How to Create Fantastic Virtual Event Exhibitors Experience?

How to Create Fantastic Virtual Event Exhibitors Experience?

Globally, industries are experiencing an upheaval lately & the challenges are plenteous. And one of the most critical challenges relates to creating unique exhibitor experiences for virtual events. Following the trends, the experiences are unique in demands but can be dealt with the help of innovation & creativity. While constructing the best virtual events, a few elements of physical events can be replicated into the system. But the same is not all possible with sponsors and Virtual Event Exhibitors. 

So, HexaFair brings you some useful tips on How to Create Fantastic Exhibitor Experiences for Virtual Events? 

● Virtual Event Exhibitors: What’s Coming Up?

Pandemic is reshaping the outlook of how online events are going to emerge in 2022. A completely new approach is being adopted worldwide with regard to online networking events and event marketing. We are observing new technologies emerging every day to bring some uniqueness into the virtual event’s concept. It seems as if every online event today has some new element or feature designed for better interaction & engagement. Not just that, there is a lot more interesting stuff happening behind the scenes.  To learn more, stay tuned with us while we drive you through the incredible virtual events platforms experience. 

The first version of online events began with normal webinars. There wasn’t anything much exciting about them as they were just video presentations with a pack of attendees listening to them. That was the past. But today, we can see the 3D virtual events platforms are making virtual experiences similar to real trade shows. With imbued AR & VR elements, people are experiencing personalized 3D avatars that are designed to interact with each other virtually just like humans.

Looking forward to 10 or 20 years from now, the experiences are going to become more realistic for online events. VR headsets will enable face to face interactions online. The idea has tremendous potential to remarkably transform online events and bring them much closer to real ones when it comes to experience.

● Futuristic Virtual Events & Experiences

Digitalplatformsbring in more immersive experiences when compared to real events that involve just sitting and listening, e.g., like in a normal seminar. The potential & scope of the emerging trend is superb & amazing. The professional & functional aspects of the platform resemble very much like a video game which is a very interesting aspect.

Undoubtedly, the trends, advancements & game-like experiences are a great add-on to online events platforms. But what the best virtual events technology wants to bring in, is to make the whole thing appear much more realistic & natural to attendees.

●  The Natural Way

Equipping your online events platforms with copious unnecessary features can ruin the brand name. The trick is to keep the features of your virtual event as real and minimal as they would be in physical events. Again, adding some essential features to a real event could turn out really expensive. But the same can cost very less with virtual events.

It is not advised to throw every feature that is apt for a real event into virtual spaces. It can make them seem crowded & overwhelming. Adding only essential features can bring much ease & friendliness to your customers.

The best virtual event exhibitors experience is observed so far are quite simple in design. Businesses have noted tremendous success in displaying the company branding, products or their digital versions. To achieve long-term ROI in online events, it is best suggested to design your platforms as practical rather than framing them as a big brand show. 

● The Future is Virtual

With people increasingly getting used to online events these days, undoubtedly it must be claimed that the future of the events industry is going virtual. The demand for them is getting so huge every day that every physical event is expected to have a bite of a virtual element in them, going forward. So, hybrid events will take the form of real + virtual.

Previously, events software was left behind in terms of technical aspects. But now, amid the crisis, they are the first to embrace technology like any else. In fact, it is getting more interesting now as exhibitors are keen to learn where the virtual events platforms are going technically & how they can be adopted for the better future of businesses.

● Virtual Event Exhibitors: The Pitfalls

Event planners, as they are new to the platform, might not necessarily understand the features available to them. In such a scenario, having an online platform supplier attending them, sharing proposals & explaining about the platform, its features & benefits would be a good step.

Event planners don’t exactly know about the benefits of virtual events platforms hold. So, it is up to the virtual events platforms to tour them through a virtual demo, explain to them the features & tools & help them decide on what to keep in their online events. Educating them on what works well for their concept is really important. When it comes to choosing the best virtual events platforms, there’s a lot that is still left to be understood more deeply and utilized better. 


And here we close another awesome feature article on HexaFair virtual events. The key factor & focus of this article is how to create amazing virtual event exhibitors experiences for online events. The future of digital events is to create awesome content, more features & add-ons, bring in the technology, uniqueness & flexibility into your arena & make them more user friendly & easily adaptable. And not to forget the primary point, to create fantastic exhibitor experiences through virtual events platforms. So, that’s all for the day. Stay tuned for more articles & infographics focusing on concepts you are interested in. 

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