Virtual Career Fair Ideas for Students Need To Know

Virtual Career Fair Ideas for Students Need To Know

With hiring going virtual everywhere, students & job seekers are engineering better strategies to prepare for virtual career fair ideas and create the best impact on recruiters. Although hiring has become easy & cost-effective with the onset of virtual career fair platforms, students are still in the midst of a big dilemma on how to prepare & appear for an online interview.  

How about beginning your interview with a virtual hello? 

If you are attending an online career fair, then you must be aware that the focus target is you. You will be representing yourself, your college & the cultural value your education has bestowed upon you so far. So, giving your best will not only help you to get a job but also will have a lasting impact on your college & friends. 

Employers who organize or attend the virtual career fair will show interest to hire more students from your school. And for that, they will host virtual sessions to discover, & hire the right sources from your college. So, here we bring to all the freshers & job seekers out there the top 10 virtual career fair ideas to follow.

 Preparing for your Virtual Career Fair Ideas

● Renew your Profile

Unlike real events, online career fairs demand more extra attention. How about having the latest profile or portfolio as the first step of your introduction? The benefit of this feature is you can get better-personalized recommendations & invitations for future virtual career fairs & virtual info sessions. So, make sure your profile is complete & updated for getting discovered by potential recruiters.

  1. Perfect your Basics

     Graduation date, pass-out years, specializations & majors, GPA, and work permits. 

  2. Mark your Interests

     Choose the work fields, locations and positions that you are interested in. It will help recruiters to learn which jobs and internships are good for you.

  3. Highlight the Skills 

    Add your courses, certifications, skills, hobbies, internships and any previous work experiences. If you have a portfolio, presenting the link will be a great add-on to your profile.

Stay Updated to Get Hired!

● Getting into the Employer’s Details

Ask for the event information before attending any virtual career fair. Do your research on the employers attending the online career fair? Then click on every employer’s website & social media pages to get into the details. You can also read the reviews & testimonials given by other students. Early sign-ups often come with discounts. Make sure to take up the early bird offers, if given. Also, signing up for a session means your entry is registered & your spot is secured.

● Do the Research

While you get the employers list who are organizing or attending the virtual career fair, you can dive into the details & research beyond their online profile. Looking into the company’s website, their recent blogs, reviews on the glass door, &connecting with their employees over LinkedIn etc. will help you gain knowledge &ask the right questions during the fair.

● Prep-Up

Once you meet your employers virtually, they will want to know more about you, your profile & interests. So, note down the list of important questions to ask before you e-meet them. When online, giving them a brief overview of your education, experiences and career goals can act as a good pitch for your profile. Performing a test practice with your friends or family members before the big show will boost your confidence & will make you all set for your first virtual interview. Here is a guide to virtual career fair: All you need to know! 

 Getting Ready for the Big Day

● Be Professional

As you won’t be meeting your employers personally, you must dress well to give that professional touch to your presence. This will help you to make a nice first impression on your recruiters and employers. Wearing a stylish outfit, standing confident in your voice & approach will win you the career that you have always dreamt of.

● Picking the Right Spot and Neutral Background

Limit yourself from all the potential distractions. This will help you to perform well in your interview. Pick the best spot in your place and arrange everything ahead of time. Make sure the ambience is calm and pleasant, with no extra brightness and noise. This will help you to gain the focus of your recruiter. 

 Through your Virtual Sessions

● On-time Reporting

Make a note or set up a reminder to attend your online career fair on time. By doing so, your recruiter will appreciate your alertness & responsiveness, which, will be a great add-on to your profile. Further, it proves your respect & trustworthiness towards the company.

● Keeping Eye Contact and Being an Active Listener

Be confident. To achieve this, try smiling and nodding occasionally. Collaborate in a professional yet friendly way as you would do during a physical fair. Listen to what they say & answer equally. Never shy away from your screen or get yourself distracted while in the session or interview.

● Ask Questions

Thoroughly evaluate and prepare a list of questionnaires for all sessions. Write down whatever question comes to your mind. If your employer clarifies some of the questions during the live fair, you will still have a few other questions to ask. Equip yourself sufficiently with pen and paper, so that you can pen down new questions & also some important virtual career fair tips as you go through the conversation.

 After the Fair

● Apply to Jobs

After the online career fair is completed, search for open jobs & internships & initiate the application process. You can do this parallelly while attending other meetings & virtual sessions with employers. Visit the company job page frequently to check for any current openings. Also, register yourself on job portals to get noticed. If you are not interested in the current job profiles but like the company, click on notifications to get notified of their future openings.


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