Lead Generation For Hybrid Events – Top 5 Ideas to Increase Sales

Lead Generation For Hybrid Events – Top 5 Ideas to Increase Sales

Video conferencing tools like Zoom, Teams, and Skype have been great tools for one-way presentations and webinars. But, they aren’t the best tools for events and conferences. So, what will they do? Is there any replacement? Obviously, “Hybrid Events or Virtual Events Platform” will be complementary for in-person events. However, 67% of businesses are reopening their doors for hybrid events and turning to the support of immersive platforms like HexaFair. Along with the platform, lead is also important for businesses to expand and reach their sales quotas. To thrive lead generation for hybrid events, first, you have to feed your sales team with high-quality leads to the customers.

Lead Generation for Hybrid Events – Ideas To be Considered 

Lead generation is the process of identifying potential customers and their interests through cold mailing, marketing plans, content marketing, and other sales tactics. Let’s see some of its winning strategies here. 

1) Create a Plan For Your Hybrid Event 

The very first step for lead generation for hybrid events is, to map out a hybrid event plan exclusively in the way to boost your audience. After planning, set a vision for the event and try to answer the below questions. 

  1. Where your attendees are from and what kind of audience do you need for the event? 
  2. What are you going to offer the audience? 
  3. How can you give a unique virtual experience to your audience? 
  4. How you would be educating the audience about your offerings?

Still, lot more questions are there! Develop answers to all those questions and host a great event. 

2) Approach Expert Speakers 

Invite expert speakers or leaders for your event who can establish your brand as an informative or authority figure. For instance, back in the year, Intel hosts virtual events called “Architecture Day” to discuss the innovation and ongoing research in the field of semiconductors at Intel. This is a great way to establish a brand on a particular occasion. 

What will you get into this? Approaching leaders or experts in your particular niche helps you rope in more participation and organic reach. Along with this, technical discussions among expert speakers will help you to generate more ROI.  

3) Choose the Best Hybrid Events Platform 

Selecting the right hybrid event technology will help you to generate maximum lead generation for hybrid events. Before choosing, ask a few questions to the event organizers to evaluate the hybrid event platform features. 

  1. Does the platform create a seamless customer journey? 
  2. How the attendees can indulge in the network or create a meaningful conversation at the hybrid event? 
  3. Does your platform create an immersive experience for the audience? 
  4. Do we get 360-degree insights to run targeted campaigns? 
  5. Does your platform offer features like live polls, Q&A, gamification, and chatbot to keep the audience engaged till the end? 


4) Enable Data-Driven Tracking 

Generally, you need to track down your event analytics insights to identify hot leads for any of your businesses. Moreover, these analytics reports will help you to find what works in your event and what does not.   

So, how will you calculate your event analytics report? 

Well, HexaFair is here to help you in providing comprehensive event analytics. We can provide, 

  1. Track the number of transactions performed during the event. 
  2. Value your sponsors 
  3. Track content views and identify attendance rate 
  4. Analyze both the quality and quantity of leads generated throughout the event 
  5. Identify warm leads that can be generated using email marketing 

All those data will help you to give tremendous results and thus eventually maximize hybrid event ROI. For further guidance, read our hybrid event monetization blog here. 

5) Educate Attendees with Interactive Session 

Generally, people like real-time communication in all aspects of their lives particularly for professional contact. Yes, they usually like live videos, tweets, webcasts, and other virtual platforms that are gaining popularity.  

Try to replace the same in your hybrid events. To facilitate user interactions, the hybrid event platform offers Instant Chat, Q&A sessions, Social Sharing, Live Videos, and more. 

For further lead nurturing or engagement opportunities, you can even offer attendees some takeaways, freebies, and E-books. All those incentives and free resources will help the audience to stay in touch with your brand. 


The lead generation for hybrid events is endless! Other crucial tips to generate leads are creating a good landing page, capturing leads through blog content, partnering with digital influencers, and publicizing your event. Follow all those above-mentioned event marketing ideas and try out HexaFair for your next lead generation event. Book a demo with us and explore our hybrid event platform features.