Unlock the 12 Latest Virtual Events Business Model in 2022

Unlock the 12 Latest Virtual Events Business Model in 2022

Events are now virtual. Event planners globally are exploring the trends, learning new skills and adapting to virtual events business model for better reach and ROI. Virtual events planning & hosting can be intricate, so our experts at HexaFair have made this valuable video 12 Amazing Ideas to Gain Greater ROI through Virtual Events that can simplify things for you. 

Rest assured; it is well worth your attention! 

While creating virtual events, you must understand that the virtual events business model is broadly classified into 5 types, 4 models & 3 pillars. 

Before getting into the virtual events ideas, virtual events planning, content, speakers and marketing concepts, it is important to learn what type of virtual events business model you want to host? Virtual events are everywhere today. From, hangout meetings to zoom webinars, what the businesses are focused on today is video-based speaker platforms.

And coming to the types of virtual events business model, here is the list.

Types of Virtual Events Business Model  

Like physical events, virtual events too, have both financial and resource costs. Virtual events model are broadly classified into 4 types. 

● Paid Attendance Model

This is a model where attendees pay for their participation. Giant trade fairs, expos and festivals often adopt this model with other revenue streams like sponsorships. Another reason for this model being broadly adopted is charity events. The fundraising events model ranges from 2 days to 2 weeks to support charities. 

● Subscription Model 

Publishers & media companies often propose events as a part of their subscriptions or memberships. This helps them to gain added subscribers and customer value. 

With HexaFair virtual events business model [subscription model], sponsors & exhibitors can have open interaction & learn about the virtual events ideas, virtual events planning, benefits, challenges and opportunities. 

● Sponsored Virtual Events

Virtual events planning demands niche study, refinement, costs, technology, speaker fees, booth design and marketing experts etc. to operate smoothly. Sponsored virtual events are the best means to meet costs, attract speakers and create extra revenue. 

● Event Marketing

Attendees interest in event concepts drives them online and even makes them pay for the worthy experience. Registrations allow sponsors to gather attendee data and place them as leaders to potential clients, partners and employees. 

Places to Appear Virtual Events Business Model

● Webinars

Webinars are simple virtual events. Zoom, BigMarker and Crowdcast are the popular webinar technologies available today. We at HexaFair, help you create single, group and sequential webinars integrated with podcasting applications. Exhibitors can upload recorded videos and audios to play at set intervals. Interaction and questionnaire sessions are also important for every webinar, and we at HexaFair facilitate our attendees to ask questions at the end of every session. 

● Webinar Plus

The enhanced version of webinars is Webinar Plus. The difference between both is added content. To increase the impact and enhance the value of the webinars, HexaFair introduced Webinar Plus. This facilitates cross-brand collaboration, features experts from every realm and is supported by content centres & niche reports. 

● Content and Networking

Webinars are complete in content & foster pre-and post-event audience networking. They can be easily transferred from real to virtual. Be it in communications, reviews & or expert interactions; content is where the real value resides. The latest virtual events business model enables the speakers to move from webinars to a more private space for better networking. HexaFair is one such platform that enhances the value & longevity of virtual events by connecting attendees, speakers and sponsors. 

● Virtual Conferences

Like every other event, conferences too, have drifted from physical to virtual. Mostly, the virtual summits are 1-day events that are specially designed for B2B marketing and presentations. These are collaborative summits segmented into small shows, Q&A sessions and committees with complete attendance. Attendees can go live all day or go in and out of the summit based on their interests. HexaFair virtual events planning enables the exhibitors, sponsors and speakers to connect & interact virtually with their attendees. With added value and enhanced features, HexaFair virtual conferences are delivering experiences that can be entertained for future times. 

● Virtual Trade shows

Online marketing events often happen for longer days with multiple venues. HexaFair virtual trade shows are platforms that enable exhibitors & attendees to collaborate for information, branding, product launch and share about services and latest trends. In these pandemic times, we are supporting small businesses to cope with the situation and host the best virtual expos for their businesses. 

The 3 Pillars Ideas

● Content

Concepts, themes as well as all the exhibit formats come under content. Other event forms cover keynote presentations, board discussions, Q&As, fireside chats, quizzes & surveys etc. 

Experts at HexaFair study your business model, and ideate and finalise the best format & content for your event. 

● Connection

Networking with equals, speakers and specialists is the main reason behind professional and B2B events. This is also a great opportunity to connect with customers and other marketers. 

Virtual event platforms like HexaFair can help to add invaluable real elements & connect seamlessly for better networking. 

● Coverage 

The last pillar of virtual events is coverage. HexaFair covers all marketing & communication activities, from generating sales to brand visibility to lead generation to building brand value to fundraising charities and much more. Our virtual events business model is designed to deliver exemplary results to our clients & audiences. 


HexaFair is one of the best virtual event platforms that enables sponsors & exhibitors to discover the latest virtual events business model, virtual events ideas, virtual events planning, connect with audiences &new business leaders and fast track their business growth through effective marketing strategies. From hosting virtual conferences to webinars to a fundraising charity shows to expos and trade fairs, the HexaFair virtual events business model does it all. 

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