5 Amazing Tips to Host Best Hybrid Events

5 Amazing Tips to Host Best Hybrid Events

Event strategies for hybrid events ideas have changed since the novel corona virus pandemic. Re-evaluation of event strategies is now occupying a greater part in business plans. Keeping complete safety in mind while abiding by guidelines, events are slowly drifting to digital realms. For better experiences and capacity, hybrid events are introduced and adopted by almost all organizations across the globe. The elements needed to build hybrid & virtual events vary from physical events & are not that easy to pull off. The shift requires many elements to be considered & renders numerous benefits to sponsors & exhibitors.

Here we bring you the 5 Amazing Tips [Hybrid Event Ideas] to Hosting Hybrid Events. Read On!

Hybrid Event Ideas: How to Host a Hybrid Event?

Hosting hybrid events is easy now. Being a combination of both physical and virtual events, there are a few special concerns that must be taken into consideration.

Hybrid Event Ideas

● Preparing Local Audiences:

Hosting hybrid events like trade fairs, presentations, webinars etc. need advanced preparation. Checking for technical issues, audio & video setup, slide preparation etc. need to be tested before going live. The setup and equipment depend on the event technology and elements being used. Organizers must communicate clearly with their partners regarding the time frames. This will help them to bring all the event materials to test before the final event.

Rehearse with your partners to educate them about the camera spots, lighting features and other technical elements. The pre-event rehearsal eases the process and participants. Experts also feel nervous at times. The practice ensures everyone stays calm and are on the same page.

● Choosing the Best Hybrid Events Ideas:

Besides the technology and features, to host a hybrid event, you will need a virtual event platform to host your virtual hybrid event. A platform that is unique and personalized to handle all your event needs.

Ensure your platform covers the following hybrid events ideas.

  • Live to stream: Host a hybrid event on a platform equipped with assorted toolkits, & that can integrate live streaming. This enhances the production quality of your live streams.
  • Ticketing & Enrolment: The registration & token system elevates the attendee experience by making the process simpler & quicker. Verifying the registration data will help you make well-informed marketing and logistical choices.
  • Marketing Integrations: Choose a hybrid events platform that enables better event promotion & faster communication with registrants. Social media integrations and emails are the few best marketing strategies [hybrid events ideas] today.
  • Networking Skills: If you want to organize multiple sessions in a single event, choose a platform that facilitates networking and engagement among distant attendees. Matching the expectations of your attendees is crucial. Elements such as breakout sessions, virtual meetings, live chats & virtual cocktail hours are also important.
  • Management Capabilities: Flexibility is key with hosting hybrid events. Choose a platform that allows event management and failure. Built-in tools enabled in hybrid events platform allow access, events & speakers management.

The best software offers 24*7 live chat support for hosting hybrid events. But, assembling your own support teams for hybrid events tips, providing them with the best training to identify and troubleshoot obstacles as they arise is also important.

● Engaging Virtual Attendees:

Remote attendee engagement plays a key role in your virtual event success. Event planners, organisers and sponsors continuously frame new strategies to maintain engagement and keep things exciting. Live video streaming is considered the best hybrid events ideas to keep up the engagement. Research states that most people today are online and are investing their time in live videos rather than pre-recorded ones.

To create better engagement of your online audience, consider hosting hybrid events by:

  • Employing a Virtual Emcee: A virtual emcee is a facilitator who acts as a bridge between in-person & virtual audience. The facilitator works as strong support for a conference or event chairperson. If you want your virtual emcee to multi-task, then it is essential to design a clean process, where they can gather feedback, ask questions and note comments from the remote audience.
  • Focussing on the Virtual Experience: To host a hybrid event, it is essential to focus on the digital landscape. To deliver the best experience for the far participants, filling the breaks at the event with valuable content is suggested. You can take interviews, ask Q&As, extra content, and special networking sessions can do the job.
  • Greater Connectivity: Networking can be quite challenging in a hybrid environment. Special hybrid events ideas must be drafted for execution, to foster better connectivity amongst your global audiences. Live chat facility, creating better engagement through social media channels, giving accessibility to speakers/presenters, encouraging forums and group discussions are few effective hybrid events ideas to open greater connectivity.
  • Using Social Media Channels: Amongst the available social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter are popular for their connectivity & engagement. Before hosting hybrid events, asking questions and encouraging participants to submit questions for the speakers is the best strategy. Live-tweeting your hybrid events tips can get you real-time responses & feedback from your attendees.

● Be Flexible:

Being open to changes & adaptations is called for in this pandemic situation. Event technology will help make the shift easy as it has everything upon its sleeve. A perfect hybrid event technology will ensure all the changes can be swiftly made and properly accommodated. If any changes made, communicate the details clearly with your audiences in advance.

● Communicating Regularly with Attendees:

To host a hybrid event, make your participants comfortable with good and frequent communication. Explain to them about the event agenda, do’s and don’ts, safety protocols, and all the steps that make them aware of how to host a hybrid event and set them free at the event. They must have the idea on host a hybrid event, how to access the event content, navigate through space, and their immediate point of contact if they experience any technical issues. Addressing these concerns will alleviate your audience stress & enables them to participate in complete trust and ease.


Hybrid events are the best & enable hosting of conferences, trade fairs, fundraisers, job fairs and networking sessions. Hosting hybrid events is a bit complex and different from regular, in-person events. Understanding and following the guidelines [hybrid events ideas] can help you steer through the differences like a pro.

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