QR Code for Conference –Top 5 Ways to Use QR Code at Conference Marketing

Are you organizing a conference and need to put together a winning conference marketing plan? Examine how a comprehensive campaign using QR Code for conference might benefit your conference before, during, and after the event. 

Benefits of business conference 

Attending conferences is a common practice for many firms. However, companies might take things a step further by organizing their own conferences or marketing their presence at conferences without consulting the host. In either scenario, it guarantees that you will get significantly greater value for your time and money spent attending that conference. 

A few justifications for conference marketing are as follows: 

  • Present your organization’s objectives independently in addition to the conference’s overarching subject. 
  • Increase brand recognition in relation to a conference. 
  • Attendees are aware that you’ll be holding meetings so you’ll get new leads and relationships. 

You have the ideal formula for conference marketing success when you combine these benefits with QR Codes. 

Why are QR Codes the ideal conference marketing strategy? 

The correct tools are necessary to achieve your goals if you intend to adopt a conference marketing campaign. Print advertising is a common component of conference marketing, and there is no better method to combine print ads with online resources than QR Codes. Due of their short URLs, QR Code for conference are also effective for digital marketing, making them a wonderful complement to both print and digital marketing initiatives. The details of how this operates are covered in the sections that follow. 

Monitor and improve conference marketing strategies 

You have the option to use Dynamic QR Code solutions with QR Code Generator to build your QR Code for conference, giving you access to real-time scan data. This covers location by city and country, scanning time, operating system, and the number of unique scans as compared to all scans. As a result, you have access to all the metrics you need to fine-tune any conference marketing initiatives you carry out and distribute your material via QR Codes. 

Determine print advertising costs ROI  

QR Codes are giving print advertisements new life. They have gained so much popularity because everyone who sees a print advertisement may instantly access a company’s digital information with a simple QR Code scan. There is no longer a need to hunt up connections afterwards, and marketers can no longer estimate the full effect of a print advertisement. As a result, print advertisements may now be optimized in the same manner that digital ads are. 

Use short URLs to access QR Codes on digital platforms 

With the use of a short URL, you may combine QR Code campaigns with digital marketing. Every Dynamic QR Code created by the software QR Code Generator automatically includes a short URL that you can even change to increase branding. The idea behind QR Codes is similar to that of short URLs used on social networking. QR Codes have short URLs that connect consumers to the same material they would see if they scanned the QR Code in place of long, sluggish, unsightly links. This eliminates the need for you to produce extra content for channels like social media or email marketing. 

Opportunities for extensive customization 

The most amount of customization possibilities for QR Code designs are available with HexaFair QR code generator. You may customize your QR Code’s frame and CTA (call to action), place your logo or brand’s picture in the center, and use numerous edge styles and brand colors. Additionally, the material associated with your QR Code for conference includes a customizable landing page (except Dynamic URL Codes that automatically redirect to your link). Your landing page should have pertinent information about your company and lead visitors to the channels you wish to advertise, depending on the QR Code solution you employ. 

Without a doubt, each QR Code may be customized to meet the needs of a brand’s graphic design. When you download your QR Code, you have the option of adding your own personalization components or choose from a variety of file, including JPG, PNG, EPS, and SVG. 

Various sizes for all media 

Although QR Code for conference can be any size you require, they should be at least 2 by 2 cm (0.8 x 0.8 in) in size since any smaller makes them more challenging to scan. You may make them as big as a billboard advertisement or as little as a pamphlet. In any instance, be sure to follow design best practices, such as preserving the calm area and utilizing a suitable color contrast. 

Using QR Code for conference at various points in the conference marketing process 

Knowing the advantages of QR Codes for conference marketing allows us to discuss the best QR Code options depending on the stage your conference is at. In general, QR Codes are quite helpful for event promotion, but they are especially appropriate for conferences and networking. 

Prior to the meeting 

You cannot anticipate such a large number of guests at your conference without effective conference promotion. But to get the most of your cash, you must also take into account the best marketing plan. You may include a plan that combines print advertising and internet marketing by using QR Codes as your marketing tool. 

