6 Amazing Benefits of Hybrid Events

6 Amazing Benefits of Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are the newest-fangled experiences. They involve a perfect blend of exclusive content, innovative features &a user-friendly approach to render an immersive virtual experience. To help you better understand, & plan your next hybrid events perfectly, HexaFair brings you the “The 6 Benefits of Hybrid Events.” Read On! 

Benefits of Hybrid Events

Ever since the pandemic, organizing hybrid events has become the best & newest trend to adopt. Mostly adopted by giant corporations and industry bigwigs to gather their employees or key audiences onto one space. As it is a restricted scenario everywhere, virtual realms are a great support for large gatherings today. People from all corners of the world can participate in your event as per their respective time zones. Hybrid events are equal opportunity spaces where anybody & everybody can connect & interact with each other virtually as well as physically. It also greatly supports carrying out operations freely without violating the social distancing rules. 

Here are a few other important benefits of hybrid events & some tips to organizing your event perfectly through a hybrid event platform. 

1) Better Reach & Participation

A hybrid event platform can be one of the best means if your target is to reach a broader audience. Hybrid events are the trending spaces to better your reach and achieve greater attendee participation. Research states that over 96% of attendees who participated in virtual events have never attended any physical event before. When inquired about the reason, they expressed their indecisiveness to attendance due to lengthy travels & geographical barriers.

Hybrid events are a fusion of both real and virtual. This is a unique opportunity for both exhibitors & sponsors to connect with the old ones, & capture the new audiences. The events are said to be record-breaking due to their engagement, connectivity and interaction. People who never showed interest in participating are coming forward to participate in the hybrid events. 

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2) Better Engagement

Audience engagement is one of the key factors behind the success of any hybrid event platform. There is a difference between watching a YouTube video and participating in an online event. What distinguishes the both is attendee participation, live reactions, Q&As, instant feedback etc.

Also, unifying the virtual elements with physical event spaces can drive new opportunities to foster engagement during and post events. Your audience is your brand ambassadors. As they take part, talk, share, listen, comment and devour content with just a click. Exhibitors can host Q&A sessions, live polls, surveys and feedback sessions with your virtual audiences. Hosting experienced speakers to perform a live talk show with your audiences followed by a more immersive live Q&A session later also boosts engagement.

Branded meeting rooms can be set up for your delegates to enter and meet with other attendees. As a hybrid event platform, we at HexaFair are here to help you boost your audience engagement & scale up the reach through integrated social media and live streams. The integration not only boosts engagement but also fosters promotion &a great overall experience. 

3) Decreased Environmental Effects

Zero travel has shown a lot of positive impact on the environment. Reports state that global diffusions have dropped by 6% due to the pandemic &lockdown. The amount approximates equivalent to the energy usage of India. While going back to physical events might take longer than expected. Adopting hybrid events is the only way to lessen travel and decrease pollution & costs in these pandemic times. 

4) Saving Costs

As everything is going virtual now, advancing in this line can save a mint for audiences, sponsors & exhibitors. While all the companies are asking their employees to work from home, virtual meetings, webinars, conferences, and tours are becoming the new normal now. And to gain the best-in-class experience at a low cost, a hybrid event platform is the only best option. If you are a virtual event platform, this is the right time to create virtual processes that save cash. Else, hiring a hybrid event platform can help you manage your event well in every aspect and also save huge costs.

5) Data Acquisition

Data and insights play a key role in any virtual event. The information collected from physical events like the number of attendees who participated, Q&A, surveys, feedback forms, contact details etc, help exhibitors to plan their next event for a better experience & engagement. Hybrid events also give important insights like how many people participated in the event, information shared across the event as docs, videos, slides etc. how many people dropped out in the middle of the event and attendee feedback etc. As everything is virtual, a great deal of data can be tracked and refined for an enhanced later experience.

6) Greater Flexibility

Just in case, if we fall prey to a circumstance like this in future, a hybrid event platform can save a lot of time, effort & costs. Further, the technology eases the effort & offers an incredible experience to attendees. Hybrid events are dynamic and flexible means to promote your brands & keep your audience engaged in rough times.


Hybrid events are here to stay even after the pandemic is gone. Research states that exhibitors will continue to rely on the hybrid event platform for the long term. Hybrid events can be recorded and played for your audiences upon request at a later time. There will always be something that is enticing & can be brought back to give life through a hybrid event platform. The investment is one time unless you need any extra features or add-ons for your event. To gain massive profits from hybrid events, it is best suggested to broaden your investment into multiple buckets rather than just one. 

And if you need any good suggestions regarding the benefits of hybrid events, HexaFair is here to guide you at every step of your hybrid events journey. Book your demo today! 

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