Top 7 Instagram Event Promotion Ideas – To Boost Your Event Registrations

Top 7 Instagram Event Promotion Ideas – To Boost Your Event Registrations

Instagram’s popularity continues to grow, so the ways you can use it are expanding. Stories, IGTV and in-app sales are new ways businesses are engaging their audience with their products and services. Are you considering using Instagram event promotion ideas to get more registrants for your events? 

Whether you’re planning a small networking event, a conference, trade show or co-hosted event, Instagram can help promote your event, promote attendance, establish thought leadership and more. The content you post will vary based on the type of event you’re hosting, but many themes remain key to promotion. 

Not sure where to start Instagram promotion? Make sure your event is well-publicized by following these simple Instagram event promotion ideas. 

Instagram Event Promotion – Ideas to Boost Attendees 

It’s all about the ‘stories’ when it comes to Instagram events 

Every day, 500 million people interact with Instagram Stories, and companies generate roughly one-third of the most watched stories. As a result, 96 percent of marketers in the United States intend to include them in their marketing mix during the next six months. 

Top strategies for promoting your event on Instagram stories: 

Recap each day of your event on Instagram stories. 

  • Include a “swipe up” CTA that encourages attendees to register or take further action. 
  • Make use of your Stories to promote fresh material on your blog or other platforms. 
  • Make use of both video and photography. 
  • Make a story of each major announcement, including pre- and post-publication.

With some #hashtag expertise, you can broaden your audience

Using hashtags to your advantage is the simplest approach in your Instagram event promotion. Users use hashtags to locate specific topic matter, and when you utilize these hashtags, your posts appear in those searches. (Think of it in terms of the queries people make to search for material on Google.) To cover all of your bases, you’ll most likely want to use a combination of the following hashtags: 

  • Branded hashtags are hashtags that you develop just for your event. (For instance, #TEDtalk) 
  • Industry hashtags are hashtags that are extensively used in the industry or client type that your event serves. (For instance, #meetingprofs) 
  • Niche hashtags – These are hashtags that your target audience may use often to demonstrate that you understand how they communicate (example: #marketerlife). 
  • Content hashtags are hashtags that are directly related to what you’re discussing in your post (for example, #tbt). 

Here are the other audience engagement ideas to boost up your virtual networking events. 

Investigate what happens behind the scenes at your events 

Your Instagram event promotion should not just recount the tale, but should also contribute to it. It’s essential for developing content that will appeal to both current and prospective attendees. It’s also a place where you can make the most of your Instagram Stories. To record the behind the scenes of your event, use HexaFair platform. 

 Top Instagram strategies for making “behind the scenes” content: 

  • To personalize your event, highlight your event team. 
  • Encourage interviews with well-known speakers. 
  • Display the setup procedure using “road to” content. 
  • Highlight information regarding the incident that others may not be aware of. 

For an Instagram takeover, use speakers, artists, or influencers

You’ve undoubtedly got some big names on your event’s bill? So why not leverage their Instagram following to boost your own? Instagram #takeover is here. An Instagram takeover is when you enable a visitor to take over your Instagram page for the day and post content that they make — all while Instagram event promotion.  

It’s the perfect approach to give your audience a different viewpoint (and gain some followers!) Whether it’s behind-the-scenes material delving into how they prepare for the session or just the sort of content that’s made them a big name. 

Event content should be reused 

One of the most important aspects of a successful event is dynamic content, and reusing it is the key to Instagram marketing. Best of all, reusing your event’s content is an effective strategy for instilling FOMO in individuals who did not purchase tickets for this year’s iteration. 

Top Instagram tips for reusing content: 

  • Highlight the most interesting aspects of your event. 
  • If you’re already filming the event, cut it up into fragments or recaps (and utilise them in Stories!). 
  • Using a social media wall, repurpose your Instagram stories throughout your live event. 

Add the RSVP link to your profile 

Include the RSVP or ticket purchase link for your event in your account’s profile information and post descriptions. These links are critical to your bottom line since they allow you to collect contact information and advertise your events in the future via other channels such as email, direct mail, or other social media platforms. All of the information gathered through these connections will give you an idea of how close you are to accomplishing your goal and what extra steps or investments may be necessary. 

Share Follow-up Posts 

You should not stop publishing to your Instagram account once your event is over. To get comments, create thank you articles and highlights. After your event, there is still a lot of benefit in utilizing Instagram event promotion. 

  • Closed Event & Thank You – Create a highlight reel of some of the top moments from your event to recap the experience for your fans. 
  • Final Figures – Share your success with your followers by reporting the event’s final attendance and fundraising totals. 
  • Media Coverage – Make sure to include any local media coverage that your event receives. 
  • Lessons Learned- It is critical to capture and appreciate both the good and the negative in order to learn from the experiences of others. 

Our team learned a lot about the value of employing a medium like Instagram for brand recognition and they will incorporate those Instagram event promotion tactics for your events or conferences. of experts now and start utilizing the power of HexaFair – a platform to host virtual events that takes the onus of security and scalability to fast-track your growth.