6 Fascinating Reasons Why People Like TikTok For Event Marketing

6 Fascinating Reasons Why People Like TikTok For Event Marketing

Use TikTok for event marketing- You may have heard of video-sharing apps like Vine and Dubsmash, but TikTok takes it to new heights. TikTok ranks among the top 10 most downloaded non-gaming apps of the decade, making it extremely popular among millennials. As the demand for entertainment has soared significantly due to the current global pandemic, TikTok’s popularity skyrockets with over 800 million active users. 

Would you like to take advantage of this opportunity to grow your business and have been wondering, “Is there any way to market your event on TikTok? Yes, of course, there is. TikTok is among the best marketing tools available in social media today and is commonly used by brands. It is indeed a great opportunity for those who haven’t heard of TikTok before to join the bandwagon. As mentioned in the title, we’ll explore ways to market your event on TikTok in this article. 

Why TikTok is Best Tool For Event Marketing in 2022? 

One good reason to use TikTok for event marketing is that it will give you organic reach. It is easy to reach millions of active users on TikTok and get more exposure for your event. 

Even a new TikTok account can reach millions of people in a single post, which is not possible on any other social media platform. 

However, TikTok increases the shelf life of your content by 90 days, so you can still receive likes, comments, shares, and users’ attention on your old videos when you least expect it. 

Effective Ways To Use TikTok for Event Marketing 

1) Take Part in Trends 

TikTok is known for its viral trends and challenges. 

Popular trends involve users dancing to a song or lip-syncing. Participate in the challenge and seize some viral attention if it is relevant to your event. 

Create your own challenge if you can’t find one that resonates with your event and tell followers they’ll be featured on your page if they take part. 

One example of a viral challenge is the #passingthephone 

In the video, someone starts with the phone and says, “I’m passing the phone to,” then describes the person to who they want to pass the phone to. Just a few days after its launch, there were more than 8,000 videos with 9 million views. 

It’s impossible to predict when a challenge will go viral. So, start optimizing TikTok for event marketing now. 

2) Partner with Influencers 

Some TikTok users have 35 million followers, so partnering with an influencer can help your event reach more people. 

For a smaller event, you might work with a local influencer. The followers of these influencers are more likely to engage with your event since they have a dedicated fan base. 

Once you partner with an influencer, you’ll develop a relationship and you also reap the benefits of their content and post and he or she gets money, free tickets, or a VIP experience at the event. 

3) Run Hashtag Contest 

Hashtags are a good way to promote your videos on TikTok, so make sure the hashtag you pick is relevant to your event. Or else, you can even run a hashtag campaign that entices your audiences to participate in your event promotion. 

You may even provide incentives like discounts on tickets for the first 100 uploads or any other exclusive deals and offers for your event marketing. By giving those offers and deals, the number of your event ticket will also be sold out simultaneously. So, make sure to design a fascinating hashtag for your event or else your hashtag campaign will not get the results you expected. 

4) Segment Your Target Audience 

Finding the appropriate set audience will be your first approach before beginning your event marketing on TikTok. The majority of the audience who seek TikTok will be between 16-24 years of age and if your target audience lies in this category, then start optimizing TikTok for event marketing.

So, research your target audience and segment them based on their demographics, location and interests. Once group them, find out whether your audience resides on the TikTok platform. If it’s yes, then no one will stop you from making a successful event marketing campaign. Read audience engagement tips here. 

5) Repost Users’ Videos On Your Channel 

Try to repost user-generated content or videos to keep the content fresh on your followers’ feed. Reposting always keep your audience engaged and entice followers to become part of your event.   

6) Display TikTok Social Wall During Events 

Whether it is your presentation or script or event organizers try their best to reach their event success. But, it can be achieved only if the audience is engaged during the event. 

How about displaying the social media wall with TikTok videos on digital screens during the event?  The best audience engagement tactics! 

To engage your audience in live or virtual events, you can display a TikTok social media wall and enhance the event experience with interactive, engaging and interesting TikTok feeds. 

Hence, use the HexaFair social media wall to turn your event into a more powerful, engaging, and remarkable experience for your audience, whether it is a live event, virtual event, or hybrid event. 


TikTok is more result-driven in reaching a more active audience, boosting awareness and building a connection with your audience. For event marketers, social media enthusiasts and those who take their business seriously, TikTok can be crucial for promotional strategy. 

The number of TikTok users is growing, and it’s a profitable platform as well. It offers an easy way to reach your target audience with your promotional campaigns. Let us help you take advantage of TikTok for your event marketing campaigns. 

If you have not yet used TikTok for event marketing, now is the time to add TikTok to your arsenal. Expand your event marketing with TikTok & more tools to retrieve some exceptional results with the best return on investment.