The Ultimate Guide For Hosting a Virtual Career Fair

The Ultimate Guide For Hosting a Virtual Career Fair

Virtual career fair platforms are considered as the best stage to collaborate, connect & hire in these unsettled times. Now employers can enhance their staffing experience without compromising on any hiring targets & employee expertise. Hiring has become much smarter, secure & cost-effective with virtual events technology. Unique content, customized features & dashboards, authentic booth space set up with on-floor salesperson, the set up as a whole is enticing the exhibitors & organizations to take their hiring experience to the next level with hosting a virtual career fair platforms. 

A perfectly streamlined virtual structure is stimulating new business opportunities beyond geographies. For some time, it has been a bumpy ride for businesses all across the globe. Virtual career fair platforms came in as great support & cost-savers in these adverse times. Virtual trade show companies are helping businesses to save a mint on their travel, infrastructure, venue, management & cancellation expenses. When compared to physical events, the expenses needed for hosting a virtual career fair are very less. 

Virtual career fairs are working as powerful business enablers, in the modern markets & trends. Organizations & recruiters are facing a hard time fulfilling their recruitment goals. Virtual career fair platforms have come in as a game-changer to keep the hiring process active & effective. Today, organizations can access the treasure of global talent with no expense towards travel, physical venues, infrastructure & cancellation. Online networking, virtual branding and organic hiring are the unique facilitators that are alluring global enterprises to hire right & smart. 

Virtual career fairs are here to stay & here is why? 

  • Unique content, exclusive designs, feature-rich platforms. 
  • Immersive hiring & communication experience. 
  • Automation of monotonous business processes. 
  • Easy & smart set-up. 
  • Sponsorship opportunities for organizations. 
  • Branding becomes easy through virtual exhibitor booths. 
  • Easy meeting schedules and one-on-one sessions at the virtual networking lounge. 
  • Parallel interview sessions in a private virtual space to improve time & work performance and efficiency. 
  • Advanced networking opportunities and clear follow-ups with the applicants. 
  • Secure CRM integration to quantify event productivity.
  • Q&A sessions & polls to spark significant discussion & feedback. 
  • Long term sustainability – digital transfer of collaterals such as brochures, performance evaluation & appraisal tests, branding & marketing with zero paper use.  
  • Improved networking opportunities and easy follow-ups with the candidates 
  • Easy CRM integration to quantify events’ performance 
  • Polls and surveys that ignite a meaningful conversation & feedback 
  • Long term sustainability – digital distribution of collaterals such as brochures, assessment tests, marketing collateral resulting in less paper use. 

Hosting a Virtual Career Fair

You can be an organization or a group of businesses coming together for hosting a virtual career fair. All you need is a powerful strategy & feature-rich platform to make your recruitment process easy & impactful. Virtual career fair platforms like HexaFair are a perfect fusion of advanced technology, unique features, designs, immersive elements &are here to deliver high-performance outcomes to businesses. With the best virtual career fair platform like HexaFair, your hiring journey will become a cakewalk. 

Before that, let’s have a glimpse of why virtual career fairs are hot in trending? 

The Key Features Virtual Career Fair Platforms

 Here are some key features to strengthen your virtual career fair, ensure the best branding, create a lasting impact on your visitors and make your mark in hiring. 

#1 Perfect Navigation

Virtual events often come in multiple packages or subscriptions. Virtual career fair platforms that can offer an integrated reception wall on your virtual job fair are considered the best. The feature helps to drive your attendees well. Mapping the right spot to guide your attendees is a powerful aspect of any virtual job fair. If the feature is not included in the package, requesting it as an add-on will be the best choice. This feature creates an incredible user experience & engagement. Also, it helps in the event advertisements, session timings, contest scoreboards etc. 

