Webinar in Pharma Marketing–Top 20 Ways to Promote On Demand Pharma Webinar

For evergreen on demand pharma webinar to be continuously successful, they must be constantly promoted. It is fine to promote one-time live webinars during the lead-up to the webinar and briefly after the webinar to promote the replay, but that approach is a recipe for disaster when it comes to on-demand webinars that continue running – sometimes indefinitely – on a recurring schedule or are available on demand. 

An evergreen webinar can be accessed forever – so can the registration link. Without giving consistent and steady pharma marketing webinar to your target audience, no one will find your registration link. On an ongoing basis, the link should be visible in different ways to the right audience at the right time.  

Here are the top 15 ways you can promote your on demand pharma webinar so that your intended audience will continue to find it, register for it, and learn from it. 

Before getting into those ideas, here we are going to spill this topic into two major criteria, so that you can easily understand about this valuable pharma marketing webinar. 

Promote an On-Demand Pharma Webinar With These Following Stages: 

During the webinar creation process 

1. Ensure your content remains relevant for a long period of time 

Creating evergreen content is the first step, and it will remain relevant regardless of when someone joins the on demand pharma webinar. You should not include information that will lose its value in a short period of time or that is time-sensitive.  

Today, it is hard to compete for mindshare, but you can stand out by ensuring your content is high quality and provides tangible value to your audience. 

2. Embrace the opportunity to partner with others in your field 

The addition of guest webinars to your webinar strategy can widen your audience. Find businesses, organizations, and people to partner with who have an audience similar to yours. Invite them to be guests on your webinars, and nurture your relationships with them!  

During the on demand pharma webinar, ask your guests to share the webinar with their networks and audiences. Make it easy for them to do this by providing them with social media posts and email copy that can be customized or copied and pasted. 

3. Create a captivating landing page 

You want the landing page for your on demand pharma webinar to convey value and pique interest. Make sure attendees understand what they will get from your presentation. Give them a few sneak peeks into what they’ll learn, but don’t reveal too much. Please feel free to offer a recommendation as social proof. 

Why should I care? This point should be addressed on this page in a clear and succinct manner (to prevent bounces). In order for individuals to sign up, it should also pique their interest enough to do so. It should also specify how long the webinar will go so that viewers may plan their schedules accordingly. Just keep in mind that people will stop wanting to watch it if you overshare. 

4. Provide a flexible schedule 

People are busy, so you should provide them a variety of ways to attend your webinar. This will guarantee that your audience may participate at a time that works with their schedule, whether it’s early in the day, late at night, on a workday or on the weekend. 

To encourage people to sign up for an upcoming virtual events for pharma before leaving your registration page (as they are less likely to return if they leave without reserving a slot), you may arrange your pharma marketing webinar to often repeat at convenient times in the webinar attendee’s local time zone. 

You may provide viewers the opportunity to sign up to watch a replay, which will give them access to the webinar at any time with the ability to pause, fast-forward, or rewind. 

5. Include a confirmation with every calendar invitation 

Anyone who registers for the on demand pharma webinar should receive a confirmation email and calendar invitation. This makes it simple for them to block time on their calendar with just one click (and their calendar app will send them a reminder right before the event starts, which is a bonus). Use of a webinar solution with this feature is highly recommended (like eWebinar). 

6. Send two teaser-filled reminder emails 

To offer visitors a preview of what they’ll learn in the webinar, create a teaser video or a customized invite that you can include in a reminder email. One reminder email should be sent the day before the pharma marketing webinar, and a second should be sent 15 minutes before the on demand pharma webinar begins. 

7. Follow-up is necessary 

Send separate post-event follow-up emails to those who attended and those who did not after the on demand pharma webinar. For those who participated, provide a recap, a replay, and connections to more pharma marketing webinar. Include a recap, replay, and a link to re-register for the webinar for anyone who didn’t attend. For continued lead nurturing, integrate your CRM or email marketing program of choice. 

On Demand pharma webinar promotion 

8. Pop up the top and bottom of your website with a link to your webinar 

For example, if the on demand pharma webinar includes a sample or introduction of your product, you might include the link to register for the pharma marketing webinar in the header and footer of your website, as well as a pop-up on your website. By enabling users to take action before leaving your site, you’ll be able to generate new leads from the traffic that is currently going to it. 

