Top 10 Hybrid Events Platform Benefits

Top 10 Hybrid Events Platform Benefits

From gaining sponsorship packages to enhanced ROI, a hybrid events platform benefits are helping exhibitors to achieve it all. The latest hybrid events software is tech-friendly can be built in a swish & requires no rich expertise. These are seamless, scalable and flexible. People can participate in the events through their mobile devices or computers & share their reviews or feedback in real-time. 

Content & engagement are the keys to any virtual event. Broadcasting is the best way to present your content engagingly. It has highly engaging elements like

  • 360 degrees view.
  • A virtual booth space to host your event, and
  • Speakers to run the event.

The second huge engager is a hybrid events platform where your attendees can explore, watch engaging content, participate& grow their networks. These are the simple platforms that render an exceptional user experience.

To impart more niche insights into hybrid events software, here we share the benefits of the hybrid event. Read On!

Top 10 Hybrid Events Platform Benefits

● Better Reach & Audience

There is a subtle misconception hovering around regards to hybrid events platforms that they split your total attendance. But that is not true. Hybrid events software enables you to expand your reach and attendees. Research states that over 98% of attendees were unsure about their attendance to hybrid events platforms. This section of audiences can help boost your attendance at future events.

Hybrid events platforms are here to reduce the entry barriers for all demographics. With a hybrid events software, undoubtedly, exhibitors can enhance their reach and audience.

● Greater Engagement

Virtual elements can be great add-ons to your hybrid events platform engagement, both during and post-event. As most of your audiences will be attending the event from their mobiles, PCs and desktops etc. they can talk, share, like, comment and do so much more online. Sponsors & exhibitors can also host polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions for both live and online audiences. You can also have a speaker on board to talk with your attendees online.

● Sponsor Moments

Over 72% of sponsors have shown their interest in hybrid events software due to the following reasons. Also, look at why hybrid events are best and trending now in the event industry. 

  1. Better reach: With a hybrid events platform, there is scope for large crowds that lead to better sponsorship opportunities. Both parties can interact with others directly, which enhances participation in their virtual booths.
  2. Improved sponsorship possibilities: Hybrid events offer better flexibility in sponsorship prospects. Having live sponsors onboard and sponsoring live streams, event apps, and more enhances the sponsorship possibilities.
  3. Enhanced metrics: Budgets are drifting to digital spaces. Sponsors & exhibitors need data to justify their investments. Hybrid events software can share many relevant metrics to show your sponsors where their investment is going.

● Decreased Environmental Effects & Expenses

With a hybrid events platform, we have seen that travel stress & expenses have diminished. Reports predict that energy usage has dropped by 6% across the globe. With no chance for physical events and as businesses must still go on, there is a need for a massive space to welcome & engage audiences holistically. In a complicated scenario like this, going hybrid is one great way to adopt. Attendees will be able to explore and enjoy a completely whole new realm of experience while eliminating carbon emissions.

● Zero Travel

Physical events involve a huge mass of staff and experts coming together to work. There will also be a lot of travel, management and expenses involved. Hybrid events benefit help in overcoming these hassles. As everything is online now, all you need is backend technical experts, speakers in the frontend, the latest technology & features etc. While all your attendees need is just a device and a good network connection, organisers & sponsors must have a hybrid events platform to host their event. All travel costs for sponsors, crew, audiences and exhibitors are decreased. And with virtual sponsorships as part of your prospectus, there can be 100% online participation while generating great value.

● The Event Marketing Pipeline

Remodelling and re-sharing online content can create new engagement amongst your audiences. Organisers can re-share certain elements of the live stream to promote future events. This also ensures seamless sponsor visibility. Hybrid events software has everything recorded, so pulling out essential elements will not be challenging. Framing future marketing campaigns becomes easy if you have pre-recorded content.

● Greater ROI

Due to the enhanced reach and scalability, the hybrid events platform offers rich ROI for exhibitors & sponsors. the main hybrid event platform benefits to consider. Online networking events record more attendance than in-person ones. And so, there are greater views and event sign-ups. Further, data analysis provides the most accurate performance statistics & reports. Hybrid event benefits hold a huge potential to scale up or down your online presence. This reduces onsite costs & helps you to reach wider audiences & level up your boundaries.

  Further, read tips on monetizing your hybrid events here. 

● Data Insights

Data brings enormous benefits when it comes to hybrid events. Exhibitors can gather some niche insights from pre-, during and post-event attendee participation. You can also acquire some crucial data on your attendee interests, matchmaking and participation that can help you create & plan a new version of the future event. Sponsors can also get real insights into booth traffic, and attendee engagement that helps them to gain better ROI for their next event. Metrics that are impossible to measure offline, can be tracked and measured online. So, a hybrid events platform is a great opportunity for investors & sponsors.

● Excellent Flexibility

The covid-19 pandemic has taught us that the whole system that we built over millennials can be turned upside down in a swish. In a highly complex scenario like this, the hybrid events software comes in as the best opportunity to keep the businesses running. The pre-recording facility brings greater flexibility in the warehouse and access to virtual events. Investing in a hybrid events platform ensures your plan is secure and no external influence can conspire or cancel your event.

● Go with the Flow

Audience perspectives can be volatile. Circumstances can change anything and everything and the recent pandemic is an example of this. The crisis has bought a drastic change in the technical usage of our everyday lives. Sponsors are important and they too are aligning their budgets as per the trend. Hybrid events are noted as the best and most in-demand spaces for investment and gaining better ROI. These are also the spaces where the audience is experiencing maximum engagement today. So, going with the flow, event planners, exhibitors and sponsors are quickly shifting their perspectives.


This is a perfect time, and technology is now most available than ever. Hosting a hybrid event can bring great unexpected benefits to the exhibitors, event planners and sponsors. With HexaFair, you can have access to all the right tools, teams and knowledge to make your virtual event a grand success. In our experience, we have helped numerous clients in hosting their hybrid events successfully.

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