Top 8 Virtual Event Challenges: How to Overcome Them

Top 8 Virtual Event Challenges: How to Overcome Them

Event arrangements might be in a full gallop, but there are certain virtual event challenges you need to approach! At HexaFair, we are on a constant crusade to help you take that leap into the seamless realm of virtual events. Along the course so far, we’ve covered numerous topics related to virtual events, virtual events management and virtual event challenges. 

But today, we’re going a bit deeper. If you are new to virtual events hosting, then many things might be hovering in your mind. The transition from physical to virtual has been challenging for some firms lately. So, to help & drive businesses to pursue their business goals & smoothen the transition, here are the top 8 virtual events problems you need to approach. Know what to pay attention to and how to solve your virtual event challenges. All to solve the seen & unforeseen virtual events problems & create a successful virtual events experience for your business!

Top 8 Virtual Event Challenges to Overcome Them

1) Attendees’ Bandwidth Capacity

Network &the internet plays a crucial role in virtual events management. Unlike physical events, as you, your participants, speakers and sponsors, all connect online and remotely, your virtual events experience matters a lot now than ever before. With advanced technology, customized features & high-quality internet connectivity, virtual events are ruling the world like never. 

While exhibitors & sponsors can easily manage their networks & speaker training, it is not the same & easy on the attendee side. It is difficult for exhibitors to analyse the speed of internet connectivity or the wi-fi quality of their attendees. If there is any disturbance, then your attendees may fail to make the most out of the experience. Not all your audiences can be tech-savvy to understand the virtual events problems & resolve them.

So, how can you address these virtual event challenges of your attendees? It’s simple. All you need to do is communicate! This will be a good pre-event virtual events management strategy that enhances the virtual experience of your audiences. Alongside, you can also share the instructions and restrictions with your attendees. Let them understand the importance of an ideal bandwidth & the benefits of using the network in its full capacity during the event. The smoother their network will be, the better shall be their experience! The best way to tackle their virtual events problems effectively.

2) Cybersecurity

In physical events, security means, people’s safety, clearing organization hassles& virtual events problems and keeping a close watch on everyone as the event proceeds. But with virtual events management, it is a bit different. Although they don’t pose any major threat to attendees physically. But there is a bigger concern of virtual events problems to deal with, and that is cybersecurity.

In the virtual events realm, there will be tons of invaluable content & information that will be shared through apps & systems across copious global audiences. In a scenario as such this, having robust security set up is a must for virtual spaces. Keeping your registration ids, passwords, download content secure can save you from falling prey to hackers.

With remote work becoming the new normal, virtual events are reshaping the future of businesses & their strategies. As everything is going online now, the importance of cybersecurity is at an all-time high. Exhibitors today are having access to immense personal data of their audiences. And, if you are unaware of how to secure your virtual events from cyber risks, then reach out to a virtual events production company service provider to keep them safe. 

3) Weary Webinars

Webinars are a common virtual event challenge and so are on the concern radar. The agenda behind hosting virtual events is to create audience engagement. But the unseen factor [virtual event challenges] that follows along is burnout. In the past, there was a choice. But now, as going virtual is the only choice, industries & exhibitors must consider the issue seriously and make choices to address this. 

Getting your audiences to pay attention to your event for long hours isn’t a fair expectation. And especially not when they’re at home. With lots of distractions around, how can you solve these virtual events’ problems for your audiences?

Firstly, re-consider the setup of your virtual event. Instead of organising fewer days and longer hours, go for longer days with fewer hours. And that will be the first step that will help you to combat webinar fatigue. And the second step is to invest more time & effort into planning audience engagement strategies. For more information, check out our latest Virtual Events Audience Engagement Report 2020. 

4) Actuating Sponsors & Exhibitors

Be it real or virtual, sponsors, play a crucial role in all events. Event planners must keep in mind the sponsors while designing a virtual event. The digital realm is a platform of endless possibilities to connect, interact, share & elevate the business value. Planners must come up with brainstorming concepts on how to activate exhibitors and sponsors during a virtual event?

Data is the best way, and analytics tools are already there to give an overview of your audience engagement & other statistics. If you can understand who your audiences are and where they come from, you can pick the most suitable sponsors for your virtual events management. Sponsors are the owners of immense knowledge & so can share some invaluable bites with their audiences. Thereby boosting the opportunities to get healthy leads and potential customers.

5) Virtual Event Pricing

Most of the event planners & companies today have no idea about how to price their virtual events? As businesses are observing a massive shift in trends, models and strategies, this is also the best opportunity to play big as the game-changers & set the rules. As an exhibitor or sponsor, you are here to add a lot of value to your event, and your audiences are willing to pay you with their money & time for that unique approach.

There are numerous strategies you can adopt in virtual events pricing. If you want to dig deep into how to resolve your virtual event challenges [pricing], check out our latest article, Virtual Event Pricing for Attendees: Usage, Features & Experiences. 

6) Music Licensing

Music is another crucial & expensive element in virtual events. You can’t expect the greatest hits or nice background score to play for free at your event. One best way to go free with music is by choosing royalty-free music. Many platforms today offer free music services.

We recommend Sound stripe, a company that offers royalty-free music for creators. Users can also get access to three free tracks from their chosen playlists. 

7) Refining the Experience

Events are all about socializing, people, networking and creating long-lasting, memorable experiences for the attendees. This was easy to achieve with real events. However, virtual event planners are not sure if the same traditional experience can continue with virtual events management also. But this is how the world is connecting today. And virtual events are bringing in many amazing opportunities that traditional ones cannot have. Sustainability, immersiveness, engagement & experiences.

Humanizing the events is the first step to warm-up your virtual events. Investing in rich designs, becoming a part of audience engagement is not important. Connecting deeply with your audiences who are participating across the globe and equipping them with the right tools to engage with each other is all they need.

Bring in that human touch to your virtual events!

8) Poor Engagement

Speakers are your engagers and the game-changers for your virtual event. They are the ones leading the chamber & are responsible for keeping your audiences happy and engaged through their speeches, content and actions.

But what happens if your speakers are bad engagers?

This is an interesting element in understanding your virtual events problems, where you must never quit or compromise. As a virtual event planner, we suggest hiring speakers who have rich experience with virtual events management and presentations. Experienced speakers know how to strike a conversation, engage everyone holistically and balance everything in a virtual event. But if you are hiring a new person, make sure your speakers get the right training to address the virtual event challenges & your audiences. 

Because a bad engager can very easily ruin the entire experience.

If you want to engage your audiences holistically, then book your virtual events management demo with HexaFair today! We are here to guide you 24*7 and drive you through our virtual events management experience. 

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