Social Media Event Marketing Ideas To Promote Your Event in 2022

Social Media Event Marketing Ideas To Promote Your Event in 2022

In the last few years, the event industry has changed dramatically. Social media has been an increasingly important component of event success in recent years. Previously, social events were restricted to specific locations; but, with the help of social media event marketing ideas, marketers were able to promote these events all over the world. 

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are examples of social media sites that are growing in popularity. As a result, event marketers are increasingly relying on these platforms to publicize their virtual events. You may advertise a corporate event just as much as a music festival by using social media to promote events. 

Use the methods outlined below to get started. With these strategies, you can tailor your social media event promotion even in a better way.


1) Social Media Event Marketing Ideas & Tips 

1.1) Social Media Event Marketing for Pre-Event 

By creating a buzz about the event among the target audience, you can fully utilize the power of social media. The excitement you created for your pre-event has a direct impact on the success of your event. 

The following are some suggestions for generating enthusiasm among your target audience when promoting your event. 

1.2) Create Dedicated Social Media Pages for your Event 

Event sites assist you in raising knowledge about your event, its origins, and other fascinating details. 

There are numerous social media sites available, including Facebook, Twitter, and others. You can pick the most appropriate one and set up your event page there. 

1.3) Promote Your Hashtag 

Hashtags are an important aspect of social media event marketing ideas since they help brands to expand their organic reach and promote their products. To promote an event-specific hashtag, check whether it is memorable and distinct. Keep the hashtag simple and to the point. 

Your hashtag implies a clear message to your audience about what your event is all about. Do your own research and set the tone of your hashtag correctly for the best hashtag.  

1.4) Highlight Special Guests and Well-Known Figures 

Obtain pre-confirmation from well-known people who will be attending your events, such as celebrities, authors, and speakers. Remember to keep your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, as well as the event website, up to date. 

It will assist you in generating excitement and increasing event attendance because all dedicated followers will want to get in touch with their favourite person. 

1.5) Use Social Media for Word-of-Mouth (WOM) Marketing 

On social media sites, you can use recommendations and referrals to spread word-of-mouth. Social media and Word-of-mouth are two distinct event promotion tactics. By combining these two tactics, you can get incredible results. 

WOM can be used in a variety of ways on social media like user-generated content, engaging with influencers, and showcasing the brand through your employees are just a few examples. 

1.6) Create Excitement 

Creating excitement is a long-term endeavour, but it is one of the most considerable social media event marketing ideas. You must continue doing till your event is over. Share photographs and videos related to your event on this website on a frequent basis. 

When you do it on a regular basis, the individuals who follow the page will be reminded of your presence online, which will produce additional buzz. Furthermore, you must be vigilant and active in responding to all questions and posting comments. 

1.7) Initiate Paid advertisements on Social Media  

You may believe that bought paid advertisements are expensive, but this is not the case. When you start seeing results from paid advertising, you’ll realize how valuable it is to invest in it. 

Paid advertisements are cost-effective and can help you reach a larger audience by allowing you to expand your targeted base on social media channels. It raises brand recognition and collects useful event marketing insights. For further virtual events social media marketing ideas, read our blog now. 

2) Social Media Event Marketing Ideas During the Event 

2.1) Post Event Photos & Videos 

Whether it’s a one-day event or a multi-day event, photographs and videos of ongoing events must be uploaded on social media pages on a regular basis. Engagement increases when you publish photographs and videos from an ongoing event on a regular basis. It also informs those who were unable to attend the event. 

You can also encourage guests to post photographs or videos from the event on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and others. You can urge people to include an event-specific #tag in their posts, which can help the event trend on social media. 

2.2) Make Use of Social Walls at Events 

Who doesn’t enjoy having their image projected on large screens at an event? The utilisation of a social media wall for events is becoming increasingly common. With a specific #tag, people may publish images on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others. 

You can quickly gather all of the content available on your hashtag using social wall software once they’ve put all of their stuff on social media. It will compile all of the feeds and present them on-screen with attractive themes and animations. One of the best social media event marketing ideas is, displaying social media walls during the event. It increases audience engagement and brand trust. 

3) Use Social Media After the Event 

3.1) Show Attendees Feedback on the Event Page 

Taking comments from the audience makes them feel important. When you accept their input, people believe that their opinion matters to you; nevertheless, if you post it on the event page, they will become enraged. 

Provide a feedback section on the event’s social media page, and make sure to respond to each comment promptly. It will assist you in gaining a loyal audience. 

3.2) Give a Sneak Peek at Your Upcoming Event 

“Curiosity is the passion of the mind,” we couldn’t agree more. Make your followers curious and excited by sharing on social media pages minor indications about what will happen at the next event. 

Using these strategies, you can make an unforgettable impression on people through social media and thus saves time and money. 


You only need to plan and implement things right to ensure the success of your event using social media. You now have some points on social media event marketing ideas to promote events.

Get up and act promptly along with HexaFair and progress your event in the right direction. With the use of social media, your level of involvement will rise, and your exposure will grow.