7 Recommend Tips to Choose the Best Virtual Career Fair Platform

7 Recommend Tips to Choose the Best Virtual Career Fair Platform

Are you looking for a new job? Why not include a virtual career fair in your job search strategy? Virtual career fair platform are interactive online mediums that connect job seekers to employers and employment opportunities. As online technologies become more user-friendly, virtual career fairs are quickly gaining prominence, and recruiters are losing their scepticism once they have participated in one. 

Since the field of virtual career fair platforms is still an emerging one, it is not standardized, therefore the leaders in the field that host these events use different platforms. So, what can job seekers expect from virtual career fairs? The following depends on the host. 

Tips To Choose the Best Virtual Career Fair Platform 

1) Duration

  • Whilst it isn’t the norm, virtual career fairs can run for up to 14 days. However, the norm is for a few hours up to a couple of days. 

2) Interactivity

  • Allows 24/7 access nationwide and sometimes internationally. 
  • You are able to take a compatibility test, and answer questions about your skills and interests to determine which companies have suitable jobs. 
  • Depending on who hosts the fair, and the virtual career fair platforms used, you may be able to create a 20-second introductory sales pitch video for a nominal fee. 
  • You are able to visit online company booths. 
  • You have access to job advice and tips for hosting a virtual career fair and can learn more about participating companies. 
  • You can watch webinars, and company videos, and attend online courses. 
  • You get to speak to employers in real-time using online chat technology. 

3) Ability to accept applications

  • You are able to submit resumes or make inquiries. 

4) Cost

  • It’s completely free for all job seekers (except if the host allows job seekers to create introductory videos). 
  • Employers have to pay a fee to gain access to a large pool of candidates, but it is less costly than a job ad. On top of that, you get to build your brand because the event is heavily publicized. 

5) Where to Discover Virtual Career Fairs?

  • A quick Google search will yield information on the upcoming virtual career fairs & the best virtual career fair platform. Keep in mind that there are also specialized virtual career fairs – for people with disabilities, veterans, and by job function, so be sure to include that in your keyword search. 
  • Virtual career fairs are often sponsored by all levels of government, universities, job boards such as Indeed, Monster and Career Builder, and private organizations. And if you are interested in working for specific companies, call them to find out if they will be hosting or participating in an upcoming virtual career fair. 

7) Evaluating Virtual Career Fairs

Virtual career fair platforms are not created equally, and some offer more benefits to the job seeker than others. When you have learned about an upcoming job fair, check out the expert guide for the virtual career fair and ensure to follow these steps.  

  • Check out the website to see how many jobs are available, the quality, and the participating organizations. 
  • Check out the calibre of the participating companies, and the diversity, in terms of size, industry, and location. 
  • Look at the level of access, is it national, or international? One day? 24/7? 
  • Check to see if the virtual career fair platforms are compatible with your computer system. 
  • Look at the overall value it provides to job seekers. 

The bottom line is that virtual career fairs give you access to employment opportunities that you may never have known about. Isn’t it worth the time and effort to attend? 

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