Top 10 Event Management & Event Planning Podcasts for Event Professionals

Top 10 Event Management & Event Planning Podcasts for Event Professionals

Do you want to learn more valuable information and advice as an event professional? There are plenty of resources available today to help you plan and manage events. Online courses, blogs, and workshops are helpful and informative. However, podcasts for event organizers are even better. People who are often on the move will find these handy and quite convenient. Despite the abundance of event planning podcast available today, you can find a variety of ones related to the meetings and events industry. You can find event management podcasts, event planning podcasts, event industry news podcasts, and even event technology podcasts online. There are lot of information out there, all you need is to know is where to look. 

Today, we have compiled a list of event planning and event management podcasts that can help you inspired for your next event. So, be relax, chill and start listening. 

Level Up Your Next Events – Top 10 Event Management & Event Planning Podcasts 

Event Tech Podcasts 

Brandt Krueger and Will Curran host the Event Tech Podcast, which brings you the latest tech news for the event industry. It can be difficult to implement new technological innovations into your events. Some event organizers and managers may know where to begin and how to incorporate the latest technology into their events. Fortunately, the hosts of this event industry news podcast provide their listeners with a good overview of everything related to event technology. The event planning podcast does everything from simplifying complicated technology topics for listeners to giving those ideas on how to integrate new technology in their events.   

The Amplifier Event Marketing Podcast 

Interested in hearing more relatable stories from other event planners? In the Amplifier Event Marketing Podcast is the best event planner podcast where low-profile professional event planners share their stories of enlightenment and fascination. The speakers shares their real-time experiences and tips regarding what to do and what not to do when it comes to marketing an event or venue. Additionally, the episodes in this event planning podcast are fun, motivational and instructional for those who are interested to learn about event marketing and planning. 

Event Planners Club 

The Event Planners Club podcast is the best-in class event management podcast which help listeners to learn more about the event management. This podcast covers brilliant talk show from the event professional and vendors who can share their best practices and secrets in the event industry. Overall, the event planners club offers quality content to listeners for those who are seeking way to improve and evolve as an event planner. 

The Savvy Event Planner 

The Savvy Event Planner podcast is the best event planning podcast which serves a great resources and knowledge from the event professional and other event planners. This event planner podcast is hosted by Tim Crowl who interviews event planners professional and offer useful insights & valuable resources for planning an event. Overall, the Savvy Event Planner gives you better experience in planning your next event. 

Event Industry News 

The Event Industry News podcast is a fantastic choice if you’re seeking for podcasts on event technology. A wide range of industry guests appear on this weekly podcast from the UK. The event management and event industry are covered in depth by the invited industry professionals in the podcast. With the use of event technology, listeners may gain in-depth information on a wide range of running event-related topics. This event planner podcast covers everything, including the best practices for keynote speakers, the finest advice for updating marketing plans, artificial intelligence, and the most recent developments in software technology. It would please the listeners to know that they will get a lot from this podcast. 

Kara’s Vineyard Event Planning Podcast 

This weekly podcast is a helpful professional event planning podcast for couples searching for a hands-free guide to plan their wedding, in addition to being one of the top podcasts. With original takes on wedding tips and ideas, Kara’s Vineyard event management Planning Podcast aims to ease wedding preparations. In-depth discussions on each wedding-related subject are a specialty of Kara’s. She offers helpful guidance on a variety of subjects, including finding the perfect wedding dress, the intricacies of relationships with in-laws, catering for wedding receptions, wedding speeches, and simple methods to cut costs. 

The Exposure Podcast 

The Expo Group produces a monthly podcast called The Exposure Podcast, which Todd Carruth and Dana Frecker Doody co-host. The podcast is mostly concerned with events, innovation, and technology. The Exposure Podcast is a terrific resource for anybody interested in the event and exhibit sector and features entertaining, interesting, and educational conversations. The polite hosts and featured event professional guests of the podcast have engaging talks that are packed with useful knowledge about the events business. Every episode’s enthusiastic experts’ ideas, observations, and counsel keep listeners coming back for more. 

Meeting Mind with Charles Eide 

The Meeting Minds, a podcast among others for the event business and hosted by Charles Eide, offers viewers a glimpse into the interesting world of event organization. Charles Eide speaks with a number of well-known event managers to learn about cutting-edge approaches to giving audiences better experiences. This event management podcast typically covers crucial event logistics concerns. On a regular basis, the podcast’s discussions include pertinent subjects including the nature of event meetings, conferences, event management, venue kinds, keynote speakers, and how to keep things under control during events. In addition, this event management podcast frequently provide helpful advice that is quite beneficial for the typical event organizer. 

The Meeting Podcast 

The Meetings Podcast, presented by Mike McAllen, is the most well-known and longest-running event planning podcast. It has been considered as one of the top podcasts for event management. The Meetings Podcast is a valuable resource for meeting planners and meeting organizers since it features conversations with experts who discuss the most recent developments in the event business. Another excellent resource for basic knowledge on event management and planning is the Meetings Podcast. The host, Mike McAllen, has worked with several organizations and has conducted interviews with well-known business leaders. This event planner podcast is the one to listen if you want trustworthy information about problem solving in event management and the most recent event management news. 


The EventIcons podcast features genuine solutions, suggestions, and guidance from events professionals in the events sector. The host discusses topics pertaining to event planning and management while seated next to some of the biggest figures in the business. This event management podcast also offers listeners the ability to submit any queries they may have. The personal tales of the professional event planners are revealed on the podcast in great detail, and they frequently discuss how they overcame various challenges when arranging and managing events. When it comes to implementing the lessons from the podcast to your own events, they are crucial and helpful. 

Listen, Learn and Start Your Race! 

The best event management and event planning podcasts may help you stay up to date on the most recent developments in the events business while you go about your daily activities. With the assistance of industry specialists and experts, you may advance your knowledge and abilities in event management even further. To advance as an event manager, organizer, or planner, you only need to connect, listen to a podcast, and learn from the finest in the business. Why are you still waiting? 

The top 10 event management and event planning podcast we’ve just mentioned the outstanding event industry news podcast and some of the finest of their kind. They are fascinating, instructive, and compelling event planning and event management podcasts ever. Time is precious, as we all know, so make the most of it by learning from the pros and experts in the field of event management while you’re doing the laundry, cooking supper, or driving to work.