Virtual Life Science Events: New Marketing Trends in 2022

Virtual Life Science Events: New Marketing Trends in 2022

It’s easy to miss the constant changes in the communication environment. It’s important to stay ahead, so don’t be caught unprepared by the shifting realities of marketing on social media, mobile, digital display, etc. By looking at the top virtual life science events trends of 2022, it’s easy to get the right vision, plan, and strategy for the future. Learn more about life science marketing trends today and plan to stay ahead of things this year. 

Some of the marketing tactics might be relevant, some may not and others might be of reviewing and combining with another. Every virtual event is different, and hence, it has become inevitable for industries, event planners &organizers to bank on virtual event contingency planning. Once planned efficaciously, let’s impart our marketing trends and tactics. 

Choose Best Event Platform & Welcome Your Customer – Marketing Tips for Virtual Life Science Events 

 Grab Human Centric Connection 

Companies must overcome a marketing barrier with science. This year, life science advertising trends focus on authentically engaging with customers. Of course, products should be of top quality. In addition, companies must provide reliable service by connecting with customers through social media sites.  

 When interacting with clients, you shouldn’t talk about your bank account or what other people are doing on their computers. Instead, personalize social media messages and newsletters by addressing the client’s name to convey your information 

 Another example of how to apply a personal touch and foster customer relationships is by really listening. Individuals are always examining online for answers to find out what’s wrong with them and Google symptoms. This makes a unique opportunity to research these keywords and create personalized content on your blog. It pays to have relationships with clients. 

 Create Story & Deliver Your Message 

Think about what your brand represents and communicate your message strongly by telling an engaging story. Secondly, after knowing the objective of your message and audience, turn that message into a story. 

A good digital marketing agency will craft your messages in a scientifically effective way, to leverage relevant digital marketing tactics. So, this year it’s less about the words you write, but more about the story you tell the consumer. The consumer has to connect with the words you use and what is happening around the words you use. 

Import Registration / Landing Pages 

To enable more people to participate in a virtual event, and to obtain information that can be used to attract more people on a mailing list to participate in future online educational sessions, you can build registration and landing pages. You can also allow people to sign up for newsletters so that they will receive event-related information in their email accounts. All of these materials are intended to build a list of subscribers to online learning events in the future. Of course, your email list is also a lead source. Learn how to create an excellent dashboard experience for your online event. 

Use Email Marketing Tactics 

When a B2B marketer is promoting events, there’s one thing he or she will use most regularly for the promotion—email. Of course, he or she would send out emails to the prospects and anyone else who’s signed up via the event landing page. There can be different kinds of emails that are sent to a prospect depending on the type of event-based tactic. 

For example, save the date, reminder, notification, and agenda-based emails will form the bulk of his or her virtual event-based email marketing strategy. Create and send many emails as possible to attract both current and new subscribers.  

Boost Up Social Media Presence 

Social media has become key in our lives. It has now been transformed from a place where people check for news or information to a place where they can interact with others in an online forum. Just like email marketing, social media is used for the promotion of your virtual event. The most important thing to note is the time you plan to post and the content you plan to post. 

Run Contests or Competition 

Having contests or content competitions during the virtual event is a great way to generate engagement, and also it is an effective way to increase your event visibility, which in turn leads to many valuable business outcomes. In addition, it works for your brand because this attracts attention to what you do and to yourself. Competitions that involve the exchange of value are highly effective ways to increase engagement, and the value exchange is what keeps users returning to your site and thus leads to high sales prospects. 

Prepare Teaser Video for your Event 

Do not forget to create promotional videos as part of the content that you will be promoting via the virtual event, during and after the event (because this will be the main medium of promotion for the virtual event). You will most likely not create any other kinds of content since it is a purely virtual event, but you may use some of the videos that you create during the event to create teaser videos that offer enough information to get them to your official website. Precise your content and add more visual elements to it. 

Prepare Collaborative Content 

An idea of an Interactive Content Calendar for a Virtual Event has been drafted. It is a tool that can provide interactivity between participants, which enables them to share their content (which is generally captured in SlideShare as PPT Files) during the virtual event. It would be like the brochure or the program that you need to have distributed during a physical event. The content can be of the type such as Infographics, Live Videos Streaming, Games and quizzes, etc. Examine what works for your brand and create interactive content to make your booth stand out. Also, choose the best virtual event platform to give a seamless experience to your customer. 

Send Freebies With Personal Note 

Freebies at events are always welcome, right? Everyone loves freebies. Freebies given out at physical events are often items that can be used on the day of the event, such as battery packs and hand sanitisers. Furthermore, we cannot distribute these freebie items at virtual events the same way we do at physical events. However, they can be sent to anyone who provides their contact information.  

In addition, they can be used – on landing pages and in conjunction with gated content – to collect the information in the first place. Can we say no to loaded USB drives with event-specific content? Probably not. If you know the address of a delegate visiting your virtual booth, how difficult is it to find out where that delegate is located? Not difficult at all. Include a personal note with freebies after the event – it will be a nice touch. 

Update Your Marketing Trends with Hexafair 

As with many industries, it is imperative to stay on top of the game in digital marketing. What are your next steps? 

If you are planning your marketing strategy for 2022, start adopting these virtual life science events marketing trends along with the best virtual event platform. By following these trends, you will be able to generate better leads, increase sales, and increase site traffic all while retaining your current customers. Staying agile in an unpredictable world will also keep you one step ahead of the competition this year.

If you’re looking for a life science marketing agency in Hexafair to provide a more tailored approach for your brand, our virtual events platform can help you bring these trends to life. Propel your business forward this year with our in-house team and updated marketing efforts.