Virtual College Fair Platform: The One-Best Solution for Recruitments

Virtual College Fair Platform: The One-Best Solution for Recruitments

The virtual college fair is the new-age innovation explicitly designed to make hiring easy & cost-effective for businesses, in these pandemic times. Virtual college fairs are a perfect alternative to physical events. They have been around for quite a long, but, the true surge happened lately in a pretty surprising way. 

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies across the globe needed an innovative, immersive, highly secure & cost-effective model to execute their hiring processes effectively. Virtual adaptations have advanced exponentially across the world & have become a crucial factor in almost every sphere & corner of businesses. The one sphere that transformed overnight & adopted virtual transformation holistically is recruitment. Today, virtual college fair platforms are assisting universities in connecting, hiring & managing their student outreach successfully.

With months passing by, virtual college fairs are becoming increasingly adaptive & cost-efficient. Global varsities are considering & incorporating virtual events technology as a crucial element of their hiring strategies. It has become one of the top priorities for educational institutions & universities to learn about the virtual college fair ideas & also how to choose the right virtual college fair platform for their recruitments? 

Virtual College Fair Platform

Virtual college fairs are enabling employers & institutions to hire the industry’s best talents virtually. These are the platforms that assist the university faculty to engage with prospective sources, explain their courses &the new virtual learning process & also present their available learning opportunities in a virtual format. In a highly critical situation as this, university faculty can continue their teaching, students can learn, explore new topics, join live events & get hired from the comfort of their homes. Organizers & attendees can join the virtual event with just a click from their PC, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone. Advanced technology has brought in many unique features along with technical compatibility to present virtually in all available devices. With zero travel, setup & infrastructural costs, virtual college fair platforms today are the biggest trends that every institution, enterprise & student varsities are looking forward to. For further guidance, read our complete virtual career fair guide here. 

Benefits of Hosting Virtual College Fair

Universities are facing a tremendous challenge today in sourcing able personnel. Students too, on the other hand, are finding it hard to decide on which virtual college fair they must attend. They are in search of a unique stage[virtual college fair platform] that keeps them connected with the world while keeping them safe. In a scenario like this, virtual college fair ideas have come in as a great help for both students as well as universities. With a virtual college fair platform, students can connect online with university faculty & recruiters, get instant responses to their queries, get in touch with core faculty & team, learn about their interview status etc.

Through a virtual college fair, students can attend live sessions, webinars, conferences, virtual career fairs & also debate on important current issues &virtual college fair ideas such as:

  1. COVID-19 & its effect on education & students. The deep impact it can have on students & career opportunities.
  2. The scholarship rules (application and eligibility)
  3. Official information such as commencement dates, special courses, choosing subjects, and also learning about other available options.
  4. Discuss accommodation and campus life.
  5. What new prospects can be introduced to make a virtual college fair more interesting?

Furthermore, customized virtual webinars can help extend the reach to international students. Webinar topics can cover knowledge about the experience of studying abroad, courses offered and how to secure a visa, etc.

Virtual College Fair Platform

Every business has its unique demands. Evaluating your business goals & choosing the right virtual college fair platform will make your business stand out from other businesses.

Here are the few best trending virtual college fair ideas that successfully transformed into virtual college fair platforms today.

  1. HexaFair
  2. CareerEco
  3. Conduit
  4. PremiereVirtual
  5. GR8 People

Adopting the Best Virtual College Fair Software

Adopting the best virtual college fair software for your event is like getting most of your hard work handled expertly beforehand like designs, features, personnel, sessions, promotions etc. With the latest technology around, virtual college fair platforms are offering built-in promotions even before the event begins. Through this feature, businesses can reach a larger target audience & cover ample registrations. This approach can help businesses to derive great results rather than relying on their own experiments. But it is also important for the markets to learn that their businesses can achieve tremendous surge only when the virtual college fair platform services are perfectly blended with their own advertising and promotion channels.

When everything is perfectly set& your big day is here, all you have to do is, turn up and engage with your attendees through text, audio and video chats. Today, universities are widely adopting virtual college fair platforms & virtual college fair tips as they believe that they can eliminate all the logistical and managerial barriers within the hiring event process. These services also come in as a great help to institutions that are in search of cost-effective solutions &are facing budget constraints. They can readily experience something immersive, tremendously engaging & beyond normal through the expertise and infrastructure, a virtual fair provider offers. 

Make Your Virtual Presence a Stand Out

If you are presenting through a virtual event, there will be many customizable features&virtual college fair ideas that can help you stay unique. Custom-tailored exhibitor booths will facilitate downloading content, viewing videos & galleries, visiting competitor booths, etc. Giving time & effort to create the best venue, adding special features will make your ambience more presentable & stand.

 Tips to Host your Virtual College Fairs Successfully

Global varsities have adopted virtual college fair ideas like webinars & info sessions in the last few months & have recorded tremendous success through virtual campus tours and Q&A sessions. There are numerous virtual college fair platforms available today to host your fairs successfully. Here are a few of them.

  • HexaFair is the first, one-of-a-kind cloud-based virtual college fair platform connecting academies & prospective sources globally. With HexaFair, businesses can share presentations 24*7, conduct live video chat interviews, host job boards to list out the jobs, candidates can apply for jobs & submit resumes, sponsors & exhibitors can get a customized, professional-looking event website, & email templates for corporate branding. Further, the Google Analytics integration helps to evaluate the event marketing efforts and target event marketing more precisely with CRM integration.
  • CareerEco  

    CareerEco is a cloud-based virtual recruiting events platform and talent centre for career aspirants, prospective graduates, educational institutions and businesses who leverage the dynamics of technology and adopt innovation to fulfil their expert and educational goals. With CareerEcovirtual college fair ideas, businesses can save time, and costs, and stay free from all hassles related to travel.

  • PlatformQ Education

    is a unique virtual college fair platform where hundreds of students and universities globally are finding a rich space to connect, interact, make conversions & host alumni meetings. With resources like live video streaming, online chat, global SMS text messaging and many more, PlatformQ Education today is making the world rethink the strategies & engagement throughout their student journey.


HexaFair enables hosting & promotion of your virtual college fairs & has recorded massive success with greater registrations & ROI for our global partners & clients. We often suggest or share with our exhibitors some effective virtual college fair ideas like running social media campaigns, promotional videos, paid advertising boosts, direct email marketing strategies etc. to address the vast database of student requests. Often, businesses that have achieved greater targets have incorporated a blend of HexaFair promotional tools into their firms. 

Continuous student follow-up is another tip to improve engagement in a virtual fair. Be it via call, mail, social media etc. exhibiting personal interest towards your students will create a lasting impression that will help in supporting your recruitment process as you move ahead. 

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