#2 Branding & Promotion

In hosting a virtual career fair, you can leverage a virtual booth with customized features that can give the impact as in real-life events. Businesses can also advertise their promotional endorsements like pictures, graphics and videos of their companies & events. With the best virtual career fair platform, job seekers and attendees can download the collaterals, which will further act as an excellent facilitator for your business branding & promotion. 

#3 Virtual Lounge for Networking

Enabling applicants and hiring managers to have personalized intercommunication or round table conferences fosters better networking. It is the most optimum feature of a virtual career fair that enables session networking & post-event interactions. The feature is said to enkindle valuable interactions which makes it an incredible asset for hosting a virtual career fair.

#4 Integrated Surveys

Feedbacks are important. Get instant feedback with the integrated poll feature available on the virtual career fair platforms. The recorded statistics will help in assessing the performance of your event. Thereby giving you an idea of how to improve the performance of your future career fair and virtual events. Read out the blog for further virtual career fair tips. 

Essential Measures for design the Best Virtual Career Fair

Fix your Goal

The first thing to consider while hosting a virtual career fair is learning about your target markets or audiences. You must also be aware of why you are hosting a virtual career fair& what benefits are you expecting from the virtual job fair. E.g., Prepare a niche study like 

  1. Do you want to organize the fair for branding & promotion or want to target specific job opportunities?
  2. Who should attend your event? 
  3. Do you want to share the corporate content only or want to conduct interviews virtually? 
  4. The content you are willing to share & your expectations from the job seekers. 

Being specific about your targets can help you run your virtual fair on a smoother note & finally achieve measurable outcomes. Look more about the virtual college fair platform The One-Best Exclusive Solution for Recruitments 

Pre-event Strategies

Once your goals are set & clear, it is time to plan your pre-event marketing strategies. Learn about your target markets, reach them via social media channels, email marketing campaigns, ads etc. Organize quizzes and polls & send virtual invitations for content collaboration & participation. For faster registrations, ensure that you add a landing page to your website.  

Easy Application Process

People will not be interested in filling out long forms. Presenting them with short forms & quick links will make them adhere to the event. 

Engaging Webinars 

Interview sessions and conferences are a part of the virtual career fair. So, including subject-oriented webinars would be beneficial. With virtual job fairs long interviews, tedious travels and waiting for’s are avoided. Online webinars are engaging and enable prospective two-way communication between applicants & employers. With HexaFair video streaming integrations, you can check out the webinars even after the completion of the virtual job fair. 

The Support

Virtual events may experience unexpected glitches technically. So, it is better to have a robust support arrangement like technical staff and client service manager ready for service at the back-end. Your attendees will also appreciate the real-time technical support you are offering. Prepare for a trial event before the real one. This will help you to learn about the pain zones well before the event happens. 

Go Social

Pre-event marketing is a great idea to attract target as well as new audiences. But real-time marketing only happens once the event begins. Social media marketing is the best means to create hype around your virtual event. Promote your live event on social media & make others participate enthusiastically. You can run contests, take surveys, giveaway prizes to engage your audiences. Also, you can request your attendees to share the event on their social channels. This will elevate your branding, & visibility on social media platforms. 


Adding a shade of gamification to your virtual career fair will surely entice your audience. You might think, how can gamification serve in a complete professional event like a career fair? But, creating intrigue and stir around your virtual event can attract high traffic of job seekers. Further, running contests like leader board, giving away sponsored prizes to the attendees will make your fair a great success. 


Hosting a virtual career fair is a wonderful gateway of possibilities for organizations as well as job seekers. It helps the industries to promote & enhance their brand value & simultaneously creates a pipeline of talent for current projects and future openings. Apart from these, other benefits are also ensured like partner collaborations, research & development and amazing technical support. HexaFair is an immersive & innovative, best virtual career fair platform & is a one-stop solution for all your hiring needs. 

As you are now completely aware, what is hosting a virtual career fair all about? And, how to host the best virtual career fair for your hiring, wouldn’t you be interested to take your events experience to the next level with HexaFair? 

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