Modern Virtual Breakout Rooms: Types & how it functions

Modern Virtual Breakout Rooms: Types & how it functions

Virtual breakout rooms are the in-built mini spaces in a virtual events platform that enable participants to follow other programs simultaneously in virtual fairs and conferences. Virtual Breakout rooms are a vital part of virtual networking. With virtual events becoming the new normal now, audience engagement, sponsorship activation, designing promising happy hours etc. are demanding that extra swirl. And so is the same with breakout rooms for networking & breakout rooms for the conference.

And, when it comes to advancements in virtual breakout rooms, there are in-numerous types you can adopt. Every design is customized and unique & offers a specific set of advantages to the audience. So, flap on to our next article that sheds a light on Modern Virtual Breakout Rooms: Types & Functions. Read On…

1. Virtual Breakout Rooms for Networking

Incomparable to the real events, the typical virtual breakout room sessions encourage more people for questions & conversations. With these on board, you get to see a mass audience at one place, interact and exchange some real information. Instead of people asking the speakers a lot of questions at a time, the interaction here happens primarily through the Q&A, chat and polling.

2. Campfire Sessions

People who love to talk and interact with each other often find these campfire sessions ideal and interesting. Short conversations, sharing ideas and experiences and whatever, people can go from a casual chit-chat to brainstorming innovations in these rooms. Often larger campfire sessions are organized to have multiple campfire sessions inside them & are considered as the best means for small, intimate conversations. The platforms are great as they enable speakers to get deep with their attendees, have conversations, share information etc. And for sponsors, get an opportunity to make audiences listen, talk and share about their product or experience, which is a great experience for your live meeting virtual breakout rooms.

3. Breakout Rooms for Conference & Workshops

Now, coming to education, conference and workshops, an amazing hands-on learning experience awaits participants. It is real, experiential & interesting that allows people to do as they learn. Attendees can learn how to create, paint, design etc. in the workshop. Breakout rooms for conferences & workshops are for auditory and visual learners. Specifically designed to deliver a real hands-on experience. This works great for virtual events.

4. Virtual Breakout Rooms: Demos

Discussing demonstrations i.e; demos, these work well for products/brands who want to showcase their value. The demos are adopted mostly by SAAS or software companies as it enables them to promote their software, and explain how it works or how to use it? Educating participants & promoting business products through virtual events platforms has become easy with virtual breakout rooms.

Giving an example; let’s say you are a digital marketing company that wants to explain how to generate five times more leads in the next quarter? Hosting demos will be an amazing way to explain, especially for your current customers as they will get an opportunity to expand their knowledge about your strategy.

Success Tips

Let’s see some tips that can help make your virtual breakout rooms a great success compared to real experiences. Make sure you have a moderator or an assistant for every room. Well, you might think that is huge. But as virtual event planners, we suggest our clients maintain the number. Know-Why?

1. Engagement

Engagement when it comes to virtual events is a bit different. To keep your participants engaged throughout the event, exhibitors must have at least one moderator onboard. They will take care of the Q&A and if any weird questions are coming up in midst of the event or speaker conversation, they can handle that too. That’s all apart, but, the real purpose of having a moderator on board is to help facilitate that engagement.

Having a speaker who is not aware of your virtual events platform or how it works can ruin your event badly. So, exhibitors/companies, make sure your presenters have good knowledge about your platform. Having a moderator in the chatroom helps you a lot. Facilitating a person’s voice, replying back, and quoting the presenter as they talk is what a moderator does. It is really good to have a moderator assistant for every room. However, the final outcome of the event depends on the engagement a moderator can create throughout the event.

2. Sales & Marketing

Assign unique moderators for different tracks, topics and situations. Applying filters on the agenda can help you assign them perfectly. Having separate speakers for different campfire sessions will keep your event to stay organized and facilitates targeted marketing.

3. Small Breakout Rooms

While addressing a huge mass of audience, it is better to break them into small batches as sessions. Suppose you have 200 five-person breakout rooms for networking; you need to have about 200 rooms to host that. It provides the right space to help people come together & interact in a friendly way. You might not need any moderator/assistant for every room here, as it is easy to spin up these rooms.

4. Do Introductions

Live meeting virtual breakout rooms for conferences give people a chance to ideate & introduce themselves to fellow participants. When it’s Show Time, one of the best things you can do is ask a weird question that everybody wants to answer. Doing something different like this will get your people engaged.


So, that’s all about Modern Virtual Breakout Rooms: Types & functions. As an event organizer, with numerous products & enhancements, you might be in search of a virtual events platform that can host your breakout rooms for networking& breakout rooms for conferences successfully. HexaFair virtual breakout rooms for networking& breakout rooms for conferences are designed to showcase your products & keep your employees engaged even in these pandemic times. We have a myriad of versions available with us to make your session stand-out.

For more information, here we present the virtual event planning checklist. Learn everything your way from planning to organizing to managing & finally creating an incredible experience for your attendees.

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