5 Amazing Virtual Trade Shows Platform Trends in 2022

5 Amazing Virtual Trade Shows Platform Trends in 2022

For any industry, having foresight is possible but predicting the future is not. So, what holds for the future of the virtual trade show software industry is the point we are focusing on today. Undoubtedly, the pandemic hit has forced businesses & industries alike to retract. There is no such presage as when and how the situation shall turn to the best or worst. In a completely awkward scenario, reopening businesses is a big challenge. However, the trade shows platform trends 2022 get raised by new waves and new variants of COVID. Although the government plans to manage industries run with limited capacity in safer environments, to what extent the protocols shall serve as effective solutions are the big question? 

 With online trade show platforms, industries see both benefits and opportunities to recover the loss incurred due to extensive lockdown. Technology-driven events are virtually replicating in-person event experiences. Now people are more open to collaborating on a virtual trade show platform as it is 100% safe and allows broader networking opportunities. On a virtual trade show platform, you can launch your new product, host business meetings, discuss innovations, chat with business prospects across the globe, share services and also announce your brand virtually. The capacity to reach a global audience through the virtual trade show software is simply incredible. On the other hand, hosting in-person events requires extra safety practices and strict precautions at every step. 

So, if you want to host a virtual trade show or make your virtual trade show event a great success? Then, here are the 5 top virtual trade show software trends to consider.

Top 5 Virtual Trade Shows Platform Trends 2022 

1. The Future is Virtual: Technology Leads

Technology will become one crucial factor behind hosting all future events. The trend is on the rise. 3d, immersive and interactive experiences are replacing traditional event practices. Features like live chats, facial recognition, QR codes, logo scanners, 3D booths and customized event apps have improved the experience of virtual events for the better. With event technology, features can be enhanced thereby delivering much finer experiences. For example, wearable devices like AR/VR headsets or smart glasses that read and scan codes enabling entry, payments, access to downloads, data sharing etc. Think about an earpiece paired with the headset for scanning, identifying people on the venue and allowing to start a communication. How amazing would that be? Today, online trade show platforms are exploring every opportunity to make the events most special for audiences. 

Virtual product demos will become more presentable with improved tech support (3D simulations, interactive screens, content sharing & gamification).

2. The Future of Virtual Trade Show Software: Delivering Better Personalized Experiences

Refinement is key to effective marketing. The modern marketing trends are encouraging the formulation of refined strategies and applications on the virtual trade shows platform, thereby creating immersive experiences for exhibitors, event planners & sponsors. The concept of modernizing virtual shows begins with making some crucial changes to the virtual trade show software. Rendering client-based, refined experiences leads to building an intense connection with the brand & product. Exhibitors & sponsors can expect to create much grander, more realistic experiences for easy sales and better branding opportunities. Market research remains crucial in evaluating & identifying audience behaviour, gathering niche data through KPIs & event analytics, thereby helping exhibitors & virtual trade show software to create the most authentic experiences for the audience.

3. The Future of Virtual Trade Shows Platform: Social Media Reign Continues

Modern-day social media plans are innovative, refined and focused to transform the virtual events industry marketing trends. On a virtual trade shows platform, events can be hosted ranging from days to years. In such a case, organizing content, planning effective strategies for social marketing and scheduling the plan of action is crucial. Content plays a key role in any social marketing. Identifying the effective means to promote your content is another vital social media strategy. Some of the popular social marketing means include targeted email campaigns, videos, articles, posts etc. 

The power of social networking is immense. Organizing your events on virtual trade shows platform trends 2022 enables global connectivity and helps reach your target audience easily. You can also offer incentives and virtual goodies to attract new audiences and enhance existing engagement. Some of the popular social media platforms for marketing are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Medium, Quora, Pinterest, and Instagram. Undoubtedly, social media is an invaluable asset that is helping virtual trade show software gain better reach prospects. 

4. The Future of Virtual Trade Show Software Industry Lies in Remaining Positive 

Nothing is assured. We can plan but cannot predict the outcome of any event. The same applies to online trade show platforms. We must gear ourselves to stay positive and impart the same to the internal teams, exhibitors & sponsors. Every aspect of the event is crucial and so any of them can turn the event around for the better. Look out for the future trends of virtual trade shows here. 

5. The Future of Virtual Trade Show Software: What to Expect?  

The future of the virtual trade show industry looks bright, brimming with new possibilities, technological abundance and creative vigour. Changes are imminent as the pandemic continues. So, it is better to prepare for an innovative virtual trade show software. 

So, here is what you can expect from online trade show platforms. 

  1. Virtual reality is the future. 
  2. Expect higher attendance & broader reach with the virtual trade shows platform. 
  3. Most of the event marketing goes digital. Expect breakthroughs through effective planning & strategies. 


Online trade show platform trends 2022 or virtual trade show software are continuously evolving to help exhibitors & sponsors achieve extensive results and market growth. Changes are better when rooted in technology and advanced marketing strategies. Innovative ideas and tips can boost the traditional sales trends & maximize the marketing influence. 

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