Virtual Event Production Companies: Experience the Beyond

Virtual Event Production Companies: Experience the Beyond

Event planners today are quite anxious & avid to learn about the one most happening trend in the business world, and that is virtual events. Enterprises have been occupying their minds with a variety of articles & content being released online every day. The first aim behind hosting a virtual event or adopting the best virtual event software is to keep the audience engaged & deliver immersive experiences. Knowing everything about a virtual event platform is good, but how much attention is being given to the most crucial aspect of virtual events, that is virtual event production companies, is the real question. 

Excellence is very much essential to make your event a grand success. Lengthy concepts and low-level creativity can hamper your event very badly. Today, with all the advanced technology & features, enterprises have an opportunity to create engaging & exquisite experiences through the best virtual event software and the experience is counted to be beyond normal events. Sustaining in any industry requires only one focus and that is to keep your standards high. To share a more enlightened focus on the concept of Virtual Event Production Companies: Experience the Beyond, HexaFair will walk you through the behind-the-scenes action plan. What are virtual event production companies, how can they help you, and why you must consider hiring the best virtual event software? Keep reading to find out!

● Virtual Event Production Companies: Then & Now

For any virtual event, production involves coordination, capture, and content delivery. Real events are the past. The new world is all about virtuality. Exhibitors are expecting captivating designs in a riveting environment, a complete package where they can deliver the best-in-class experience to their attendees.

HexaFair team are experts in understanding your concepts, designing the path to achieve the goals, further they coordinate with virtual event-production companies to produce cast such as cameras, lighting, video, audio, etc. to give life to your virtual event. 

● Virtual Event Production Companies: The Way Ahead!

Virtual Event Production is quite different from real events. It is what differentiates the skilled and practical from the unprofessional and mundane. So, production becomes highly important than the real aspect to counterbalance inefficient content.

So, what are virtual event production companies& how do they look like?

In real events, event planners often come up with creative ideas on how to bring people together & engage them. But, the virtual event production companies, know-how to plan on, capture& deliver content? The shift can be exciting on one side and can make you question on the other. You might want to think ahead as to what a virtual event production company exactly does in a digital space and what it looks like? From organizing studio time to expert teams who capture live content, performing pre-recording & editing later, a virtual event platform knows what it takes to uplift a speaker and convert that into an immersive visual broadcast. Everything will be taken into account, from camera equipment to lightning to bandwidth etc. together all are considered to ensure that high-quality content is delivered for your event.

We are here to discuss concepts with you regarding the enhancements you can add to your virtual event; diverse approaches you can take to host your speakers on stage so they appear best. We can put them in front of a green screen, use LED panels for an immersive experience or infuse cutting edge technology that allows adding layers of augmented reality, in any way, we can try to make your event, the most unique & best to help achieve the results beyond normal.

● The Strategy & Technical Know-How

For any event, be it real or virtual or hybrid, planning an effective strategy is the first thing that comes up. A virtual event platform team has all the experience to guide & drive you through the virtual event planning, and can help you to identify, create, and bring together all the elements that make your virtual event experience exceptional. 

There are numerous ways you can adapt to partner with the best virtual event software. These include:

Partnering with the Best Virtual Event Software

● A Powerful Solution

Virtual event production companies help you strategize and rethink anything and everything in a digital form. From managing the production elements to securing and delivering broadcast-quality content to bringing together the customized set of integrated virtual tools for your virtual event, the best virtual event software will take care of everything. It is a huge responsibility they pull over themselves to find and make all the technical components work together comprehensively.

● Bring your Own Virtual Toolkit

If you are interested in partnering with the best virtual events software or a virtual event platform that inspires you, a virtual event production team can help you to bring them in, integrate those elements into your event, and also offer the production services to deliver professional content.

● Strategy Only

If you have already finalized a production partner or tools for your best virtual event software and just need some support on transcending to the digital space, HexaFair event strategists can be your creative teams. We can help you visualize the whole experience digitally.

● Anything In-between

Every virtual event is unique and so are the client’s demands. HexaFair, the best virtual event software is here to listen to all your demands, concerns, and desires and share a personalized solution that is the best fit for your virtual event.

● Virtual Event Production Companies: Behind the Scenes

The world of virtual event production is vast. With the latest technologies, it is bursting with enhanced features & visual aspects. We are here to tour you through the brave new world of virtual event production. Here is a small timeline sheet for your learning.

● Pre-production Kick-Off!

Meeting the experts, ideating & collaborating, discussing the scopes, goals & the path ahead of the event. This will be an exciting phase as this is when experts come together to create an amazing experience!

What to expect?

Platform onboarding tools & materials.

12 Weeks

What to expect?

  1. Sponsor’sonboarding tools & materials.
  2. Pre-production timeline

What they’ll need?

Branding & broadcasting assets, complete program agenda

Behind the scenes

  1. Technical production elements coordination.
  2. Virtual event platform and integrations design.
  3. Develop supporting production paperwork.

8 Weeks

What to expect?

  1. Sponsor onboarding process
  2. First Look & Review: Website and event graphic content
  3. Speaker rehearsals

What they’ll need?

Event storylines and speaker information

Behind the scenes

  1. Configure and test the virtual event platform quality & performance.
  2. Highlight the platform with media.
  3. Refine supporting production paperwork.

4 Weeks – Event Goes Live!

What to expect?

  1. Website & event graphic content review for sign-off.
  2. Production and logistical paperwork.

What they’ll need?

Confirmed registration numbers

Behind the Scenes

  1. Analysing pre-recorded content.
  2. Refine supporting production paperwork.
  3. Speaker prep-up calls.

The Big Day – It’s Showtime!

What to expect?

  1. Daily check-ins.
  2. Smooth production process.
  3. Session stats and analytics.

Behind the Scenes

The technical team runs the show

Post Event: What to expect?

The debrief.


And that’s how it works! Virtual event production companies can go far beyond just a virtual event platform. With all the essential tools & digital resources, HexaFair can help you build an amazing virtual event platform

Experience that can go beyond just delivering a normal experience. Audiences today want to experience something new & more than just regular online zoom meetings/sessions. With the right use of technology, HexaFair is helping businesses to build their brand value within their allotted budget. Book a demo or contact our team for further support. 

Choose the Best Virtual Event Software! Choose HexaFair!

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