Virtual Job Fair Benefits For Recruiter

Virtual Job Fair Benefits For Recruiter

Career fair is probably encountered during on-campus recruiting season where colleges/universities work with top tier or start-up companies to help graduates in their first full-time entry-level jobs. Now, technological advancement profoundly changed the recruitment process. Yes, in-person career fairs disappeared seemingly overnight and “Virtual Career Fairs” filled the gap just quickly after the COVID-19. Here is the list of Virtual job fair benefits to consider. 

So, what is Virtual Career Fairs? 

The online career fairs help recruiters and candidates to connect in real-time over live chat, audio and video chat. With little time and money, small businesses or organizations can reach more quality candidates by using the virtual recruitment process. Despite of setting up a traditional job fair with man power, this single virtual recruiting event serves your hiring needs of your entire organization.  

Virtual job fair benefits 

Breaks Down Administrative Burden 

The process of sourcing and screening candidates with the right skills can be quite difficult even though if you’re having an HR department. In virtual recruitment, the contracted party will find, field and narrow down all those processes for you. So, let’s get relax and save those time & money to grow your business and select the right people for your business. Your only work is, get chill and be interviewed. 

Saves Money 

A virtual job fair has a setup fee, much like a traditional job fair, but it’s costing is very low. However, there is no booth to setup or staff, and you don’t have to hand out blank applications and pay to distribute them. Because all the process can be processed electronically for you. 


Having to stand on a concrete floor for nine hours in a noisy convention center for a whole day is uncomfortable. Major hassles include travelling long distances, staying in out-of-town accommodation, and tagging, setting up, tearing down and removing the exhibition booth.  

Compared to this, imagine clicking through a set-up process on your computer to host a virtual job fair and then receiving real-time data on the applicants. During some virtual job fairs, it is possible to have an employee in your office interact with candidates electronically. In between applicants, the staff member can do his usual work in the home office. 

Reduces Paperwork 

In the virtual job fair report, applicants are listed according to the open positions and their status after applying. Additionally, the virtual career fair platform records which employees exchanged virtual business cards with which candidates and who, if anyone, interacted with the candidates via chat or email.  

With real-time access to recruiting information, exhibitors don’t have to deal with stacks and stacks of applications, resumes, and other documentation cluttering their desks. You can screen and schedule interviews with your best prospects without cluttering your desk – one of the top-most virtual job fair benefits. 

Improves Recruitment Marketing 

Your recruitment marketing efforts will be more efficient with virtual career fairs. By sending invitations to candidates in your talent database or applicant tracking system, you will achieve better results than in-person events because candidates know how convenient online events are. As compared to other career fairs that are held in person, virtual career fairs typically have a 50% attendance rate. 

Final Thoughts 

Let’s consider all those virtual job fair benefits and join the digital world today and hire the newest employees! When COVID-19 mandated online recruiting in response to the pandemic, everyone suddenly began doing virtual career fairs. How and with whom you host a virtual career fair also matters.  

By selecting a right virtual job fair platform, you can expand your candidate pool, save time and money, simplify the registration process, and make meaningful connections with qualified candidates to fill current openings or your candidate pipeline.