The Ultimate Guide for Virtual Job Fair Platform In 2022

The Ultimate Guide for Virtual Job Fair Platform In 2022

Global businesses are witnessing a massive shift in operations and recruitments. The most unanticipated COVID-19 pandemic has set adrift the regular normal giving way to the modern working & hiring exemplar – The Virtual Model. As all business-related functionalities are diverting to the new normal & so, are recruitments. Organizations are small or large, the one simple way to get your hiring going on today, in these rough times, is through a virtual job fair platform. 

Employers, now there is nothing to worry about the virtual hiring process. Quite alike, it is to the regular hiring or traditional campus recruitments. In either case, the focus remains the same. Developing real connections with applicants & hiring the best talents for your business. We know it’s easy to declare, we are hiring virtually. But, with the new model, technology & features, there is much more to learn about the online job fair before you take that dive-in. 

How to Make your Online Hiring Event a Success?

Virtual career fair platforms are the spaces where employers can make use of the most futuristic technology to wrap up their hiring process faster. 

Internet is magic & employers are aware of that. So, in virtual hiring, employers are adopting numerous approaches to make their hiring experience better & faster. Here are a few latest virtual job fair benefits to hiring.

  1. Publishing career opportunities on job portals.
  2. Developing their recruitment software.
  3. Posting the latest job opportunities on social media platforms, etc.

There are myriad alternatives to promote virtual hiring events like programmatic advertising, video conferencing, employee referral programs, virtual reality, etc. Today, in this article, we will focus on the most powerful methods of virtual recruiting – virtual career fairs& also learn about the benefits of a virtual job fair.

Virtual job fairs can be considered as the next level to traditional job fairs as they are breaking all potential barriers that employers are facing in their real hiring to date. Typically, you will be driving your physical events to virtual. Based on your requirement & budget estimate, you can host your virtual job fair in 2D or 3D interfaces. Just like a real fair, virtual fairs too, have a live theatre with galleries, entryways and virtual booths. 

Benefits of Virtual Job Fair Platform 

There is a myriad of reasons why virtual career fairs are a great success today. Here are some details that might enkindle your interest as a recruiter.

● Beyond Boundaries

As virtual career fairs are online, anyone across the globe can access them through a laptop, good internet connection, compatible software & link path. In these times, where social distancing is the new normal, virtual career fairs &virtual job fair benefits are helping employers & job seekers in achieving their targets quickly.

● Money & Time Saving

With a virtual job fair platform, you can save a mint on venue costs, infrastructure expenses, equipment, power, travel, boarding & cancellation charges. One other major benefit of virtual job fair saving will be on staff. You will not need event planners, managers & too many recruiters on the floor. In virtual space, there are already numerous exemplary designs available which you can choose from & coming to on-floor personnel you can bring in as many as you want based on your requirement & floor capacity. Also, the time needed for the planning and development of your fair is greatly reduced.

● Greater Participation

By going virtual, you are not just saving your good time & money, but also the job seekers time & travel costs are greatly reduced. Applicants will love to participate in your virtual fairs & which will draw a greater engagement. Significantly, you can note a rise in your audience traffic.

● Enticing Experience

Research states that a business ad followed by a video receives around 36%. more applications. Videos are an incredible marketing tool for your business branding. Now is the time to get creative with your recruitment.

The benefits of a virtual job fair are that the platform offers best-in-class tools for enhanced audience engagement & experience. From immersive webinars to PDF handouts to live recordings to everything that stimulates engagement & opportunity to your audiences.

● Measurable Returns

Apart from the list above, virtual job fair benefits ensure that you manage real-time data effectively, learn which jobs are gaining good attention, the number of webinar views, identify unique & repeated visitors & much more. Virtual events also help to keep your paperwork to a minimum & build a vast database of potential candidates. For more virtual job fair benefits

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Virtual Job Fair Platform 

1. In HexaFair

The industry-leading virtual career fair platform that takes the charge of security and scalability to fast-track your business growth. Candidates can view the jobs offered, apply for the jobs & do video interviews online. Customized dashboards, job boards, resume downloading, activity reporting available. From comprehensive live event & post-event support to management to operations & digital marketing, the benefits of virtual job fair are massive & HexaFair does it all for you. Customized integrations are designed to fit perfectly into any workflow.

2. GR8 People

If you are thinking about the best event management, recruitment marketing, candidate training, virtual job fair platform & are in search of a premiere virtual hiring event solution with an in-built CRM, then GR8 People is your place. With GR8People as your support, you already have a web conferencing tool that connects well with your organization’s existing tool.

