5 Great Standpoints to Build a Fantastic Virtual or Hybrid Event

5 Great Standpoints to Build a Fantastic Virtual or Hybrid Event

COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on all business & social communications. It is arduous to confront the fact that markets are witnessing a drastic pitfall in taking their idea forward. However, futuristic technologies like AR & VR have expedited the condition by releasing their best versions of networking concepts – virtual & hybrid events. To plan, organize & host a successful virtual or hybrid event, it is essential to assemble a wide range of tools (virtual events tool& hybrid events tool). Event planners are on their edge, constantly rethinking strategies, integrating new elements, trying new technologies & tools (virtual events tool& hybrid events tool), exploring the latest hybrid events tips and testing their skills on virtual events platforms. 

To help you stay ahead in the game, we have penned down “The 5 Best Event Tools for Virtual or Hybrid Event.”Read on! 

Virtual & Hybrid Events Tips

1. Event Apps

Event apps are considered the best tools for their endless capacity to create audience engagement and deliver an experience like never before. Surprisingly, they also carry enormous data that can help you understand the success rate of your event. Event apps are powerful engagement tools that offer extreme benefits to the user. They help the audience connect & engage before, during and post-event. Another advantage of event apps is organizers can create personal lists and share them with their audience across multiple devices. Further, organizing Q&A sessions helps them to rethink existing strategies and build more powerful ones for upcoming events.

Let us look into some other benefits organizers can have with event apps.

  1. Massive data collection & management.
  2. Analyse attendee profiles & gather their interests.
  3. Supports exhibitor/sponsor/audience interaction.
  4. Generates great ROI for sponsors.
  5. Helps derive maximum value through every act & interaction performed by the audience on the platform.

The final destination of hosting a b2b virtual or hybrid event is to generate ROI. Event apps further support ticketing solutions for enhanced ROI. You can sell ad spaces to your sponsors, sell tickets and do much more to gain revenue. Data analytics is a powerful virtual events tool that helps in enhancing event performance.

 2.     Digital Sensors

As the events industry has drifted to virtual, understanding the audience & securing the virtual or hybrid event space is crucial. While we can also ensure some unanticipated risks involved with live events, are mitigated now. Like physical interactions, exchange of business cards, waiting in line for registrations, etc. By welcoming event opportunities in place of live events, huge risks & costs are eliminated, & 100% safety is assured.

Event technologies like facial recognition, print QR codes, neon signages, mobile optimizations ensure safer registrations, zero-touch transactions, offer virtual event guidance to eliminate risks. Unlike live events, data confidentiality is strictly & completely GDPR compliant. So, exchanging business cards, sharing confidential information is much safer with a virtual or hybrid event. 

HexaFair is a 3D virtual or hybrid event platform that facilitates digital identification throughout the event. Any data captured is forwarded to the technical division for analytics that supports in creating future digital campaigns for marketing, ROI & extended engagement.

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 3.     Space Control 

Hygiene & safety are now most important than ever. Hybrid events being a blend of live and virtual events demand the adoption of extra safety measures. Making your venue 100% digitized by adopting event technology is the safest way ahead.

If you are new to the industry & want to host an event? Choosing a platform that provides all the integrations, technology, trackers, facilities, analytics reports etc., helps you build an experience that can engage a diverse audience group from different time zones. HexaFair’s real-time space control hybrid events platform can measure the capacity of your venue instantly.  

4.     Live Streaming

Understanding the enormous surge in the demand for a virtual or hybrid event, businesses have shifted their focus to on-demand videos and live streaming. Live streaming enables sharing of your content in real-time. Live streaming is a most sought-after modus operandi that holds the infinite capacity to create engagement and make your event a grand success.

Every event goal is unique, and so are audience interests. Connecting them through creative videos while carrying great engagement is what a platform offers. Not to forget quality is a priority when it comes to live to stream.

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 5.     Integrated Platform

With all the rules & restrictions around controlling our worlds, asking to lay low and get prepared for unanticipated changes. Yet we are here with unwavering confidence that one-day things will go back to normal. It will happen but it will also take time. Until then, organizing events through a  platform not only fulfils the business goals but also offers a great capacity to recreate new engagement. But as our living is restricted now, people are researching & exploring more places that offer flexibility. Flexible integrations can make virtual or hybrid event hosting easy & most powerful.

 HexaFair is a 3D hybrid event platform with extensive features and integrations. If you want to choose what best fits your event goals & strategies, the HexaFair can help you decide, plan, organise and market your virtual or hybrid event. If you are still unsure which virtual events tool or hybrid events tool elevates your audience engagement and event experience, the HexaFair platform can offer you an integrated solution for every concern.

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