There are several approaches to using digital media for conference promotion. To advertise the conference and the benefits it offers (such as certain speakers or activities), for instance, you may build social media advertising (like on Facebook or LinkedIn), distribute blog entries, and even utilize QR Codes for email marketing. 

Throughout the meeting 

After completing your conference’s promotion, you must to ensure that the guests had a positive experience. In this situation, QR Code for conference are also quite useful. 

First off, digital business cards are one of the most common applications for QR Codes. Your business card can include a vCard Plus QR Code, which makes adding and exchanging your contact information quick and easy. You may put a job description, all of your contact information, and even a Google Maps location of your office on the QR Code display page, so you’re not restricted to the short area of a print business card. 

Conference ID badges follow the same principle. To make networking simpler for conference participants, you as the conference host might automatically generate these for them. This is especially helpful if you’re organizing a conference and want to estimate how many possible clients or business partners you meet. 

Additionally, if you have a booth at a conference, you may put QR Codes to table tents, posters, and other marketing materials like brochures and flyers. These QR Codes, for instance, may direct your audience to certain videos or pictures associated with your business or even a landing page on your website. 

After the event 

It’s a good idea to follow up if you want to hold any conferences or events in the future as well as keep in touch with connections from the conference. A Feedback QR Code is ideal for this usage. The feedback form may be tailored to your requirements, and you will be notified via email each time someone submits it. Send it via email or regular mail to new contacts. Instructions on how to get in touch with you after the conference can also be included. 

Ways to use QR Codes for conferences to ease engagement 

Encourage people to simply register themselves 

If you were planning a conference, you would need attendees. If you have a list of potential visitors, that is fantastic. But if you don’t, you’ll have to convince folks to sign up on their own. 

To better comprehend it, let’s look at an illustration. Let’s say you want to host a conference on creative writing and are looking for attendees. You attend a neighboring book fair since readers and authors are probably your target market. 

You set up a desk where you distribute registration forms and publicize your workshop. It can be filled with conference attendees. However, there are two issues— 

  • First off, it will be challenging for you to manually save and handle this data (such as their names, emails, etc.) even if users complete out these forms. However, using an online form will fix that issue. 
  • Second, let’s assume you build the form and provide your audience with its URL. They will need to open their phones and input the whole URL to complete the form. Few individuals will do it since it is tedious and time-consuming. 

Utilizing a QR Code for conference speed up your entry process. They can fill out the information on the web form after scanning it to access it. For visitors or you, there is no need to manually type anything. Simple as that! 

To give conference information 

You might wish to include information about the meeting’s time and place, its agenda, speakers, and activities. 

While you can print some of them on invitation cards, there isn’t enough room to print them all. Here is where a QR Code for conference is useful. 

It can be included in your invites. You may include as many details as you wish for people to view when they scan it. There is no longer a concern about print space. 

In fact, it will provide end users the choice to add the event to their calendars as soon as it has been scanned. As the meeting date approaches, it will serve as a reminder. 

Identify visitors’ entries 

Every event organizer is concerned with validating attendee entries. The procedure must be quick in addition to being safe and trustworthy. 

And you can accomplish this efficiently with tickets that use QR Codes. This is how: 

1. You provide your visitors with printed or electronic tickets (through email), each with a special QR Code. 

2. Visitors must present their tickets to event organizers at the entrance gate. 

3. The coordinator takes the ticket and scans the QR Code with his smartphone. 

4. The QR Code, when scanned, displays if the entry is genuine, fake, or duplicate. 

Encourage better networking 

Meeting people at conferences is a terrific opportunity for participants to network. Additionally, you may offer simple and efficient assistance to your visitors. How? 

You may generate Vcard QR Code for conference once they register. Incorporate these QR Codes into the badges they will wear at the conference as well. 

This QR Code will provide all the information, including the wearer’s name, phone number, and email. 

So that they may scan each other’s badges, two conference participants can network together and store the contact on their devices. There are no instances of business card shortages. 

QR Codes are the way to go if you’re planning to host a conference, seminar, or workshop anytime soon. 

What comes next? 

Create a visually appealing and dynamic QR code for conference at HexaFair. Still have any queries or a use case that we missed for your conference marketing? Let us know