Introducing Virtual Event Integrations with Third Party Tools to Enhance Event

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    HexaFair is happy to announce the release of new virtual event integrations with third-party tools and systems!! 

    HexaFair has met the demand for third-party tools integration to enhance virtual event convenience. Based on the request from many organizer communities, HexaFair work hard to introduce third-party tools and system integration. 

    the platform of virtual event integrations with various third-party tools and systems gives more convenience and serves solutions for the virtual event industry & organizers. They are a great way to use and can easily plug into your events.   

    Hosting your events with the HexaFair platform can enhance the reach and attract more attendees with an improved event experience. This integration offers you the solution with different tools to host the successful virtual event and your event-related needs from event registration to post-event data.   

    This introduction of the integration gives convenience for event organizers to manage a different set of operations efficiently on regular basis. HexaFair integration provides a trusted environment and offers endless possibilities and significantly improves the virtual event experience. These integrations to our platform are a great way to offer a completely valuable virtual and hybrid event experience.  

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