Social Media Marketing For Hybrid Events – Top 7 Ideas to Promote

Social Media Marketing For Hybrid Events – Top 7 Ideas to Promote

Do you remember those pre-COVID meetings where marketers seek all the ways to extend the reach of live event activity? Amid the virtual meetings, people always think that what if few people turn up to the physical event. Why because nothing beats the experience of ‘live’. Eventually, the global pandemic has thought event marketers and business entrepreneurs to open doors of their business in either virtual or hybrid meetings. Even though marketers are worried about the border and more extensive audience reach, people are used to virtual or hybrid events and seek different ways on social media marketing for hybrid events. 

Social Media Marketing for Hybrid Events – Top 7 Ideas To Promote 

Promoting products and services through social media is becoming more popular. Businesses in all industries are making use of social platforms to expose themselves to a wider audience and to popularize their presence. 

In hybrid events, social media can be leveraged for pre, ongoing, and post-promotional activities, allowing organizers to improve event awareness, audience attraction, engagement, and conversion rates, while better marketing their sponsors’ businesses.  

Besides that, interaction, building a community, and a client-first approach are important elements for a successful event. Social networks can help with these elements. 

Explore these top ideas to learn more about how to leverage them optimally. 

Create Appropriate Hashtags 

Hashtags are ubiquitous. In terms of marketing your event on social media, they are the most valuable tool at your disposal. If you want to generate a significant response, make your hashtag unique, easy to remember, and relatable.  

It is possible to create a hashtag for both virtual and live attendees, which can be used to create content that is shared on social media handles and displayed on the event’s screens. The communication gap between these two audiences can also be bridged by this approach, which makes the event even more interactive.  

 The attendees of virtual events can use the hashtag created for them to generate content. 

Share Your Event Teasers Socially 

It’s no secret teasers are meant to create buzz and give a glimpse into what’s to come – the most considerable tips of social marketing for hybrid events. Share teasers on social media to let your audience know what to expect at the event. 

To attract audience attention and increase ticket sales, display your guest of honour, speakers, entertainers, etc.  

People are tempted to share their thrill with their friends and family as same as watching film teasers. By uploading event teasers, you can generate a similar response. Let’s plan your hybrid events with the guidelines provide by us.

Optimize Social Wall 

You can connect your live and virtual audience with a social wall by collecting content from multiple social media platforms. 

By implementing a social media wall before, after, and during your event, you can take advantage of the power of social media. For example, display a social wall either on your registration or landing pages before the event begins, on the digital screens during the event and on your website after the event. 

The most significant benefit of promoting social media marketing for hybrid events is, using the ‘social media wall’ for your event. It increases audience engagement, expands revenue with sponsored posts on your wall and upturns ticket sales for your next event. 

Team up with Influencers  

In step with the stats via Launchmetrics, 28.1% of entrepreneurs desired to use influencer marketing as part of their hybrid event promotion approach. 

With innumerable activities taking region, it is straightforward for people to overlook yours. Influencers come in reachable here, as they can potentially create a pre-occasion buzz for your brand. But, for this collaboration to yield results, focusing on and participating with influencers that cater to your area of interest is essential.  

Micro-influencers, right here, want a special mention because they have extra credibility amongst their followers. Partnering with them can beautify the engagement rate and in addition boost the number of ticket income. 

Create Sneak-Peak Stories 

Sneak-Peak is the best element in social media marketing for hybrid events. Isn’t it? Generally, the audience likes to know what’s going on backstage. It ignites the prospective attendees’ interest and keeps them searching ahead to the occasion. 

Share behind-the-scenes visuals of your venue, audio system, sponsors, amongst other arrangements. Moreover, you may use the countdown sticker on Instagram stories and permit the visitors to get hold of notification while the clock runs out.  

That is a brilliant tactic to enhance conversions or to remind people of early-bird registration. For further ideas to turn out your hybrid event into a successful one, read our fantastic hybrid events ideas here. 

Run Paid Promotions 

To get early bird registrations, tap into early-bird discounts and inform the audience about the sense of urgency by using the words “limited seat”, “still 2 more days to go”. To reach more audiences and get your customer excited about your early bird discounts, then running a paid promotion on social media is the right one for nudging them out. 

Further, you can also showcase details of your keynote performers, give a sneak peek of the guest list. Hence, social media marketing for hybrid events is a great way to enhance your target audience and boost awareness of your hybrid event. 

Poll for Post-Event Survey 

Conduct games and puzzles; and giveaway prizes, vouchers or any coupon to the audience. It is one of the best ways to grab audience attention as well as improve audience engagement throughout the events. Along with this, ask people about the events you conducted and ask them to provide feedback in your portal. Here are the 10 KPIs to consider for measuring your event success. 

There are numerous creative ways to take the online survey, one among them is the polling option provided by Instagram which is an easy one to generate responses from people. 


With these clever ways of social media marketing for the hybrid event, you’ll have a good chance of reaching a broad audience and attracting potential attendees. You can successfully reach and inform both in-person and virtual attendees and help your company stay engaged with the participants before, during, and even after the event. 

It’s crucial to choose the right platform & influencer based on your niche, event topic & target audience. Try HexaFair for your next hybrid event and customize your space, set the mood, and create an unforgettable event for your guests.