11 Virtual Trade Show Strategy to Make your Show Stand Out

11 Virtual Trade Show Strategy to Make your Show Stand Out

Being one of the best & advanced technology trends, Augmented reality (AR) today is truly surprising businesses with its smart features & advanced functionalities. Highly advanced technology is now available at affordable costs, and so is attracting a myriad of market classes to host & promote their businesses virtually. One reason why its demand is exponentially expanding all over is due to its flexibility. So, to help businesses gain better audience reach, upscale their markets, & achieve good ROI, HexaFair brings to you, virtual trade show strategy to Make your virtual trade shows stand out. 

In pandemic times as these, where people cannot hang out in thick places. Enterprises globally, to keep their business journey going on a smoother note, have adopted a virtual trade show platform to host their events. In fact, after their first virtual trade fair, exhibitors felt that the experience was quite immersive & hence are expecting virtual trade shows  & Expos to play a big part in their future business promotions. Markets have discovered a rare opportunity to connect & ideate with larger audiences than ever before and also say that they have noticed a majority of people talking and inquiring about their product, which normally is a rare incidence in real events. 

The Best Virtual Trade Show Strategy

A Strategic Study

If you want to see your business chart-topping through virtual trade shows, then here is the first step you need to adopt – evaluating your business goals. Once your event is on the go, you will have some quick benchmarks to note which will enlighten you with the fact of whether your virtual trade show was successful or not. 

Book a Trade show Demo

If you are new to virtual trade shows and have no idea how they happen or where, to begin with, it is advised to take help from a recognized virtual trade show platform, who can drive you through their demo and share insights on how their virtual trade show platform works, and what the virtual trade fair experience holds for both attendees & exhibitors. 

The Marketing Plan for your trade fair

Just like real events, online events too, require effective marketing strategies to drive better audience & exhibitor reach. While hosting real events, businesses often acquire the basic information of the attendees like email ids, contact info, business cards where they can get access to the client’s website data & social media channels etc. This information can help them in planning an effective marketing strategy for hosting their next events virtually. 

Further, virtual trade shows are highly immersive, cost-effective & secure when compared to physical events. To make your virtual trade fair experience more uniquely engaging, buying lists or using Facebook advertising or LinkedIn ads will be the best choice. 

An Engaging Teaser for trade fair

Your audiences and exhibitors might be new & still unaware of the advancements a virtual trade show platform offers to businesses. As a part of the marketing strategy & also to raise awareness of how the virtual trade show work, virtual trade show platforms can launch a short and engaging video byte that explains the platform, its features and also shows clearly to the exhibitors how to navigate through their online environment? Engaging teasers are considered a popular virtual trade show strategy today. 

Explain the Benefits of trade show

If your exhibitors are new to virtual environments, invite them for a demo to educate them about your virtual trade show platform, & its features, benefits, customer interaction, lead generation, competitor analysis etc. without the need to travel physically. Explain to them how they can achieve better customer reach & improve their branding through online virtual trade shows. You can also share the hand-picked testimonials of your previous customers. Every virtual event holds invaluable information like participant’s data, event participation time, number of booth visits, number of downloaded documents and questions asked etc. Explain to your exhibitors the importance of content in virtual booths. It will help them gain the best attention from attendees & more data after completion of the virtual trade shows.

Engaging Content for trade fair

For any event, content is one crucial facet to attract people. Some of the most powerful content comes from keynotes & breakout sessions. You can also invite sponsors and exhibitors to offer you their valuable piece of content. Sessions recorded in advance can be scheduled to play at set times which give a feel as if they are playing in real-time. Further, push notifications can be enabled to remind guests of scheduled sessions and ensure your exhibitors have all the essential training to support and engage their virtual participants before the start. 

Set Proper Time Zones for trade show

Exhibitors keep their virtual trade shows live for at least 2 days. So, hosting events according to the time zones convenient for your audiences (national or international) is suggested. Limiting the sessions from two to four hours with good knowledge bytes in between is enough to engage your audiences holistically. With this, the exhibitors will also know the perfect time to come online & interact with their attendees which will, in turn, boost their online networking & branding presence. 

Gamification in Trade fair

Coupons, contests & prize giveaways are the other best virtual trade shows to drive your attendees to action. You can offer them extra points or prizes for entering a booth or recommending an event to their friends & also download the product brochure. This will not only bring great attention to events but also help exhibitors to build new networks. 

Networking at Trade shows for greater benefits

The main agenda behind organizing & attending online virtual trade shows is networking. Exhibitors get to know more new attendees and attendees get an opportunity to discover new products & vital business information. Through virtual meeting spaces, people can meet, collaborate and share their information securely. Some exhibitors have noticed that people are communicating more openly on a virtual trade show platform trends rather than physical events. Organizing a group chat, polling activities & forums are some of the best virtual trade show that will further encourage visitors to participate & engage more enthusiastically.  

Perfect Tracking

Virtual trade shows come with robust security systems, and hence all the actions undertaken by the participants are perfectly tracked through the virtual trade show platform. Now, exhibitors can get information about the number of downloads, booth attendance, questions asked during breakout sessions etc. This data will help exhibitors to create a friendlier environment for the visitors the next time they attend a virtual trade fair. 

Extended Events 

How many of the exhibitors are aware that keeping their events open after the live session is finished will still drive great benefits to them. Not many, right! But it is true. Providing on-demand access to attendees post events help exhibitors to gain good benefits.  

For added engagement, exhibitors must keep adding new content regularly giving attendees a good reason to revisit their events. Further, social media promotions & email marketing will also be a good add-on to the promotions. 


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