The Complete Guidebook to Virtual Trade Show Platform

The Complete Guidebook to Virtual Trade Show Platform

Virtual trade show platforms have been in the limelight lately because of their extended engagement and popularity. However popular they might be, certain facets still remain a mystery when it comes to them. The outbreak of the pandemic has bought about a major change in event planning and organisation. While everything seemed to fall apart, virtual trade shows have come in as a great help for event planners, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and global markets. 

Event technology advances and comes renewed with a digital format. The benefits of organising a virtual trade show are amazing. To help you drive through this relatively new space, HexaFair brings together all that you need to learn to run your virtual trade show successfully. 

The Guidebook in Detail: 

    1. What is a virtual trade show? 
    2. The advantages of a virtual trade show 
    3. The key features of a virtual trade show 
    4. Benchmark services 
    5. Getting started 
    6. Some marketing tips 
    7. why is hosting a virtual trade show important? 
  1. Guide on Virtual Trade Show Platform 

1. What is a Virtual Trade Show? 

Virtual trade shows are events that run in digital environments and are hosted live through a virtual trade show platform. They have all the elements of a real event and bring in much more exciting stuff onto the plate for creating the best audience engagement and connectivity. A 3D Virtual trade fair platform comprises a virtual trade show booth, stage, exhibitor booths, conference areas, keynote conversations, educational sessions & much more. 

There is a great opportunity for event planners, exhibitors & sponsors to network, collaborate, gain new markets, present demos, share & download useful materials across multiple audiences. 

2. The Advantages of Hosting a Virtual Trade Show 

A 3d virtual trade fair platform is exciting and is one of the best means for brand promotion during these uncertain times. The benefits of hosting a virtual trade show are vast. Here are the most important ones. 

    • Greater Return on Investment (ROI) 
    • Broader reach. 
    • Data acquisition & easy sharing. 
    • Deep insights into target markets & audiences. 
    • Cost-effective. 
    • High reliability &scalability. 

3. The Key Features of a Virtual Trade Shows Platform

Virtual trade shows platform offers a range of features & elements that enhances the experience & provides real value to audiences, exhibitors, sponsors, and organizers. The advancements in virtual reality are making the setups innovative and perfectly replicate the traditional trade shows. 

Here are some key features of a 3D Virtual Trade Fair Platform: 

    • Creative & interactive environment. 
    • Customisable booth experiences for vendors. 
    • Surveys, polls, Q&A sessions & live chat facilities for better networking. 
    • Live video streaming for keynote performances, webinars, and branded virtual trade show booth experiences. 
    • Pre-recorded videos, and scheduled audio, video & VR sessions. 

Apart from the list above, you can set up a virtual lobby for better exploration and activity amongst the audiences. They can meet, ideate and visit various other booths online. Personalized virtual trade show booth spaces enable vendors, exhibitors, and sponsors to showcase their brands at the event. Features like branding and messaging, live audio, video chats, product demos, and downloadable materials like product guides and specs etc. are often a part of the virtual events. Hosting a virtual trade show enables exhibitors to gain better leads and build deep networks. Along with these key features, read out the virtual trade show strategies to make your event stand out. 

4. Benchmark Services

There are some regular features that every virtual trade shows platform offers today. But, if you want your virtual trade show to truly stand out amongst your competitors, then here are the few features that you would like to learn about and add on for a better audience experience. 

Think of the following: 

    • Gamification 
    • Translation services 
    • On-Demand Video 
    • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality 
    • Virtual parties 
    • Breakout rooms 
    • Virtual swag bags 

5. Getting Started

Virtual trade shows platforms are unique spaces and have easily and successfully replicated the experience of real events. They are reported to note a tremendous success beyond the in-person event standards. To help you gain better knowledge or get started with your first virtual trade show, here are the best three steps to follow. 

    • Define your business and virtual trade show goals. 
    • Produce powerful and engaging content. 
    • Personalisation. 

Focus on your event goals & timelines. Why are you hosting a virtual trade show? What are you expecting from the 3D Virtual trade fair platform? 

    • New product launches? 
    • Lead generation? 
    • Thought leadership? 
    • Building networks? 
    • Gain ROI? 

Understanding your event goals will help you narrow down your target attendee list and develop content that interests your people. Then find the best 3D Virtual trade fair platform that can help you achieve your goals and render value to your participants. Customisation helps you to deliver an experience that is far beyond the expectations of your audiences. 

Read out our complete handbook for virtual trade shows. 

6. Some Marketing Tips

All of the industry-best planning may fail if you don’t have an effective event marketing strategy. Here are some helpful tips to realise while promoting your virtual trade show. 

    • Build a branded event website. 
    • Make use of social media. 
    • Start an email marketing campaign. Gain media attention. 

7. Why Hosting a Virtual Trade Show is Important? 

Hosting a virtual trade show presents an incredible occasion to bring together industry heads, brands, and specialists in a valuable and essential way. Unlike real events, they are economical when it comes to hosting, sponsorship, participation and presentation. Hosting a virtual trade show requires a special focus on attendee and vendor experience. To design a successful virtual trade show, it is essential to explore and choose the best virtual trade shows platform. There are numerous platforms and tools available online today that support hosting a virtual trade show. 

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