Top 5 Hybrid Event Myths: The Future of Meetings and Events

Top 5 Hybrid Event Myths: The Future of Meetings and Events

Events and conferences have been a crucial part of business and organizations for years. In many ways, they are the backbone of business promotions and market growth. However, today’s events have become costly and are fraught with difficulties. Many questions are brewing in the minds of sponsors, exhibitors, event planners & even the audience. One perfect solution to all the impending dilemmas is hybrid events. 

Hybrid Event Myths – The future of meetings and events is considered the best format that creates fusion-like experiences by blending both in-person meetings and virtual conferences. To achieve a lower cost per attendee and increased performance – exhibitors are now widely adopting the hybrid events platform models. 

A recent survey by Meeting Professionals International declared that, on average, 50% of meeting attendees are not satisfied with the quality of the event they visited. 

But what is it they are expecting? is the crucial question. 

With deep research, polls and analysis, the answer that popped up is the hybrid summit. The new events are participatory, immersive and interactive. The best of both worlds allows people to do business while having fun at the same time. 

This article will focus on Hybrid Events – Top 5 Hybrid Event Myths: The Future of Meetings and Events

Top 5 Hybrid Event Myths That You May Know 

1.  The virtual component of a hybrid event is just a live stream

Hybrid events, being a format that brings the best of both live and virtual worlds together, are often misinterpreted by myths. One such noted illusion is recording & live streaming events is a core activity of the hybrid summit model.

But there is an underlying differentiating factor between a live stream and a hybrid summit. Hybrid events can create engagement at a deeper level which encourages the audience to participate more in the event. Both in-person and virtual attendees can treasure the experience simultaneously.

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2. The virtual expansion will badly impact your in-person audience participation

More and more people are choosing to take their events online instead of in person. The idea of not having to travel or finding a place to stay seems like the perfect solution for many, but this might hurt physical attendance is another myth in the air.

Virtual events are an immersive 3D space where every feature and element – is designed to engage the audience holistically. Considering the future of meetings and events – the hybrid events platform model; the audience who attend the in-person event is encouraged to revisit virtual fairs and vice versa.

Research states that people who have never visited events are increasingly favouring virtual events & virtual fairs. So, the blend of in-person and virtual events – hybrid events are considered the best opportunity to attract new target markets.

3. You can use the same strategies to engage both live & virtual audiences

In the hybrid model, one mistake you must avoid making is treating live audience and virtual participants alike. Both models are different and demand a unique approach to engagement. Know the difference between the in-person vs virtual event here. 

So, how do you plan engagement for in-person and virtual attendees?

Both virtual and in-person attendees will have different interests. You need to understand the call and speak their language.

Suppose you are presenting at a live conference; a good lecture with slideshows & whiteboard illustrations on-stage is enough to engage your audience. And on the web, you can provide high-quality visuals for engagement.

Also, virtual attendees rely on live streams, video recordings & presentations, so make sure your visuals are crisp and clear. Your visuals must be high-quality images with accurate colour contrasts & must not appear pixelated or distorted.

For in-person events, give your audience more freedom to interact with each other by organizing Q&As, surveys, polls etc.

4. You cannot create a personal experience for the virtual audience

On a hybrid events platform, special personalized tools can be in-built & integrated to encourage virtual interactions. Few such tools are virtual roundtable discussions, break out rooms, fireside chats, Q&As that encourage equal live and virtual participation, etc.

Virtual MCs and customized avatars also add that magical genie touch to your hybrid fairs.

Create one video to show your audience,

  1. What happens in the backend?
  2. Your way of hybrid summit planning
  3. What goes into the making of the future of meetings and events – the hybrid events?

On a Benefits hybrid events platform, you can plan numerous activities to engage your audience and address issues both in person and virtually. 

5. Hybrid events are hard to design and achieve

Hybrid events are trending now. People are increasingly adopting hybrid event platforms for better, personalized experiences. If you have never tried or hosted a hybrid summit, this is the perfect time to do it!

Apart from creating the best engagement, maintaining the right balance between the live and virtual audience is essential.

Content also must be planned & executed differently for both audiences.

On the whole – exhibitors & hybrid events platform partners want to deliver a single seamless experience to the audience while simultaneously working on two separate events.

So, undoubtedly, the future of meetings and events is hybrid events.

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