3. JobCase

When it comes to setting up & running your virtual hiring campaigns, monitoring, optimizing & supporting the process is essential.JobCaseapplies a unique, tailored strategy that perfectly aligns with your hiring needs. From promoting a job to driving applicants to your online hiring event to enhancing your brand awareness, the virtual job fair platform, JobCase offers is beyond compare.

4. Higher

Higher is an innovative virtual career fair platform where attendees & exhibitors can experience the next level in their online hiring process. They aim to make the recruitments easy, trendy & powerful through video meetings, live webinars, resume drop-offs, customized dashboards, job boards, resume downloading, activity reporting, training & support etc. Trendy & useful, quite interesting are the virtual jobs fair benefits of Higher.

Best Practices of Virtual Job Fair Platform 

1. Virtual Data Centres

Organizing virtual information desks at your fair helps attendees with necessary guidance if they are lost or having any concerns. In any virtual career fair, there must be at least 1 info desk setup for visitors for better navigation and all-around experience.

2. Customized Kiosks

Virtual career fairs are the real spaces that can perform as powerful business enablers. With a vast heap of applicants scattered around, attracting them to your booth to fulfil your hiring needs demands something unique. For that, your booth design must be visually appealing & feature-rich. Get creative with your booth designs & use every corner allotted. Setup virtual representatives on the floor to present any demos, explain about the event, answer questions etc. Customized kiosks are designed especially as a part of the virtual job fair platform for streamlined branding and communications.

3. Digital Handouts

The online aspect of virtual career fairs, the screen presence is what makes them unique & exclusive from traditional career fairs. Businesses are affirming that virtual experiences are far better than real ones. As everything is going virtual today, so, are the downloads going digital. Virtual handouts require zero printing & wastage of material and are eco-friendly too. As organizations are favouring the go green slogan, digital handouts are sure to leave the best impact on your audience. Hence are considered as the best benefits of the virtual job fair.

4. Chatbots & Technical Support

Virtual career fairs concept is unique, intense & new to some businesses. If you are hosting your virtual career fair for the first time, then you must be aware of the virtual job fair platform & glitches. While benefits of a virtual job fair can drive your event to success unexpected technical problems might lead to confusion. Having a virtual chatbot and 24*7 live technical support will be of great help for your business.

5. Live Job Portals

Live portals are specifically designed to engage job seekers. They mostly contain information such as route marks, pointers, job type, companies, industry specializations etc. to inform the visitors, where to go. The virtual job fair benefits/portals support job seeker navigation & further enhance your brand visibility. So, get prepared for an upsurge in traffic.

6. Online Reminders

Setting up a tiny virtual timer at the bottom of the screen displays the time left for the session to finish. Always stick to the first plan. Engaging too much with your audiences is a waste of time. Job seekers will not stick around for long. They have other works to do. Also, don’t keep your candidates waiting in line for too long. Having a virtual timer set will ensure equal attention is given to all prospective candidates attending your booth. It will also help the visitors to understand the benefits of the virtual job fair, make plans& stay ahead at the event.

7. Be Interactive

Be your best in communication. Nothing attracts more than a better face to face conversation. Unlike real sessions, ideas are rarely heard & questions are hard to crack. Being interactive helps overcome these issues. Organizing live Q&A sessions, one-on-one chats with booth agents, on-the-spot video chat will help you to address potential aspirants right there and then.

8. Keep the Fairs Going

Evergreen virtual career fairs are a unique concept that comes with unexpected virtual job fair benefits. And, the virtual job fair platform allows some parts of your event to run as long as you want. Research states that these fairs are proven to be the fittest & bring in long-term virtual job fair benefits to the clients. Some companies keep their virtual events running for months & even years. This includes booths, virtual representatives, chatbots, media, job boards etc. These are made available for longer periods to create a greater impact on audiences. Promoting the events will inspire more new people to attend & participate in your fair for enhanced engagement & business growth.

9. Performance Metrics

With advanced technology at hand, you can track down the performance metrics such as the number of clicks, downloads, uploads, interactions, shares, visits and many more. The metrics will help you to analyse your ROI better & manage the enrolment process well.

10. Follow-up

Make sure to stay in touch with every individual job seeker post-event. Let them know they are important for your company. Create a sense of personal interest and long-lasting impact. This will help them come back to you in the future, even if they don’t apply now. Become a master in relationship management through a virtual job fair platform


Virtual job fairs are the best means today to fulfil your hiring goals both financially and swiftly during these pandemic times. With online hiring events expanding exponentially, we have every reason to consider virtual job fairs as the most powerful platforms for recruitment. HexaFair is the most comprehensive hyper-communication software platform that supports hosting your virtual job fairs, the best way. Immersive designs, feature-rich applications & dashboards, authentic content, interactive chatbots, on-floor personnel & much more is awaiting your experience. 

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