9. Build a directory of webinars 

Make a page listing all of your on demand pharma webinars and add it to your website’s menu to create a directory of them. This is a fantastic approach to guarantee that your clients and potential clients are aware of all of the webinars you provide. In order to publish all of your forthcoming pharma marketing webinar at once, eWebinar by default provides you with a website that includes them all.  

10. Send email campaigns mentioning the webinar 

Make sure the registration link you offer to your email list is pertinent to them when you first launch your pharma marketing webinar. Your current customers won’t be interested in a product demo webinar, which may lead them to unsubscribe from your email list. However, you may email it to potential clients. If it’s a guest webinar, it will probably be appropriate for your complete mailing list as a separate email or as part of a newsletter if it’s being offered. 

More importantly, be sure to include a link to your on demand pharma webinar in the appropriate welcome and onboarding email cadences that are sent out automatically to anyone who subscribe to your list or buy your product. Whatever marketing automation email drip campaigns you choose, search for opportunities to advertise your webinar and encourage people to register for it. 

11. Use the webinar signup as a CTA in your sales outreach 

To catch people’s attention, a wonderful method to engage them with helpful material is by using a webinar registration link as a call-to-action in outreach through email, LinkedIn, and other media. Whether the on demand pharma webinar is a workshop or a demo, it’s non-committal to start, and prospects can contact out if they want to have a more in-depth interaction with your sales staff. 

12. Utilize social media to promote your webinar 

Post the pharma marketing webinar on all of your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and ask people to share it. Using social media to encourage your fans and followers to like and share your content can help you gain more exposure. To ensure that the on demand pharma webinar is remembered, put postings to the top of your Facebook groups and highlight them on your LinkedIn page. Make sure you include the appropriate hashtags. You might also wish to experiment with using direct messages on LinkedIn. As a result, you may tailor your strategy and increase conversion rates. 

13. Create YouTube videos 

The second-largest search engine after Google is YouTube, so post a clip of the on demand pharma webinar there to utilize as a preview in webinar marketing materials. People who are looking for your topic matter may find content there since it exists there. In order to direct viewers back to your pharma marketing webinar, include a link to the complete webinar in the description of the YouTube video. 

14. Write a blog post or insert your webinar into existing blog post 

Create a post on your blog or guest blog post that discusses the topic of the on demand pharma webinar. 

Or else, include the eWebinar card widget several times across any blog articles you’ve created where the best call to action is for readers to sign up for your pharma marketing webinar. By doing this, the CTA is kept in the reader’s field of view while they read. 

15. Partner with Influencers 

If the on demand pharma webinar is pertinent to and valuable to their audience, social media influencers could be eager to distribute it. So, think about contacting anyone who meets this criteria. Set up a clear strategy in advance detailing how (and how frequently) they will advertise your goods and what they will receive in return (i.e. a flat fee, affiliate link, etc.) 

16. Add your webinar link in Quora 

It’s a terrific idea to share your knowledge on Quora with people who are interested in the subject of your webinar. As Quora frequently appears on the first page of Google search results, including on demand pharma webinar registration links in your answers is an excellent method to gain visibility over time. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that over posting or overselling your goods may be quite off-putting on Quora and other comparable websites. 

17. Post content in Slack groups and online forums 

Many corporate groups have channels specifically for promoting webinar material like yours. Find the best pharma community that fits with your area of expertise, join it, and contribute actively to it. Instead of pushing your product too quickly, wait until you’ve established some reputation before starting to write about it. Post only pertinent information! 

18. Feature as a guest speaker on a podcast 

Podcasts are a fantastic method to reach a much wider and new audience that is interested in your subject. To gauge the success of this channel, create a special sign-up URL that you may mention on the podcast and that counts traffic and sign-ups. 

19. Have your support chatbot with links to your webinars 

Configure the chatbot to automatically react with the appropriate on demand pharma webinar link if you employ a support chatbot and it would be good to automatically surface a specific webinar to clients experiencing a certain issue. 

20. Facilitate access to support webinars 

In the FAQ and assistance parts of your website, make sure your consumers can quickly locate and watch your webinar if it is support-related. Create a dedicated website or post the URLs on your intranet for workers to access internal webinars. 

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