QR Code for Events – Top Most Reasons & QR Code Use Cases

QR Code for Events – Top Most Reasons & QR Code Use Cases

Event QR codes can enhance your event marketing, making guests aware of all the details about the event. 

Whether its concerts, seminars, or conferences, you name it. QR codes can help promote an event, leverage attendance, and keep everyone informed of what’s happening at every stage and type of event. 

With the help of QR code generator, users can get all information about the events within a fraction of seconds, including name of the event, event landing page, services & amenities, booking information, dress code, directions, and more. 

In order to ensure they don’t miss the event; guests can add the event to their calendar apps once attendance has been confirmed. A QR code for events can also be used to share contact information with prospects at a business meeting with networking opportunities. 

For the majority of business events, a ratio of above 5:1 is regarded as an excellent marketing ROI, according to Visme. You may utilize an event QR code to expedite invites, increase engagement, QR code use cases and more by reading the information in this article. 

What is QR Code for Event? 

It is ideal to utilize a QR code for events—a event QR code that offers details about an event—in marketing campaigns. Such details consist of: 

  • Name of the occasion—a private gathering, such as a wedding or business meeting 
  • Time, place, and date 
  • Address 
  • The day’s services and facilities are available 
  • Person to contact 
  • They may post it on social media from the event page or landing page 

Users can confirm reservations, secure bookings, and learn every crucial event detail, including the dress code, directions, and much more, by just scanning the event QR code. 

Guests can add the event to their calendar applications once attendance has been verified to ensure they don’t miss it. If the event is a networking opportunity for business, attendees can also make a QR code for their business card with the help of QR code generator and share with potential clients. 

Reasons to Use QR Code for Events – Top 6 QR Code Use Cases 

Online and Offline 

Flyers, invites, and tickets may all be converted to online information that can be kept and accessed again with the use of an event QR code. By doing so, you may increase the number of attendees and the level of participation. 

Users only need to take out their smartphone and scan your QR code for event to learn everything there is to know about the event! 

QR codes for Business Cards 

Business cards are mandatory, especially in networking and business events. Instead of writing out your business emails, website, address, and some other details on your business card, you could easily create an event QR code and print it on a virtual business card without occupying too much space on it.  

QR codes for events are essential to communicate with your potential business partners, customers, and investors. They can be stored with your basic information and your company or product information to build your company’s credentials to the business community. 

Track Event Stats 

How many attendees are actively participating in your conference or seminar? It is challenging to determine this from printed materials. On the other hand, by including a dynamic event QR code with the help of QR code generator, you can: 

  • This is especially useful when dealing with event modifications since it allows you to edit the event information as many times as necessary without having to write new code. 
  • Keep track of the devices, operating systems, and the total number of scans. 
  • Locate the scans using GPS in a city. 
  • Your marketing efforts will benefit greatly from this knowledge since you can respond immediately and make data-based improvements. 

Capabilities for Customization 

Customization is possible for both static and dynamic QR codes for event. The benefits are substantial: 

  • A personalized QR code will turn heads since it is more visually appealing. 
  • In your event QR code include a company logo and altering the colors to match your brand, you can harmonize the code with your corporate identity. 
  • You may include a call-to-action that will make it clear to potential attendees what they will receive when they scan the code. 

QR codes for Event Check-in 

Check-in with a QR code can speed up the process and will help to avoid the long queue at the entrance. It can also track people’s attendance at an event. To create a QR code for event check-in, you can use an event registration software like HexaFair. 

Event QR codes can track the attendee’s check-in, absence data, and solve the long queue problems in event registration and make your events look stunning and professional with advanced technology excitement. 

QR code for Event Badges 

Adding event QR codes on custom event badges can improve the event entry process and provide networking and additional marketing opportunities. 

For instance, there may involve a large group of attendees attending the same event in networking or business events, and it can put more pressure on the event management team to make both admission and re-entry faster. In that case, using QR code for events can help with this. 

How to Use Event QR Codes to Promote Your Event 

An event QR code that you may make with a QR code generator is useful for a variety of event kinds. 

Online Gatherings 

Family and friend gatherings, weddings, graduation parties, virtual events, and other festivities may all use event QR codes, both online and offline. 

Event QR codes that include all the reunion details, the Zoom or Google Meets link, as well as the date and time can help you set up online meetings with the advent of video calls and distant engagement. This is quite advantageous as you will be able to quickly synch attendance as they may add the event to their calendars. 

Local Festivities 

QR codes for events are useful for physical social gatherings. Inform your guests of the wedding’s date, location, address, dress code, meal, and a lot of other details. 

If you’re planning a graduation celebration, give your friends the event QR code that has all the details they need, along with a memorable photo. 

The Arts Events 

A great addition to your printed materials is an event QR code leading to your booking website, whether it be for a music concert, an art show, or a film festival. 

Using a dynamic QR code for events, you may make a funnel to measure the number of scans and contrast it with the number of tickets sold. This will enable you to determine the point at which your prospects are abandoning the buying process. 

You may add a YouTube QR code to concert posters with the help of QR code generator to connect people to an artist’s performance or a promotional video. 

Seminars and Conferences 

These kinds of events may greatly benefit from event QR codes in terms of promotion and registration efficiency. 

For your seminar or conference, you may make a QR code with the help of QR code generator that directs customers to a registration form they can fill out without having to input any URLs or go through individual screening. 

All of your print marketing materials should have QR codes to aid guests in moving from offline to online environments where they can get pertinent data such as a link to the event’s agenda. 

Other QR code for events includes PDF, LinkedIn, and corporate QR codes, are ideal for seminars and conferences. 

Tickets include a QR code for events. 

Any paid event’s check-in procedure will be streamlined by the inclusion of QR codes in event tickets. Every participant may scan an event QR code, and a dynamic code will allow you to keep track of how many people have checked in. 

A unique code for events will assist you manage the process and ensure how many guests are in each category if you have divided your tickets into VIP and non-VIP. 

More QR Code Stuffs in HexaFair 

With HexaFair, your events take place in a very inclusive vibe and our entire focus is on providing a user-centered experience. Some of the QR code for event features are, 

  • Participants can register and buy the tickets from the event website online. Exhibitor can also register in the platform and do certain things like upload & manage your company info and promote business offers or product brochures,  
  • Attendees will see the entire exhibitor area (a complete 360degree view) and they can enter into their virtual stands by scanning the event QR code available in the booth. 
  • There is a place for chat and video meeting room where participants & exhibitor can interact with each other and thus boost networking opportunities. 
  • You can exchange business cards, download booth documents and view promotional videos in just one click by scanning the QR code provided in the booth. 

Use an event QR code to support your marketing initiatives for events. It covers all the details about your event and will revolutionize the way you handle reservations and invites. Contact us and start your free trial now.