Things to Consider Before Choosing Online Career Fair Platform Students

Things to Consider Before Choosing Online Career Fair Platform Students

College students & job applicants globally are enrolling on job portals & actively participating in the virtual info sessions to learn more about the latest open career opportunities. The onset of the pandemic has made physical hiring impossible for both employers & organizations. Advanced technology has introduced the online career fair platform into the global markets & this has made hiring better, smarter & cost-effective. The best online career fair platform comes with all the advanced features, exemplary designs, interactive chatbots, dashboards & many more add-ons. And, these are making the virtual career fair software the most desirable today. 

HexaFair, is one of the best online career fair platform offering complete information on how to host a virtual career fair during a pandemic. Today, businesses can get all the essential resources online that help to design the best virtual career fair platform& drive the events successfully. 

Furthermore, students & job-seekers too are learning about the online career fair platforms through info sessions, and are seeing these platforms as the only best means to get hired even in these tough times. 

How does the Best Online Career Fair Platform Works? 

We all know about real job fairs, how to host them, how to promote & gain engagement & how to hire the right sources etc? In a physical job fair, candidates walk into a hiring space, connect with recruiters or employers, share resumes, give interviews & get hired. 

Alternatively, a virtual career fair is a bit different. Today, we can see a myriad of online career fair platforms available that host job fairs online. But, when it comes to visual experience, features & tools, there can be found a fair similarity among all of them. 

Some of the standard features commonly observed in an online career fair platform are 

  • Webinar Exhibitions
  • Webcasts 
  • Live Chats 
  • Chat Rooms 
  • Virtual Booths, etc. 

Virtual career fair software is a bridge that connects employers, sponsors & attendees virtually. All that is required at the applicant’s end is robust network connectivity. With that, they can virtually participate in the job fair from anywhere in the world without commuting. 

The Best Virtual Career Fair Platform For Students &  Businesses


If you are new to hosting a virtual job fair, then you may be confused about where to begin & which is the best online career fair platform, etc. With HexaFair, you can stay rest assured about organizing, management, features& security. Our virtual career fair software & services have got all the advanced tools &customized features for any business. Customized dashboards with interactive chatbots further make the hiring experience simpler for our clients. 


When it comes to hiring, we have got all the business leaders covered on service demands. But, the real test in the virtual job fair journey arises for students as the fair begins. We suggest students take their fair share of time to equip themselves well before joining the online career fair.  

So dear students, here are a few virtual career fair tips to exhibit your potential during the event. 

● Technical Compatibility & Network Speed

The more you engage or interact with your employers, the higher will be your chance to get hired. To avoid any accidental intrusions, it is best suggested to test your system technicalities & compatibility, to virtual career fair software beforehand. The goal here is to ensure you perform well during the interview without any obstructions. 

● Do Your Research 

As virtual career fairs are online, you can record the sessions, events & webinars. With that, you will have all the information & enough resources to perform research as you drive through the company websites, employers and their conversations. Preparing well before the interview will give you some real insights into who to talk to, what to talk about & contemplate before even going in. Your hiring managers will get impressed with the homework you did & will make a note that you are serious about the opportunity. 

● Appearance & Background 

Just like a physical fair, students must dress up well & practice a professional approach before they come online. Avoid bright backgrounds & noisy, distractive environments to make your virtual interview, a success. Make sure your space reflects your taste. Clean the space up and add some of your cool stuff to brand yourself. Be formal in your outfit & professional in your approach. 

● Apply Online

Time is precious. Waiting for a virtual event to come up to apply for a job is a waste of time. Login to job portals & company websites, and apply straight away as soon as you come across a good relevant opportunity. Then use the virtual career fair as a platform to showcase yourself with the right potential. Thinking ahead will get you first in line when compared to your fellow participants. 

● Choose a Specific Sector

A focused approach to sector, industry, or position is needed. Rather than creating multiple resumes for diverse career pathways, focusing on a specific industry for application is the best choice. Tailoring your profile with an elevator pitch will boost your confidence & will help you to stay clear in your voice & decision. 

● Do the Exercise 

Having a sound profile or portfolio is good, but you might also need a solid social media profile & employer knowledge to strike the deal. It is also suggested to perform a unique rehearsal before your big day. Craft an oral narrative that exactly defines your professional history, interests and future prospects. Stay humble, honest and smart to mark yourself as a unique candidate. 

● Connect and Follow-up

Attending a virtual job fair means you are almost there. You have everything you need to crack the interview. The most awaited golden chance for you is now. Login to the portal, participate in the chat with employers, ask a few questions that you have drafted, and collect necessary employer information like email id, contact etc. Staying in touch with the employer post virtual job fair will help you to seal the deal. Through the event, there will be a huge mass of candidates which the recruiters will attend. So, staying in touch post-event will earn you undivided attention from the recruiter. Acquiring employer contact details post-event might be impossible for you. So, the best option is to request the details during the event itself. 

● Step up your Connection with your Employer

While you have your employer email id now, sending a customized thank you email to your recruiter will put you in a positive space. Adding the unique aspects that you found valuable during your virtual journey with them will help them understand your interests. You can also log in to their company page, and subscribe for notifications to stay updated on upcoming job opportunities. 


With social distancing & remote work becoming the new normal, virtual career fairs are topping the charts in the effective management of hiring goals & achievements. Global businesses today are in search of special expertise for their unique opportunities. Alternatively, well-qualified talents are also in search of promising events to get hired. HexaFair, the best online career fair platform is designed to bridge the gap between both employees & employers. A unique platform specifically designed to cater to every need of our customers. Know more about us and request a demo now. 

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