Virtual & Hybrid Events: A Glimpse into the New Trends

Virtual & Hybrid Events: A Glimpse into the New Trends

According to the  virtual events statistics report 2020, virtual & hybrid events trends are “The New Reality.” Most of the industry giants, sponsors and entrepreneurs are observing the future of events as a mix of real and virtual, that is hybrid events. Both VR events and hybrid expos are on the high now & are quickly fastening into diverse established and unexplored realms.

Around 2017 & 2018, over 87% of exhibitors were showing deep interest in real events. They were popular then and promised enormous benefits like real conversations, better leads, finest displays & experiences, innovative presentations etc. Over 84% of the audience revealed their positiveness towards in-person event experiences. As they felt, the spaces were offering a great opportunity in exploration, evaluation of brands, their products & services. Undoubtedly, this shows how successful in-person events were a while back.

Now, as times have turned, virtual reality events and hybrid events are observed as leading players in the events space.

So, let’s have a look at the opportunities & challenges, the virtual reality events& hybrid expos are bringing to us.

VR Events & Hybrid Expos: Possibilities & Trials

As we all know, every new trend has its pros and cons. innovation and technology too, have their advantages & setbacks. Like physical events, virtual events and hybrid events are also going in the same way. Undoubtedly, virtual events and hybrid events are here for good. But the possibility of event success or failure depends on the organization’s capacity to adapt. If your organization knows how to adapt or blend well with the new trends, then rest assured your event is a grand success.

Let us check out a few points that can make your events work well.

1. Latest tips

For better virtual event planning, management & execution, adapting to new guidelines & exercising advanced principles is a must. Virtual events service providers make it easy for organizations to understand and employ guidelines practically & perfectly without missing anything. This ensures the virtual events or hybrid events run on a smoother note.

2. Digitalization

Organizations that are already practising digitization are doing great. They know well the difference between virtual events and hybrid events. And so, can choose, plan and arrange their events well. Others who are new to the digital world can take support from virtual events planners or service providers to execute their events successfully.

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3. Costs & Estimations

Compared to real events, virtual events costing is low, as most of the assets that are a must for physical events are not required here. Attendees who are calculated about their spending can choose to attend virtual events whereas the others who are excited to explore, travel and spend can choose hybrid events.

4. Network Security

Network security plays a high role in both virtual & hybrid events. As everything happens online, from hosting to chatting to confidential data sharing, planning security at every step of the event is of utmost importance. By offering a high-secure space, organizations can not only ensure better relations with audiences but also earn a mark in the virtual events hosting realm. Adopting innovative concepts and blending them with virtual events makes the experience most engaging and immersive.

5. Mixed Reality Experiences

Now the audience can enjoy both real and virtual experiences simultaneously with hybrid events. The channel is open for the audience to dive in & explore the vastness of mixed reality. With the right technology & support, designing hybrid events is easy and exploring hybrid events becomes even more interesting. People who often cancel their events at the last minute can choose to go virtual for the same event. And that is one biggest advantage of mixed reality spaces.

6. 5G – Experience the Next Generation Technology

The world believes that 5G is the next generation network that can reshape lives, build better stable connections and deliver speedy performance. With smart technology at hand, if there is anything that can drive the devices to excellence, then that is 5G. Hosting Virtual events and hybrid events with 5G ensures faster connectivity, instant conversations, faster data creation and sharing and enhances the experiences virtual reality, AI and mixed reality offer.

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