Landing Page / Event Website to promote your Events

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    Landing Page / Event Website to promote your Events

    Want to have a go to page for your attendees, where you could talk about yourself? Don’t Worry, HexaFair provides the perfect Landing Page for event organisers for promoting their Virtual Events.


    Landing pages are one of the most important aspects in a Virtual Events which can help you acquire a large number of potential leads with relatively little effort.


    The landing pages gives the attendee an initial glimpse of what your brand is all about. it’s the initial point of contact between the event and the attendee.

    Through Landing Pages, you could,

    • Increase conversions
    • Promoting your brand
    • Spreads the Message
    • Achieves the desired goal


    HexaFair provides Landing Pages for every event to promote the particular event.

    • Every Event will have a Unique Landing Page, which comes by default
    • Event Organiser does not need to develop any promotional Website or Landing Page
    • The organiser only needs to promote the Landing Page provided by HexaFair.


    Now , with HexaFair it is easy to promote your brands across the globe


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