Multi Exhibition Halls for your Virtual Trade Shows & Exhibitions

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    Multi Exhibition Halls for your Virtual Trade Shows & Exhibitions

    No need to Worry about Crowds of exhibitors anymore, We have solution for all. So breathe freely and enjoy the show.


    When talking about Virtual Trade Fair Shows, the one concern is the space and capacity to hold thousands of people and for attendees to find the right booth. Too many events with amazing content simply fail because the hallstructure was not managed properly.


    Based on the number of Exhibitors 30-40 it will mostly be a single hall concept, were all Exhibitors stall fits in a single Hall.


    When there is more than 50 virtual booths or Exhibitors it becomes very difficult for organisers to fit all 50 exhibitors in a single hall.


    This problem is solved by HexaFair,

    • Even if there are more than 200 virtual booths, HexaFair provides Multiple Halls with different booths dynamically mapped.
    • This helps in increasing the Capacity
    • HexaFair helps in segregating booths based on Categories. Example – Real Estate in One Hall, Jewellery Category Exhibitors in the Second Hall and so on
    • This Categorization Technique helps Attendee to easily find their desired hall and spend more time in it.
    • HexaFair supports upto 10 halls


    So by categorization of  yourbooths, and place them in multiple exhibit halls with gives for easy access of the attendees, and could increase the capacity.


    Load booths in Multi-Halls Dynamically