21 Virtual Event Questions to Ask Before You Sign your Contract

From keynote speakers to networking breaks there are a ton of important details to consider when planning corporate virtual events or conferences. And event planners know that every detail matters – especially when it comes to choosing your venue. But before you sign your contract, make sure to ask these virtual event questions.


Virtual Event Questions To Ask Before Signing Your Contract 

    • What is included in the price of the ‘virtual’ space? 
    • What platform will be used for the virtual show floor—and will there be any technical support to help me create a virtual exhibit
      to showcase my brand effectively? 
    • What will I be able to create in that space to promote my products and services, as well as my brand? 
    • What types of files will I be able to upload? 
    • What networking opportunities are planned? 
    • Will there be a live chat so I can communicate with visitors one on one? Alternatively, will there be a messaging app? 
    • What traffic builders are planning to increase traffic to the virtual exhibit hall? 
    • How many days will the show last? 
    • Will there be dedicated exhibit hours? 
    • Will I receive a list of registrants as well as attendees? 
    • Will I receive a report from all visitors to my exhibit? 
    • What types of reports will be available after the show, for instance, an audit? 
    • Are you providing any additional tools to help me measure my ROI? Read Tips to increase ROI for virtual events. 
    • Will 24/7 technical support be available in case there are transmission problems? 
    • What sponsorship opportunities are available? 
    • Will, there be off-site sponsorship opportunities such as post-show surveys, updates to the schedule, or banners on the show website? 
    • What opportunities will there be for sponsored content, such as product theatres or highlighted sessions? 
    • How long will the show site be available online? 
    • Is Will exhibiting at this virtual event help accrue priority points for future live exhibits? 
    • Are there any barriers to entry for exhibitors at this event? 
    • Is my investment protected in case of
      emergency or cancellation? 

That’s it! The list of virtual event questions is here. So, what’s next? Looking for an ideal venue for your next event?  Contact Hexafair for all your needs. Book demo now.