live-sharing is a great way to capture new attendees and create more engagement. Also, speakers & other team members might be sensitive to the online audience. So, it is necessary to ensure that the event pacing fits their needs.

● Building the Crew

To make your hybrid events a grand success, you must first build a great team. The main hybrid event tips to consider. Hybrid event platforms are new and so may come up with some surprising roles. Among your events support team, you might need.

  • An Able Speaker

    Speakers, if experienced, can be great engagers and can build connections instantly. They are experts in gathering inquiries from both the people in the room and digital attendees as well.

  • Technical Support

    Just as you need technical experts for your physical events like audio-visual specialists. Similarly, you will need some experts for hybrid events as well. The experts must be well aware of the event platform and assist users as the need arises.

  • Social Media Moderator

    If you are using platforms like Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn to connect with your audiences, you might need monitoring support. The duty of moderators is to eliminate inapt remarks and present the posted questions to the facilitator.

  • Technical Producers

    Onboarding experienced audio and visual production personnel is a must. The experts will offer support in maintaining a high-quality video for online attendees. They can also help troubleshoot the hard stuff when necessary.

● Prepare Your Speakers

Your speakers and presenters must completely understand what is expected of them. Preparing your audience is also crucial. Speaking at a physical event is quite different from virtual. They must know the importance of the right timing. Running too short or long might ruin the event agenda. Speakers & presenters also have fans. Some audiences just log in to see and interact with their favourite presenter. While presenting live streams, audiences will expect to go live at a set time. Inability to accommodate that might make you lose them.

Further, the presenters must remain equal with both in-person and virtual attendees. Inability to create a good attendee experience and engagement can turn your event into a disaster. Just in case, if speakers fail to manage, then event facilitators can step in to help.

● Rehearse Well

Before the big day, make sure to rehearse well and perform a complete run-through from beginning to end. Performing pre-event rehearsals is considered one of the best hybrid event benefits &can help you recognise ideal camera positions, maintain the right lighting, check with audio equipment and ensure that the entire setup is just working perfectly & is ready for your big day. The final outcome of the hybrid events will determine the flaws and help you plan a better hybrid event next time. 


Staying ahead and advanced preparation is the key to success in hybrid events planning. By following the hybrid event tips and using the best hybrid events platform like HexaFair, you can create a highly unique and lasting experience for your audiences! 

Are you looking forward to hybrid events planning or need any hybrid event tips, reach out to us, our experts are here to guide you?