Difference Between In-Person vs Virtual vs Hybrid Event

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Difference Between In-Person vs Virtual vs Hybrid Event

The events & trade show industry is transforming at a rapid pace. As we have moved to 2022 where in-person vs virtual vs hybrid events, industry leaders, entrepreneurs & event planners are pondering where the markets are going?  Is it a complete end of in-person events? Following, do we have an optimum solution to address the challenges ahead? 

In-person events for sure shall reappear. But there is time for that. Until then, virtual realms shall rule and bring in more amazing beginnings and opportunities for businesses ahead.

When we say events, they are broadly classified into 3 types.

  1. In-person events,
  2. virtual events, and
  3. Hybrid events.

Let us see which of these are going to make it big in 2021. This is an opportunity to understand and explore the vast trends better.

In-person Events:

In-person events and their planning have been shattered due to the global pandemic. And the situation is far worsening as days are passing by. However, In India, in-person events are given some chance with high restrictions like limited attendance, maintaining safety protocols, sanitization, zero-touch experiences and many more. But many event planners are still unsure of when can the situation get better and allow for more real event opportunities.

Altogether, if you are thinking about hosting in-person events, then you must ensure a no contact scenario starting from bookings to stalls to exits & even restrooms. This is going to be a tough challenge for event planners, and exhibitors and is expensive too, owing to the new norms and standards.

Virtual Events:

The rise has saved event planners & exhibitors in a variety of ways. From successfully replicating in-person events to designing 3D immersive virtual events platforms for event hosting to creating dynamic avatars for interactions and many more. A lot is happening in the virtual events world now than ever before. They are being extensively adopted for occasions like expos, trade fairs, education & career fairs, live sessions, workshops, university fairs and more. 

The features in virtual events platforms are unlimited and so are the opportunities. Most virtual events are observing a massive success because of webinars, live streams, speaker sessions and integrated videos. Creativity is taking a new turn with the latest trend and the growth opportunities are endless. Further, the benefits of adopting virtual events in these uncertain times are also immense. With Virtual events, people can connect with anyone anywhere across the globe with just a click. Find opportunities and businesses from the comfort of their homes. Zero contact ensured. With less time, people can traverse across places in search of new business opportunities & meetings. All they need is a good network capacity, a smartphone/laptop/PC. No travel charges, no printout or any other expenses. Everything happens online with minimal cost to both event organizers as well as participants. Another best benefit of virtual events is zero pollution & they encourage sustainability. 

Hybrid Events:

Hybrid events are the most desirable events today. As they ensure both physical and virtual event’s best practices are met. With hybrid events, people can host both real and virtual events simultaneously. Keeping the real event’s audience to limited and playing more in the virtual space is advantageous now. They come in as a great benefit to event planners who want to target local markets as well as global space simultaneously. They are offering not just a great experience to the people, but also the event coordinators and audiences are considering hybrid events as one of the virtual events’ best practices and mainstream resolution.

The benefits of hosting hybrid events are better reach, easy hosting, economical, adaptability, better sponsorships and many more.

Hybrid events are going to rule in 2021. It is considered a smart decision in the new normal. As they are the most favoured occasions, event planners & exhibitors are taking the trend seriously.

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