Announcing Social Media Wall Feature to virtual events

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    Announcing Social Media Wall Feature to virtual events

    Come on! It’s time to Empower your Virtual Event’s audience engagements by adding social media feed in your virtual events!

    Excited to Announce this amazing feature now live in HexaFair

    Turning event attendees into active participants becomes much easier with a social wall. Creating a familiar place for attendees to share their experiences can keep them engaged before, during, and after the event .

    HexaFair provides an amazing platform for your social display to keep your attendees engaged and updated .

    Social Wall benefits,

    • Display virtual activations & signage across your virtual event venues to delight & engage audience
    • Audience engagement
    • Brand Awareness
    • Display sponsored content.

    Implementing of Social media wall that enriches the outreach of your event and all hashtags in one place that supports Facebook, Linkedln, Youtube  and Instagram.

    #Hashtags that are relevant to your virtual event and combine all posts on twitter, Instagram, or Facebook into a publicly available wall.

    Social Media Wall feature implementation at Lobby