Virtual Event Program: How Much Time Will It Take to Plan

Virtual Event Program: How Much Time Will It Take to Plan

Virtual events production plan & virtual events management requires a good amount of planning, support & execution. A lot of delays & restrictions have been happening lately in business meetings & fairs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To get out of this, enterprises have acknowledged, it’s time to go virtual with their events. Understanding this, virtual trade show companies & virtual events management have come up with fresh & amazing creative concepts. And also, have become the best means to introduce business brands/products in the global marketplace.

So, today in this article let’s focus on the Virtual Events Production Plan: How Much Time Will It Take to Plan

People must have been compromising a lot when it comes to hosting webinars or online trade fairs. Or, might be opting for temporary solutions due to budget constraints. The time here calls for a broader vision & understanding that virtual event software is here to stay. And the best means to showcase your business today is through virtual events alone.

Online Events Plan: It’s Time to Plan Your Virtual Event

When the pandemic hit the industries, they had no other choice & time to shift their events to virtual. Even here at HexaFair, it was a high challenge for us to help businesses make that shift in as little as 4 weeks. With the right online events plan& strategy, we built a platform that can help exhibitors in every way. Through the journey, businesses also have realized that to engage the audiences holistically, exhibiting through the best virtual event software is the only solution. And that’s why virtual event platforms are chart-topping today.

● Virtual Events Production Plan: The Importance of Virtual Event Timelines

As a virtual event software, HexaFair has seen it all. In any industry, the back-end process is not as clear and appealing as the front end. In the virtual events industry too, there are many things that have to be managed & need a certain level of experience to deal with. To deliver an ultimate virtual events management experience to our clients, we have brought together all the elements, expertise and strategy into one space.

There is a reason & perfect strategy involved to make every virtual event a success. The most important factor is taking enough time to plan. It takes time to identify what is needed, then bringing together all the essential elements into one place, features & technical know-how add-ons, finally applying the best strategy to go live.

A perfect timeline is essential to plan & make your virtual event a great success.

Over hundreds of virtual events are happening globally right now. Your audiences must have already attended numerous online events and must be fed up watching them over and over again. The strategy is to bring something new to the table or something more personalized for every event. And, that’s what HexaFair does!

● Online Events Plan: Virtual Event Timeline

If you are new to virtual events, then you must start from scratch. In that scenario, it will take at least 12 weeks to realize your event goals, gather the technical solutions for your concept, train your speakers, program designing, marketing & promotional strategies, etc.

From the perspective of HexaFair, here’s what you should be looking at for your virtual event.

● 12 weeks out:

Choose the right theme for your virtual event, frame your budget, set goals, reach out to a virtual event production company service provider. From there on, their experts will take charge of your event, starting from online events plan to pre-production to designing technical elements to framing platform and integration and development supporting production paperwork, etc. everything will be properly taken care of by the virtual event production company service provider.

● 8 weeks out:

Building a perfect promotional strategy for your virtual event ensures your event stands out from other experiences. The production experts will begin boarding exhibitors and sponsors, review graphic content for the website and the events, perform pre-event rehearsals with the speakers, initiate tests for platform functionality, and elevate it with relevant media assets.

● 4 weeks out:

Your event will go live at this time. Pre-recorded content will be playing in the background, talking to speakers live will be arranged to test & prepare them for the live virtual event.

● 2 weeks out:

At this point in time, speakers will begin rehearsals & the virtual events management & production team will call for a tie-down meeting.

● 1 week out:

Technical rehearsals are done and final quality control tests are performed. And finally, it will be ShowTime!

If you feel that you are good without any production assistance, still it would take around 12 weeks to prepare for your virtual event. And it might take longer too. This is because virtual event software demands a specific skill set of technology and many planners are not equipped with them. So, a good amount of time will go into platform demos, sign-up software, image learning, sound capture, green screens, b-roll, and so on.


We know that, in the current pandemic situation, virtual events production plan can be hard. But, this is also the time to make the best of everything we have. To steer clear in the vision for our planners & exhibitors, we were able to shed some light on the mechanics of a virtual event software & virtual events management timeline. If you are planning for a virtual event or your event is about to happen in a few months’ time, HexaFair will be the happiest to walk you through the road of great success. With HexaFair, hosting your events will be a magical experience you will never forget.

Want to learn more about online events plan & virtual events management, stay tuned to our blog page. Else contact us, our experts are here to guide you.

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