The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Event Equipment Checklist

The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Event Equipment Checklist

Talking about next-level experiences in the events industry? Then 2021 trends say, it is hybrid events. Amid real and virtual realms, they offer exemplary mixed reality experiences that the audience can cherish for years. The best of both realms is created by unifying the most unique elements of real and virtual events. Hybrid events can be both live & recorded. And hence, the set-up requires tips for hybrid event planning, effective management, great support on-floor and back-end, best technology and social promotion tools. Here is a necessary hybrid event equipment checklist. 

Hybrid Event Equipment Checklist To Consider 

Let us check the must-haves in detail.

1. Wi-Fi

A good network capacity is all you need for hosting successful hybrid events. A dynamic, stable connection is essential for the events to reach out to a broader sect and create great engagement. Further, having a good network at the audience end helps them to connect faster, share documents and perform quick live chats with fellow audiences& sponsors.

2. Camera

The real HD camera supports high-quality video streaming for living as well as pre-recorded sessions. It ensures the video quality is at its best as compromising on video quality at any stage can be disastrous for your hybrid expo. Video equipment must be set to capture the event stage, focus, attendees and their activities. For a panel discussion, the camera requires more movements like some long, closeup and middle shots. For larger events, there must be multiple cameras set up in different areas to capture all that is happening at the hybrid expo. Choose a camera that supports all screen sizes.

3. Lighting

Lighting plays a key role in the hybrid event equipment checklist. Any hybrid events platform not able to facilitate good lighting on stage and off stage on the audience side can ruin the whole effort & experience. Setting up good lighting at the right spots can elevate the hybrid expo experience. Unlike in-person or virtual events, hybrid events need a different set of stage lights, spotlights, colour effects, etc. 

4. Webcam

Almost all devices today are equipped with built-in webcams. They help audiences to see and meet people outside their world, make impressions, exchange good conversations and host parties etc. But what a standalone webcam brings across is unique. They are stable devices and with them, you can improve your video quality considerably.

5. Microphone

Speakers & presenters on the hybrid events platforms get more easily distracted than others. Speaker actions can affect the sound impact and quality. Distorted audio is a strict no-no for hybrid events. Not delivering a good sound quality can discourage the audience. A high-quality microphone can give clear sound to both live and virtual audiences. Capturing the best sound and delivering the same enhances the experience. Having an audio mixer with a microphone does wonder for diverse audio sets. 

System Support 

On a hybrid events platform, there will be a lot of elements to handle. So, organising them can become a hassle if you don’t have experts at hand. Having the best equipment and presenters onboard is fine but only with the right support, your hybrid expo can be a success.

6. Audio Support

Supportive audio equipment onboard ensures all the audio equipment is functioning well. A backup support team is also needed to mute and unmute attendee talks while at the event.

7. Video Support

The video support team ensures a smooth switch between videos & presentations. While the presentation, your audience must be able to see the slides on a full screen and the presenter in a small box. While sharing pre-recorded videos, you can mute the speaker, share the screen and once the video is over, stop sharing, unmute the presenter and carry on forward.

8. Hybrid Events Platform Support

The best hybrid events platform is the one that has engaging features & is user-friendly. It should support easy navigation and must-have interactive options like polls, raise hand features, emojis, and Q&A. The real idea behind hosting hybrid events is to offer a real experience as well as an equal virtual experience to a mass of audiences.

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