7 Powerful Ideas for Virtual Event Sponsorship & Packages

7 Powerful Ideas for Virtual Event Sponsorship & Packages

Virtual event sponsorship has been a pot of gold for industries lately. They are one of the best means that ensure a continuous flow of money for exhibitors. And also confirm that virtual events planners have done all the essential work & dedicated a good amount of time perfecting the art of striking good sponsorship deals. Now that virtual events have become the new normal, industries globally are expressing deep interest to learn more about virtual event sponsorship.

Sponsorships are not just for physical events. In fact, businesses today are identifying new scopes & reasons to collaborate & work with virtual events. HexaFair experts are aware of how complicated this can be and so we have decided to design. In this article, you can learn how to design, quote & seal your sponsorship deals. So, to dig deep into the niche of virtual events sponsorships, keep reading!

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Ideas for Virtual Events Sponsorship

1. Virtual Events Marketing

Designing an exquisite personalized virtual event would be great for your clients but, unless you can also sell its value to potential partners, they will not be interested to collaborate with you. In the end, promotion and marketing are all that matters to any business. Sponsorships are also a part of the business partnerships. When it comes to finances, sponsors want to gain back their investment in one way or the other. In physical events, exhibitors very well know how to deal with this, but when it comes to virtual event sponsorships, there is a lot to learn. Know-how?

2. Your Amazing Experience Begins!

Virtual events impart a lot of value to audiences. However, the experience shall vary from the real counterpart. Staying confident in what you are delivering generates a positive impact on your sponsors as well. Designing a feature-rich and enticing virtual experience is what you need to attract sponsors.

A full-scale virtual event has amazing speakers, highly talented entertainers, producers, engineers, valuable features, Q&A sessions, fairs, feature-rich content and more. If you are serving so much value on the plate, make your sponsors and the world notice it through effective marketing and promotions.

3. The Power of Virtual Landscape

With years passing by, people have been increasingly using social media and other channels to connect & build relations. Simultaneously, businesses too have drifted online for better sales and marketing. Because that’s where their markets are. So, they have planned new ways to create much curated and personalized content for broader reach and audience engagement.

With events too, going hybrid, sponsors are showing interest in virtual events as they are expecting better leads at reduced costs. Virtual landscape has the capacity to host enormous features & content including videos, banners, logos, and many more. It is the best medium not only to host but also to attract potential sponsors for your event.

4. The Real Deals

Online networking events can be extremely engaging with the right speakers and expert teams behind them. Meeting sessions & conferences can be as entertaining and valuable as the real ones. With the break out rooms and virtual campfire sessions, experiences can be more customized and private where attendees can engage in real-time. Participants can also expect a highly personalized experience on behalf of the speaker. So why not offer the speaking opportunities to your sponsors?

This is considered as one of the best virtual event sponsorship ideas as the act will not only generate huge revenue but also provides valuable insights and good leads on the sponsor side. You can be the winner if you know how to sell it.

5. Endless Possibilities

The first and most important fact you have to communicate with your potential partners is that the possibilities are endless. Virtual spaces offer a lot of creative freedom for incredible experiences and flexibility. Activities can be effectively carried out via email, social media, content, speaking opportunities, virtual fairs, videos, banners, food delivery and many more. This is the right place for sponsors to gain greater advantage& ROI! Read virtual event sponsorship ideas to gain ROI. 

6. Sponsorship Packages

When it comes to virtual event sponsorship packages, there are diverse directions you can explore and combine into a nice package. These packages are well named as tiered and unique packages.

7. Tiered Sponsorship Packages

Tiering is a package where attendees get an opportunity to choose features separately and pay accordingly. Let’s have a look at a couple of sample packages available for better understanding.

1. Pearl Package (Tier 1) – $500

Sponsors that choose the Pearl Package shall be promoted on the event website, social media channels, and pre-event email marketing. On the live event, sponsor names & banners will be featured on the feed and different rotating pennants throughout the course. Finally, sponsors who choose this pearl package can have two branded breakout rooms.

2. Ruby Package (Tier 2) – $1000

The sponsors who choose this package can have access to all the features of the pearl package plus an additional speaking opportunity in the event. This can include Q&A sessions, a 30-minute slot to promote their brand on the virtual stage, sharing whitepapers & case studies followed by a personalized conversation with the attendees.

3. Diamond Package (Tier 3) – $5,000

It will be a mix of pearl and gold packages plus a great opportunity for business and networking. This is more than just live demos, one-one interactions, data accumulation & sponsored lounge sessions. This is the Diamond Package.

The best tip here is to stay clear in your idea about the package and the facilities it offers. We aim to create & present diverse packages for sponsors having different budget slots and goals to meet.

4. Unique Sponsorship Packages

To attract & maximize the pool of potential sponsors, our exhibitors will be presented with a variety of virtual event sponsorship ideas & features, all priced uniquely and giving them the right knowledge and space to choose what best fits their business demands and objectives.


And that’s all we got for virtual event sponsorship. There is a lot more, information & experience to share and drive you through the fantastic journey. For a demo, tune in to HexaFair virtual events software & how it helps with virtual event sponsorship. Our experts are here to tour you through our virtual events platform. 

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