The Definitive Guide to Virtual Career Fair: All You Need to Know!

The Definitive Guide to Virtual Career Fair: All You Need to Know!

Virtual career fairs are being massively adopted by universities & organizations globally. And are considered as an optimum solution to connect & hire the industries best talents in these crucial times. With real events declining gradually, there has been a sudden upsurge in virtual events for business collaborations, seminars & conferences, trade fairs, expos & recruitments. Situations are turning upside down rapidly, and businesses are searching for feasible alternatives to stay connected with their groups& business engagements. Online job fair software has come in as the most effective solution in these trying times. The hybrid model is here to reshape career explorations and recruitments to make the future more productive & inspiring.

While physical events are not likely to happen for a while, virtual career fairs are here to connect employers and job seekers in real-time irrespective of their location. Advanced technological features such as interactive chat rooms, live teleconferencing and emails, virtual events are making the hiring process much better & easy for both employers & candidates. Further additional tools &features can be created to share the job information & offer a better-personalized user experience.

Today, the most influential model of virtual hiring event is a virtual career fair. Here are a few basics that explain how online job fair software operates, student’s perception of the advanced technology in hiring, and how to make your virtual career fair stand out after reading this guide?

Online Job Fair Software: How to Host a Virtual Job Fair

Virtual career fairs are inspiring universities, trade institutions, hiring firms, local governments, and more to collaborate, connect, & ideate for better business meetings & recruitments. Today, private organisations are also adopting online job fair software extensively for their recruitments & massive team building. 

Virtual career fairs are enabling recruitments beyond geographies. Recent studies state that students can strike good jobs by being industry-specific & targeting type of work in the search bar.

The best-known way to host a virtual job fair is allowing the applicants to upload resumes, employing features to chat one-on-one with recruiters, inquire and learn more about the organisation. If the profile seems impressive, try conducting on the spot interviews through one-on-one video conferencing.

So, here is, The Definitive Guide to Virtual Career Fair: All You Need to Know!

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Virtual Info Sessions:

Virtual info sessions are hosted to enhance a company’s brand value & generate awareness amongst its target audiences. This event helps in the recruitment stage where you are not yet ready to accept resumes or conduct interviews. In such instances, hosting a virtual info session not only improves the engagement but also enables the organizations to target & hire their candidates specifically. 

Virtual info sessions are acting as a bridge in presenting the right candidates to diverse aspects of your business. Research states that students are showing interest in attending virtual info sessions to derive necessary information & conduct low-stakes research about a company before networking or getting hired. Further, hosting panel or Q&A discussions with all your employees working in diverse sectors will also enhance your role as an employer.

Enabling live chats & messaging with recruiters to answer questions just as real-time will make your virtual info sessions experience similar to virtual career fairs. Conducting info sessions can be deeply engaging & are a unique opportunity for face-to-face or a two-way interaction between hiring managers and applicants.


Quite alike to virtual info sessions, but webinars are designed to feature recruiters or employees sharing their knowledge in discourse or presentation formats. As a better recruitment strategy, you could consider hosting a webinar about your company’s initiatives, goals, support for women employees, learning & fun etc. Encouraging attendees to ask questions through virtual chat rooms is the best way to show your employees that you care.

The advantage of hosting online webinars is that they can be hosted in real-time, recorded and posted on your company page. Conducting video conferencing programs such as Zoom or GoToMeeting will also enhance your branding.

Professional Development Virtual Events:

Even during pandemic times, students need to plan their professional development well ahead even before their exams begin. Today organizations are vastly adopting online environments to host a virtual job fair, so students must tune in & adapt to virtual environments. 

In addition to virtual info sessions or group events, you may also want to host an interactive webinar on professional development. Running webinars specific to virtual recruitments such as Finding the right job during the pandemic or How to give your interview online and How to kick-start your career after a break? etc. can really help the attendees step up in their careers.

Branding & Promotion:

To make the virtual career fair, a grand success, businesses must adopt strategic promotions & branding. With virtual classrooms & study sessions becoming the new normal, students are also getting accustomed to virtual hiring events & are expressing niche interest to learn more about the same. Further, virtual events are breaking conversational barriers. Reports state that students are more focused to learn, communicate & stay ahead in their career ladder through virtual events.

Robust network building with campus career centres, training institutions etc. can be achieved by listing upcoming virtual events on their websites, job platforms, social media channels and newsletters. Partnering with relevant student organizations, and making them share the event information with other members & high-potential candidates on social media, sending virtual invitations to make them attend your virtual event is also a good idea. Sharing registration links on websites, social media channels & email marketing to hire prospective candidates & also who have registered to receive information or notifications about jobs at your company will also help. This way, you can achieve better scalability & build your audiences for better branding & promotion.

Personalization is another crucial aspect of messaging or email marketing. Knowing your target audiences & planning personalized content & ads to entice them is what makes your event a big success. Sending personalized invitations, reminder emails, follow-up calls are a simple way to show your attendees that you care. Integrating small-scale events with large fairs & info sessions is also one of the best means to attract the target audiences to your booth.

Expand your Talent Pipeline:

With a virtual career fair guide, you can host a virtual job fair, connect, communicate & ideate with a large mass of students at a time with no location & set-up constraints. You can not only enhance your brand awareness but also put an end to all physical & communicational barriers across the globe & expand your reach virtually & hire talented individuals. 

Online job fair software’s are enabling enterprises to build a diverse candidate pipeline. Research states that students from normal schools are likely to attend virtual events more than students from prestigious institutions. With virtual hiring events, you won’t be missing out on any talented prospective candidate outside of your target schools. In the process, you will also discover better strategies to incorporate into your recruitment practice. 


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