The Benefits: Virtual Fairs V/S Hybrid Fairs

The Benefits: Virtual Fairs V/S Hybrid Fairs

The world is undergoing major turbulence in almost every sector & corner. The accidental outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has forced event planners & exhibitors to shift to virtual fairs. Research states that over 70% of people have partially adapted to the new trend. While the rest have completely drifted their events to virtual. 69% have found webinars as interesting while 62% chose live streams for their speakers. One of the best benefits of virtual trade shows is that there will be no huge crowds, heavy equipment, travels, but instead, all the heaviness is replaced with smart devices, high-capacity networks & the latest technologies. It has become essential to understand the importance of virtual trade fairs now.

Virtual trade fairs can be completely virtual or a mix of real & virtual, that is hybrid events. Both virtual fairs & hybrid fairs have their advantages in planning, budgeting, data sharing and strategizing.

Let’s check out their advantages in detail.

Benefits of Virtual Fairs v/s Hybrid Fairs

Virtual Fairs:

The benefits of virtual fairs are enormous. Let us have a look at them below.

Low Cost

Event organizers & sponsors can save a mint on travel, stays, promotions, cancellations and many more expenses associated with real events. The low-cost feature is enabling global exhibitors to adopt and participate in virtual fairs to enhance their brand value.

Global Reach

The audience can connect with anyone, anytime across the globe from the comfort of their homes & smart devices. No doubt the importance of virtual fairs is on the high now.

Easy & Hassle-free Organization

No massive group appearances, huge expenditures, venue booking & cancellation issues and logistical challenges. Virtual fairs are easy to host and completely hassle-free.

Complete Analytics

One of the best virtual fair ideas is to perform complete attendee tracking. And virtual events are designed to capture the insights & statistics well. This gives the exhibitors a brand-new outlook into creating the best virtual fair ideas & audience engagement.

Extended Events

Real events often last for 2 to 3 days. While virtual fairs can last from 3 months to over years. Pre-recorded content can be saved and uploaded for later watch. So, audience can catch up to your event even if they miss it the first time.

Hybrid Fairs

Hybrid events platform can host both real and virtual experiences together. Let us look into some of the benefits of hybrid events.

Increased Attendance

With both real and virtual fairs happening together, capturing local audience along with global reach is easy now. This gives way to increased attendance & engagement.

Better Engagement

Engagement is the key to any event. And, what can be more engaging than having a live element in your event space? This adds up more new engagement opportunities for your virtual event. Live speaker sessions, Q&A’s and FAQ sessions are considered as the best virtual fair ideas & key engagers.


Hybrid fairs and hybrid fairs platform are on the high now. The rise in demand is making them more flexible & affordable to clients & audiences. One of the best benefits is they are attracting more audiences which means more new leads & increased sponsorships.


Forecasting post-event strategies & demographics to your website, social channels & timelines increases audience participation and brings in more latest reviews & attendee testimonials.

Great Flexibility

With the recurring pandemic situation, hybrid fairs come in as a ray of hope & offer great flexibility to event organizers & sponsors. A hybrid fairs platform today is considered the most valuable asset for hosting mixed reality events.

Trends 2021: Virtual Fairs & Hybrid Fairs

The new spaces are ready & experts are zealous to explore the trends & create new designs to cater to clients varying needs. Designing best-in-class hybrid fairs for businesses requires effective planning, niche strategies and strong back-end support. So, what best experience hybrid fairs offer today are; their approach& deliverance almost replicates the in-person engagement.

2021 is brimming with opportunities and there is a lot to look forward to. HexaFair hybrid fairs platform is creating experiences that offer solutions for mini, micro, medium and large-scale events.

With HexaFair, you can host

2021 Hybrid Fairs Platform Must-haves:

  • First-class Production & Film Equipment
  • Customizable Studio Production Set
  • Support Teams for Production Assistance & IT Services
  • Covid-19 Health & Safety Measures

Learn how HexaFair hybrid Fairs solutions can help solve your business demands and create exemplary engaging experiences for your global clientele. If the times are hard, it is better to act smart and take the best advantage of popular trends.

Undoubtedly, virtual fairs & hybrid fairs are ruling the business industry as they are helping businesses to get back to normal even in the most uncertain conditions.

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