The Ultimate Guide for Hosting a Virtual Exhibition or Fairs

The Ultimate Guide for Hosting a Virtual Exhibition or Fairs

With seminars & conferences going online, the next big thing to go like is hosting a virtual exhibition. The evolution of events from physical spaces to virtual is intricate. But, with advanced technology and an expert approach, the impossible is now possible. The mark that virtual reality or augmented reality or mixed reality leaves on audiences is beyond compare. 

It’s Time to Go Virtual with your Fairs! 

Virtual fairs can be autonomous events. They can also act as powerful market enablers when connected with live shows. Unlike physical events, Virtual (Virtual Immersive Experience) fairs demand niche planning, effective marketing strategies and steadfast execution to become successful in the modern business trends & markets. 

Hosting Virtual Exhibitions- An Exemplary Experience Awaits! 

If you are new to this virtual world or would like to host your events in these pandemic times? Then, HexaFair is here to take you through a guided virtual experience that will help you to plan, host & execute all your business meetings, events, conferences, training & many more online successfully. 

Hexafair–The #1 Virtual Fair Platform! 

Here are some guided tips to improve your virtual fair’s impact on branding & marketing. 

Branding & Marketing Strategies for Hosting a Virtual Exhibition/Fairs 


If you are organizing virtual fairs, then, having a guest register is necessary. Providing visitors with unique codes or IDs will make the virtual space organization & data collection process easy for your booth managers. 

Complement a Live Tradeshow Event

Hosting a virtual exhibition is now easy. They can be custom-designed to meet diverse client interests. Exclusive designs, innovative features, and customized integrations are all making the virtual fair platforms most desirable today. Most organizers are hosting a virtual exhibition to complement a live tradeshow. In hosting such events, their design plays a key role.  

For example, event planners often demand that the virtual fair platform must design unique, exemplary spaces for booths and exhibition floor layouts. Further providing online maps of the platform & connecting every booth’s map to the vendor’s virtual booth data enhances the experience.
Look out for the virtual fair planning guide and plan your exhibition accordingly. 

Visitor’s Guide

Let visitors explore & identify virtual fairs through  

  1. Company name 
  2. Booth numbers or  
  3. Type& name of products. 

A Rich Teaser

Have the grand launch set for your virtual fairs promotion at least two weeks before the real event. 

Special Feature

A virtual fair platform leaves no excuse when it comes to imparting value to its clients. Vendors also must take some steps to make their event appear tantalizing. To achieve that, they can encourage clients to release a “special feature” on their trade show page to attract more new clients & businesses. 


We all know that businesses adore their customers. As these are online virtual fairs, we suggest our clients, go a step ahead & pamper their visitors with special introductory offers or coupons that can be printed & carried to the live event. You can also plan to offer special online coupons like a free drink or an exclusive souvenir only accessible with the coupon. 

Virtual Sites

Open online services in the exhibition arena so that visitors can learn about them. Equip the online space with a printer so that guests can print coupons or number the coupons and bring them to the booth to request a “special” discount. 


The 3D virtual fair platform can employ a digital camera at the live exhibit to take a snapshot of every booth. Further, adding the pictures to the vendors’ pages for after-the-event identification can do wonders in enhancing a client’s brand value online. 

Keep Running the Show

Try continuing to host an online exhibition for at least three months after every event so that visitors can catch up. Also, markets can plan for an all-year-round show with vendors who enrol for next year’s live fair participation all year long for a reduced fee. 

Go Easy on Pricing

 Pricing must be according to the service offered to vendors. Charge an online booth only fee to vendors who cannot be at the live fair. 

Create a Special Page

Introduce an open channel to help vendors design their customized online booth space on your virtual fair platform. A whole booth setup [hosting a virtual exhibition] often involves a FrontPage, a back wall, right and left sides and a special feature page. As an option, for a lesser fee, a virtual fair platform can display just a FrontPage with a link to the website.

By clicking on the link, the vendors’ website must open a new window. This not only improves the site traffic but also keeps your site open in the background even if the other window is closed. 


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